How To Find the Best 24 Hour Vet Near Me

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If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.
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24 hour vet near me

While everyone else sleeps, the most dedicated vets are working through the night to ensure the highest quality care is available for our pets. “How to find the 24 hour vet near me” is crucial for emergency care situations such as road accidents, birthing, and organ failure.

Not all veterinary clinics offer a 24-hour vet service, but those that do often specialize in emergency and critical care. Here we will discuss where and when you should source a 24-hour vet, and a few helpful vet tips along the way!

How to Find the Best 24 Hour Vet Near Me

I’m sure you are familiar with how easy it is to panic in an emergency situation! When it comes to our animals, we naturally want the highest quality pet care within reach.

This is why it is important to prepare for these types of situations and remove any room for mistakes! Finding a nearby veterinary hospital with an emergency vet on hand is most important.

By simply searching ’24 hour vet near me’ and your hometown, you’ll get a list of nearby veterinary clinics offering emergency services. To find the highest quality of care, it’s worth reading through reviews and previous client experiences.

If you want to be sure to find the highest of quality veterinary medical centers, check out the AA-accredited hospital locator. This tool is the most reliable way in the US to help you find an AA-accredited hospital near you! Be sure to have the 24-hour vet phone number ready in case of a veterinary emergency!

When Should I Head to a 24 Hour Vet

It’s 1 am on a Sunday morning and you’ve woken up to find your little bundle of joy is has a limp. Do you call a 24-hour vet? Or are you just being overly cautious?

You know your pet best, so if you feel the urgent care is needed, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian! If you do decide to call your veterinarian, you may need to answer a few questions regarding your pet, then the vet will be able to tell you if you should bring your pet in straight away, or wait for the following day.

However, if you notice any marked signs in severity, take your pet to a veterinary hospital immediately, skip the phone the call! Seizures, unconsciousness or suspected broken bones are just some which require immediate emergency veterinary care.

Most veterinary hospitals will have emergency veterinarians on-call or provide a staff referral to an emergency care hospital. In fact, all American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited clinics must provide access to emergency care or a hospital referral.

General vet clinics will operate 7 days a week, 8 hours a day and work through an appointment system. However, as we all know emergencies can occur anywhere at any time, emphasizing the importance of the 24-hour vet!

So don’t worry about waking your veterinarian, better safe than sorry!

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Will Fluffy Need Insurance?

For a lot of us, our pets are members of the family. Whether we can afford it or not, we tend to go the extra mile when it comes to removing corn cobs from our dogs’ intestine just like when searching for the best 24 hour vet near me. We all know how this, along with many other emergency veterinary services can quickly become expensive!

So, is pet insurance the answer? In short, it depends.

It depends on your financial situation and how much you value peace of mind. Many owners without pet insurance will inevitably have to make a decision to treat or euthanize their pet, when the expense is too high it can be heartbreaking. So for some, pet insurance is a make or break, as it brings a heightened sense of security.

Here in America, it’s common to pay more than $300 a year for pet insurance, at the higher end of most peoples expense. Some people often find themselves putting far more into the insurance company than the lives of their pet. Insurance will also depend on your pets’ age, location and breed, as some are far more predisposed to diseases than others.

For example, pure breeds will have a higher premium as they usually come with more health problems. When considering pet insurance, be sure to look into different plans and what is covered for each. You may find for an older intact dog, the premium will skyrocket, so best to read through the plans thoroughly!

However, there are a set of factors that are guaranteed to increase your insurance payout, regardless of the provider, these include; owning a dog, older animals, living in urban areas and larger breeds.

For a generally healthy animal, pet insurance is probably not worth the cost for the routine checks ups. It would be more efficient putting the funds in an emergency family account.

However, if you have a breed with a history of health problems, or you value peace of mind, pet insurance can definitely save you worrying!

Pet at the Vet: 4 Things to Look Out For

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After you search for the best 24 hour vet near me, keep a few things in mind.

First time visiting the vet? Or maybe the first time taking the new puppy? For the animals especially, a vet visit can be daunting. Below are a few things to keep in mind when visiting your local veterinary medical center.

  1. There will be other pets! Companion animals of all shape and sizes will welcome you through the doors, so be sure to grab the collar and leash.
  2. The hospital environment is far from the comfort of home. Be aware of your pets’ behavior may change, you could find yourself dealing with either an anxious animal or one that wants to give hugs to anyone walking through the door.
  3. Be prepared for your vet visit! Before you leave for the vet, write down any questions or concerns you have, just in case you forget to ask.
  4. While your pet can live off supermarket food, it really is not the ideal diet for the healthiest pet! When you get the chance to go to the vet, take a minute in the waiting room to browse the food available and ask your veterinarian for their opinion. Your pet will thank you later for the tasty treats!

Does a Vet’s Speciality Matter? Match the Pet’s Pain to the Right Dr

Do you want what’s best for your pet? Then yes, specialty does indeed matter! Veterinary specialists are veterinarians that have undergone advanced specialized training in a specific area in veterinary medicine.

In America, veterinary specialists are recognized by the American Board of Veterinary Specialists. The American Animal Medical Association recognizes 22 fields of veterinary specialty. These range from the likes of internal medicine to emergency and critical care to radiology.

The most common veterinary health problems in the US will consequently result in the top veterinary specialties. Although all vets show compassionate care towards their patients, some have better knowledge in the specified area so when finding the best 24 vet near me know that all vets (like human doctors) are different! Below are the most common veterinary health issues faced in America and their corresponding specialties.

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Skin Allergies and Benign Neoplasm

In dogs especially, skin allergies can be a real problem! Not only can they be relentlessly irritable but they can also be difficult to find the cause.

The trigger can range from types of grasses to food allergies! Your vet may refer you to a veterinary dermatologist. A veterinary dermatologist is one which specializes in diagnosing and treating skin disorders and is consequently one of the most common veterinary specialties in the US.

A big part of dermatology is preventative care, whether it be in the diet, areas with pollen or some prescription drugs.

However Internal medicine is an even larger field of specialty medicine. Internal medicine includes the study of oncology (tumors).

Skin tumors can range from those annoying harmless little lumps we find to the aggressively invasive ones. Thankfully more common are those that are not life-threatening, but for cosmetic reasons most pet owners want these removed too. For this reason, internal medicine continues to be the biggest specialty study in America!

Ear Infections and Surgery

Skin allergies can lead to ear infections too. With repetitive scratching at the ears, it causes hair loss allowing for a warm, moist environment for bacteria to thrive in.

The scratching also provides an easy introductory route for bacteria to enter the ear. Some dogs breed are predisposed to ear infections due to the nature of their ears.

These include some of the cutest breeds too! The likes of hounds, spaniels, and the hairy-eared breeds. Ear infections fall into the specialist category of microbiology, another favorite veterinary specialty.

But believe it or not, the fasting growing reason for surgery in the US is for cosmetic and convenience reasons. Procedures involving removal of harmless lumps and bumps and desexing.

Although desexing may be for our convenience it does remain important for preventing the likes of a pyometra (infection of the uterus). Surgery also includes the more obvious procedures such fracture corrections and removal or those tasty tennis balls!

For these reasons, surgery remains one of the more popular options in vet specialty! This can work perfect when trying to find the best 24 hour vet near me service if your pet is experiencing intense pain.

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Dental Complications and General Diseases

The study of Disease, also known as Pathology, is the second biggest sector in Veterinary specialists fields! The most common diseases being arthritis and dental calculus.

Arthritis affects old, larger breed dogs. With the constant information flowing through the industry, improvements can continuously be made on the treatment for these dogs. The study of disease development is crucial for treatment!

The development of Periodontitis (inflammation surrounding teeth) and tooth infection are currently the primary reason for cat visits in the US! Most pets with the painful dental disease show no obvious clinical signs to the owner. This does not mean they are not in pain! It is an animal instinct to disguise pain, instead, you may interpret it as a grumpy old cat.

Painful dental conditions gradually develop and are most commonly seen in the older pets. The Veterinary American Dental College is the clinical specialized organization for dental specialists.

Your pet may be referred to a dental specialist there is excessive dental work needed, beyond your local vets’ capability. Specialist dental vets have state-of-the-art equipment and provide the highest quality of dental care, you would be in safe hands!

4 Vet Tips: What They Say About Basic Care

  1. To ensure your pet is healthy, it is recommended you visit your local vet at least once a year for basic medical care. Giving you peace of mind, these check-ups will also avoid any surprise diagnoses!
  2. Don’t forget to exercise! Believe it or not, pet obesity is becoming a problem. As little as a 20 min walk per day for some breeds is enough. It helps to not overfeed them too, don’t give in to those begging eyes!
  3.  Keep those vaccines up to date. Preventative care is the most cost-effective way to prevent disease. Most vaccines available for pets are extremely effective and have little to no side effects, why wouldn’t you?!
  4. Pets love to socialize! Whether it be with people or other animals at the park, get them outside and let them expand their horizons. Just like us, it’s good for their mental health too!

Resources for the Top 24 Hour Emergency Vet Near Me

In an emergency, you don’t want to be scrolling through lists and lists of clinics looking for the closest one open! You need to be prepared and do this earlier, so when an emergency does happen, the number is right there.

When you search and find the closest “24 hour vet near me,” write down the number and the name of the vet, and stick it on the fridge!