Affen Border Terrier Breed Card

Affen Border Terrier Breed Overview


Mixed Breed Dogs


10 to 16 inches tall

Breed Recognition



7 to 14 pounds

Country of Origin



Energetic, Affectionate, Playful


12-15 years



Affen Border Terrier History

The Affen Border Terrier is a mix between the Affenpinscher and Border Terrier, both parental breeds were bred to be hunters. The Affenpinscher was bred to hunt rats, and the Border Terrier was bred to hunt foxes.

The resulting Affen Border Terrier breed originated in Germany during the 16th to 17th century as ratting dogs, where they spent most of their time living in farm homes and sheds tasked with hunting down vermin.

Affen Border Terriers have excess energy and are playful dogs that need a lot of physical activity. Though the parent breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Affen Border Terrier is not because it is considered a mixed breed.

Cost ✅


Low End: $700

High End: $800

Affen Border Terrier Physical Traits

General Appearance💡

The Affen Border Terrier is a small and sturdy-looking dog with a monkey-like face. This mixed breed dog comes in shades of black, brown, and tan with markings and some with mixtures of colors. Their coats tend to be medium-length and are often coarse and wiry.

Affen Border Terriers are small but well-built dogs. They have an otter head and a moderately broad skull with plenty of width between the eyes. Their expression and body posture gives an alert look.

They have a slightly undersized snout and oversized eyes and ears that may either be upright, partially flopped down at the tips or completely flopped down. They have short and muscular legs and compact paws.

The Affen Border Terrier has a characteristic wiry coat that can come in a variety of colors like black, brown, gray, tan, or a mixture of these colors. They do not shed much and are relatively easy to groom.

Size & Weight ❤️

Height: 13-20 inches
Weight: 7-15 pounds

Height: 10-16 inches
Weight: 7-15 pounds

Coat & Color

Eye Color


Coat Color

Black, brown, tan with markings, mixtures of colors

Coat Length


Coat Texture

Coarse or wiry

Affen Border Terrier Temperament and Personality

Affen Border Terriers are spunky, high-energy dogs that require ample mental and physical stimulation in order to thrive. They have great hunting instincts and may get excited over watching small critters around your home. Despite their small size, they are an affectionate and loving breed that will not hesitate to protect their family from harm.

Kid Friendly?


Bad Idea

Excellent Nanny

Yes, but only with older children. The Affen Border Terrier is an energetic breed that may be too much to handle for smaller children but is good for older children who can keep up with their spunky nature. Small children may be accidentally nicked or pushed, and the dogs might be too harsh during playtime.

Good with Other Pets?


Bad Idea

Friendly Socialite

No, this breed is not ideal for households that have smaller dogs or cats, and especially rodents as pets, as they can be instinctively grabby with animals that are smaller than them. Smaller animals are especially in danger of being chased by them, but larger pets can make good companions for this breed.

Barks a Lot?


When Neccessary

Noise Maker

Yes, they can be prone to being vocal when faced with strangers and when finding vermin at home. They can get excited when seeing something that they would like to hunt and chase, which could be applicable to rodent-like animals they see around your home.

Their loud voice and alert nature make them excellent watchdogs, although considering their size, they do not make great guard dogs.

Can Be Left Alone?


Likes Being Alone

Sepration Anxiety

Yes, provided that you don’t leave them for too long. They are dogs that form strong bonds with their owners and may have problems with anxiety that can lead to destructive behaviors.

Affen Border Terrier Training

Training the Affen Border Terrier needs consistency and discipline. They are intelligent and easy to train. It’s important to use positive, reward-based training to teach them. They have a strong prey drive, so you should expect that it may be shared to train them not to run after small animals running around the house. 

If you have small dogs, cats, reptiles, and especially rodents in the house, you may want to keep an eye on them when introducing an Affen Border Terrier to your home. Have them used to being around them and make sure they understand that these pets are not prey. It might take a while for them to understand this, so start training at an early age. Do not leave them with your small pets unsupervised if you are not certain they are trained. 

When around strangers, they may bark as they will be cautious. They are loyal companions who often bond well with owners and have a tendency to please, so use that to your advantage when training them at a young age.

Affen Border Terrier Needs

The Affen Border Terrier is a breed that needs moderate care in exercise, grooming, and training. They need consistent physical activity as they are known to get bored easily and their weight must be monitored. They can get a number of diseases relating to their bones and joints and epilepsy as they grow older, so it is always best to have regular check-ups.

Nutritional Requirements


Picky Eater

Voracious Eater

Affen Border Terriers are high-energy pups that need good-quality, high-calorie meals at a young age. However, they are prone to obesity, so make sure to shift their diets to low-protein, low-calorie meals as they reach adulthood.

They can have 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals. Be careful not to overfeed them, and treats should be regulated well.

They are intelligent and loyal dogs that are eager to please their owners. Training them will need consistent reward-based methods that involve food, allowing them to go and play, or positive affirmations. Giving them a treat after doing a command right will work just fine for this breed.

Exercise & Activity Levels


Couch Potato

Go-All-Day Stamina

Affen Borders have high energy, and they need to have ample amounts of exercise like jumping & running, and mental stimulation by playing & going around to smell and see new things.

This dog breed was made for physically demanding jobs, and without significant exercise, it is easy for them to gain weight and develop harmful habits such as barking, chewing, and digging. Their exercise requirement can fall for 45 minutes in the form of walks, runs, or interactions with other dogs.

Grooming Needs


No Shedding

Shedding Machine

Affen Borders have wiry coats that shed less than other breeds. They need to be brushed out weekly so that knots and debris don’t accumulate. However, when it comes to brushing, they are generally low maintenance.

The fur around the ears should be trimmed so that there is less debris trapped inside, and footpads trimmed so there is less dirt tracked in with their paws. Additionally, nail trimming and dental care should be maintained on a weekly basis.

Affen Border Terrier Average Lifespan

Affen Border Terriers are known to live, on average, around 10 to 14 years. Like all dogs, they can be prone to certain health problems.

Commom Health Problems

  • Patellar Luxation: This is a hereditary condition wherein there is ectopic growth of the patella that can ultimately cause changes in their gait.
  • Epilepsy: This is the occurrence of recurrent, unprovoked seizures resulting from an abnormality of the brain.
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes: This is when the ball at the top of the femur loses its blood supply and breaks down inside the hip joint, which causes limping, which often progresses further to more serious problems.
  • Cataracts: A focal or diffuse opacity of the eye lens caused by proteins in the eye that clump together. This could be caused by genetic inheritance, metabolic disturbances, trauma, nutritional imbalance, and chronic uveitis.

Recommended Health Tests

  • Eye exams
  • Heart exams
  • Knee x-rays

Tips for New Affen Border Terrier Owners

Here are some useful tips for first-time Affen Border Terrier dog owners:

Tip 1

Find a Reputable Breeder: It is best to get your puppy from a breeder that can fully disclose information on your puppy’s pedigree and lineage, making sure that they are sired from parents that do not have genetic conditions like cataracts and patent ductus arteriosus that could be passed on to their litter. Make sure your chosen breeder has fully taken care of and has provided basic sanitation and prophylaxis for their puppies.

Tip 2

Get Puppy/Dog Products in Advance: Prior to bringing your Affen Border Terrier home, make sure you have prepared the necessary supplies and food that they will need. Affen Border Terriers will be energetic and playful, so get toys and items that will really get them to use their energy. Prepare a cozy place for them to stay inside your home, as they are indoor dogs. Having the right supplies beforehand will significantly improve the transition into your home, not just for you but for your dog as well.

Tip 3

Provide Mental Stimulation: For new owners, the Affen Border can be quite stubborn as it is a strong-willed dog. Although it could be difficult to manage, with proper training, they can be handled. This pet is very playful, be prepared to entertain its vast energy with proper mental stimulation and moderate activity. Affen Borders are loyal, and when training is started for the young, it becomes easier to instill discipline in them.

Affen Border Terrier Similar Breeds

– Border Terrier
– Affenpinscher
– Norwich Terrier

Affen Border Terrier Supplies You Need

Affen Border Terriers need moderate care in terms of grooming. Their coat only has a low to moderate amount of shedding but can get unruly if not brushed and trimmed properly. Prepare the right-sized brush to be used to brush through their coat at least once a week, just to get rid of any tangles. Bathe them with high-quality shampoo, have a nail clipper to trim their nails with, and an ear cleanser for regular ear cleaning.

Having a stainless steel dog crate for their protection when traveling would be beneficial for families that travel with their dogs frequently. Inside the home, provide a dog bed with orthopedic foam that will safely support your Affen Border Terrier, especially during their senior years. Basic accessories you may need for them is a dog harness abrasion-resistant material, as they can pull a lot from the bursts of energy they may have while walking.

For toys, invest in dog toys made of heavy-duty materials, they will enjoy mobile toys that will allow them to use their energy, like a frisbee or ball they can chase. Feed your Affen Border Terrier high-quality dog food that is suitable for their stage of life. As puppies, they will need higher protein and calories, then change to the proper adult food. You may consider giving them joint supplements, especially during their senior years.

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Affen Border Terrier Fun Facts

Here are several fun facts about this breed:

Fun Fact 1

Affen Borders have excellent stamina and have been used for jobs such as retrieval and herding livestock.

Fun Fact 2

Affen Border Terriers are a perfect companion for people with an active lifestyle. They can definitely keep up with owners that love to go out for runs or are into sports.

Fun Fact 3

The Affen Border Terrier has diverse coat colors that can range from grizzle & tan, blue & tan, wheaten, or red.

Fun Fact 4

The small Affen Border’s top activities include agility training, flyball, and earth events.

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