Acana Dog Food
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Acana Dog Food: Reviews and More Team


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All pet owners want to care for their dog’s health by feeding them the best food available, but where to start looking? Introducing Acana dog food a true Canadian gem!

As a good rule of thumb, high-quality dog food should have a high meat content, low carbohydrate content and as few processed ingredients as possible. As luck would have it, Acana Dog Food by Champion Pet Foods ticks all these boxes, and more!

Champion Pet Foods: What Is Acana Dog Food?

Acana Dog Food is an award-winning, “Biologically Appropriate” dog food produced by Champion Pet Foods and is made with high-quality, fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, fishers and producers.

It is specially formulated to nourish dogs by recreating the meat-rich diet they evolved eating in the wild. The name “Acana” is an abbreviation of Alberta, Canada, where the brand was born.

Who is Champion Pet Foods?

Champion Pet Foods is a Canadian company that distributes dog and cat foods. Founded in 1985, they have been creating innovative pet foods to improve many a dog’s diet for more than 23 years.

Acana Dog Food vs Orijen Dog Food: Here’s the Difference!

Champion Pet Foods produce two different brands of dog food: Orijen and Acana. Let’s take a closer look at both of them, including the similarities and differences.

Orijen Dog Food, named after the Latin word for “origin”, sticks closely Champion Pet Foods’ aim of creating “Biologically Appropriate” pet food—in other words, mimicking the rich and varied evolutionary diet of dogs in nature.

Orijen Dog Food contains “whole prey” meat, which includes muscle meat, a natural source of protein; liver, kidney, and tripe for vitamins and minerals, and bones and cartilage for calcium and phosphorus. This kind of meat is more accurate to the way prey animals like dogs eat in the wild, consuming all parts of their prey.

In addition, Orijen Dog Food contains farm-fresh fruit and vegetables to supply natural fiber and antioxidants. The inclusion of the freshest ingredients like this eliminates the need for filler carbohydrates and synthetic supplements that are often found in commercial dog foods.

Acana Dog Food is made in much the same way to Orijen Dog Food, with fresh, natural, high-quality ingredients that dogs would eat in the wild.

Both are exclusively made at Champion Pet Foods’ award-winning kitchens: either the DogStar Kitchens in Kentucky, USA, or the NorthStar Kitchens in Alberta, Canada.

The main difference between Orijen Dog Food and Acana Dog Food is that the latter has a much more varied range, with more ingredients, and options specially formulated for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. More on that below!

Orijen Dog Food only has two kinds: dry dog food (a kibble) and freeze-dried food, which can be rehydrated and fed like a wet food. Orijen Dog Food also has a higher meat content, with more whole prey meat.

The Best Ingredients! What Makes Acana Dog Food So Special?

It really is the ingredients that make Acana Dog Food so special—after all, they are natural, locally sourced, and above all, carefully selected to give your dog all the goodness that it needs to stay happy and healthy.

While the ingredients of Acana Dog Food vary according to the product, they all follow what Champion Pet Foods call “Nature’s 5 Rules”. These are:

  1. Being rich in meat and protein
  2. Including a high proportion of fresh meat
  3. Being comprised of a variety of fresh meats
  4. Maintaining whole prey meat ratios
  5. Containing limited carbohydrates and a low glycemic index.

Acana Cat Food: Your Feline Wants Some Too!

Good news, cat lovers! Acana Dog Food is also available as a cat food! Just as with the dog food, Acana Cat Food is formulated with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients specially formulated to provide your cat with all the nutrients it needs.

Not Your Average Walmart Dog Food! Acana Regionals Dog Food is Worth Loving

The Acana Regionals is inspired by the fertile farmland, meadows, and ranches of Kentucky, where Champion Pet Food products are made in their exclusive kitchen. Acana Regionals are rich in protein, with up to 70% meat, along with local fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Acana Meadowland

With poultry and freshwater fish, Acana Meadowland reflects Kentucky’s fertile meadowland. It also contains fresh fruits and vegetables from Kentucky farms.

Acana Grasslands

The meat, fish and game in Acana Grasslands celebrate Kentucky’s lush grasslands. It contains lamb, eggs, rainbow trout, Muscovy duck and quail.

Acana Appalachian Ranch

Kentucky’s Appalachian ranching heritage, Acana Appalachian Ranch contains Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, American bison and freshwater catfish.

Acana Atlantic

Acana Atlantic is loaded with a rich mixture of saltwater fish to reflect New England’s brimming seas. It contains wild-caught mackerel, herring, redfish, silver hake, and yellowtail flounder, all in whole prey ratios.

6 Reasons Why this Dog Food Beats the Average Petsmart Dog Food

Acana Dog Food only uses meat from animals that have been certified for human consumption, and all the fruit and vegetables used are “table quality. While you might not want to start chowing down on your dog’s chow, owners can rest assured that there are no nasties lurking in Acana Dog Food.

  1. Acana Dog Food helps to maintain a healthy bladder, thanks to its high meat content and low magnesium content.
  2. There are different kinds of Acana Dog Food that are formulated for different doggy needs: large breed or small, puppy adult or senior dogs, even picky eaters or pups with sensitive stomachs—who should look out for new Acana Singles, featuring limited ingredients and a single, high-quality protein.
  3. Champion Pet Foods care about supporting local farmers and supporting local heritage, meaning these dog foods are just as good for people as they are for pets. All the red-meat animals are raised naturally on local ranches, while the fish and game are caught wild. The poultry is locally raised free-run and certified fit for human consumption.
  4. Arcana Dog Food and Orijen Dog Food are both made exclusively by Champion Pet Foods, who do not produce pet food for anyone else. If you buy one of these brands, you know what you’re getting.
  5. Acana Dog Food also makes healthy, natural treats that are a great addition to the natural diet of all dogs, even those with sensitive stomachs.

Acana Puppy Food: Feed Fido the Best!

Good nutrition is vital for dogs of all ages, but none more than puppies! These young dogs need lots of protein, vitamins, minerals and more to help them grow big and strong, which is why Acana have created specific “Puppy and Junior” food.

Acana Heritage

Acana Heritage Dog Foods are the original recipes, named to celebrate the company’s long heritage. As with the whole Acana Dog Food range, Acana Heritage features biologically appropriate recipes made with fresh, local ingredients.

There different types of Acana Heritage, including Paleo, Light & Fit, and Puppy & Junior. The puppy formula features 60% animal ingredients (including turkey, chicken, and wild-caught fish in whole prey ratios, plus eggs), and 40% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, with vitamins and minerals essential for growth.

Acana Heritage Puppy & Junior is a grain-free dry dog food, with no potato, gluten, meat by-products, or plant protein concentrates.

Acana Dog Food Reviews: Here’s What People Say!

We’ve rounded up some Acana Dog Food reviews from happy customers, so you can see for yourself if Acana Dog Food is right for you and your pup!

  • “My dog absolutely loves this brand of dog food. THE BEST dog food out on the market right now. If you don’t believe me, look at the ingredients. You could make this dog food yourself. You can’t say that with any other brands I know. My dog, Bobby, is super sensitive to foods. He used to shed a lot and itch to the point of bleeding. All of that stopped with Acana brand dog food. He’s been eating it now for the past 7 years of his life.” Brandon H. 
  • “This seems to be some of the highest quality kibble on the market. My dogs have been eating it for about 4 months now and their coats are noticeably softer and shinier. Not to mention they LOVE it. We will continue to buy this!” AndreaG
  • “GREAT QUALITY! I would definitely repurchase this item again.”Danade Hubbard
  • “My dogs love this meal. It has high ratings for quality recipe, which is reassuring.” EJ Shin

Walmart Cat Food? Petsmart? Pet Valu? Where Can You Buy Acana Dog Food?

Acana Dog Food is available in over 80 countries, where it is sold exclusively by trusted pet stores and veterinary surgeries, both in-store and online. To find a stockist near you, visit the “where to buy” page on the Champion Pet Foods website.

A True Canadian Jem! Acana will Keep Your Dog Feeling Youthful

If you want a natural, high-protein dog food that will keep your canine companion—or indeed your feline friend—as happy, healthy and strong as possible, look no further than Acana pet foods. With natural, locally sourced, sustainably reared ingredients, this high-quality dog food is clearly a cut above.

What really sets these foods apart, however, is the focus on providing food that mimics the protein-rich diet that dogs and cats have evolved to eat and that they would eat in the wild.

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