Afghan Collie Breed Card

Afghan Collie Breed Overview


Mixed Breed Dogs


19-25 inches tall

Breed Recognition



35-55 pounds

Country of Origin

United States


Energetic, Friendly, Smart


12-15 years



Afghan Collie History

The Afghan Collie crossbreed is a relatively new designer breed, having originated in 2000 in the United States, but there is little documented history beyond that.

What we do know is that it is a mixed breed between the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie, and it was likely bred to be a high-energy companion to active dog enthusiasts.

Another possible reason for their breeding, given the two dogs they are mixed with, is for hunting or herding. It is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a standard purebred dog.

The Afghan Hound dog originated in Afghanistan and is one of the oldest domestic dog breeds, with some authorities believing the breed predates written language. This large dog was bred for hunting gazelle, snow leopards, and other big game throughout the Afghan mountains.

The Border Collie came about more than 130 years ago (some sources claim the breed dates back to the 1700s) in Great Britain. They were bred to herd sheep and other livestock in the British countryside.

Cost ✅


Low End: $600

High End: $1500

Afghan Collie Physical Traits

General Appearance💡

The Afghan Collie is a medium to large breed dog that weighs between 35 and 55 pounds. If the dog takes after the Afghan Hound more, it will be closer to the higher end of the range, but colors will likely not prefer either breed.

Comin in a mix of colors from white to black, this is a colorful dog from two athletic breeds, which gives it the physical aspects both hunting dogs and working dogs tend to have. It is streamlined and muscular. The overall build gives this dog an elegant and graceful stride led.

The face of an Afghan Collie is long, narrow, and aerodynamic. It is topped with large, floppy ears that can droop to either the mid-cheek or shoulder. Large, almost black eyes set close together give this dog a sighthound appearance, although it may have a softer aspect if it takes after the Border Collie.

Their shoulders are thin but sturdy, and the legs are toned with a good bit of length. The fur is often medium length but may grow indefinitely, and the tail is bushy with a medium length and girth.

The coat of the Afghan Collie is thick and long with a wooly undercoat. Possible coat colors include white, brown, gray, blue, red-brown, and black. Their eyes are brown, and they have black noses, which give them an inviting and attentive bearing.

Size & Weight ❤️

Height: 19-25 inches
Weight: 35-55 pounds

Height: 19-25 inches
Weight: 35-55 pounds

Coat & Color

Eye Color


Coat Color

Sable, White, Red, Brown, Black

Coat Length


Coat Texture


Afghan Collie Temperament and Personality

The Afghan Collie is a family-oriented dog that tends to love pleasing its owner. The Afghan Hound in this Afghan Hound mix can give this dog a bit of a stubborn edge to him, but the border collie is always eager to learn and obey the commands of its human.

These are loyal dogs with a very high degree of intelligence, and all of this helps to make them great watchdogs. They are good with children but should be supervised due to their tendency to herd young children when they are playing. Socializing an Afghan Collie should be done early and often to ensure they are dog friendly.

Kid Friendly?


Bad Idea

Excellent Nanny

Yes, the Afghan Collie is kid-friendly.

However, they can get to be nearly 60 pounds and have herding instincts. This can cause them to herd small children as if they were livestock, which means they may nip at their heels, bump into them as they run, or chase them aggressively to encourage the child to run in a fast, straight line. Therefore, supervision is strongly recommended during playtime.

Good with Other Pets?


Bad Idea

Friendly Socialite

Yes, the Afghan Collie is good with other pets.

They may have a higher prey drive if they take after the Afghan Hound, but early socialization and training should solve this before it becomes a problem.

Barks a Lot?


When Neccessary

Noise Maker

Yes, the Afghan Collie is known to bark a lot.

This excessive vocalization can be mitigated with training. However, being vocal is also what makes them excellent alert and guard dogs.

Can Be Left Alone?


Likes Being Alone

Sepration Anxiety

Yes, the Afghan Collie can be left alone.

Both breed parents are working dogs and, because of their independent nature, can spend time alone. However, this does not mean that some breed members will not be anxious when alone.

Afghan Collie Training

Basic obedience training will greatly help owners of this high-energy dog enjoy their life with this dog. They are very high energy and require a lot of exercise, but they are highly intelligent and take to training well. 

Training will likely be a breeze, especially if their temperament is more of the Border Collie. This would make the dog amicable to your commands and eager to help and please you. 

Early socialization and consistent training are strongly recommended as well. This is a working and hunting dog, so it can be a bit aggressive or protective if it is not familiar with other dogs. It can be wary of strangers but is most often friendly and happy around them.

Afghan Collie Needs

The needs of an Afghan Collie can be met with exercise, discipline, and affection. This hunting and herding dog is eager to run and will do so if allowed. Therefore, exercising must be done in a well-fenced area.

The Afghan Collie is a family-oriented dog that loves to be around its people. This means it makes a great companion for hiking, running, and camping.

Nutritional Requirements


Picky Eater

Voracious Eater

This hybrid breed dog is high-energy, intelligent, and athletic. This means it will require high-quality kibble to provide it with all of the calories and nutrients it needs for joint health and mental acuity.

Exercise & Activity Levels


Couch Potato

Go-All-Day Stamina

The high energy of this dog means it requires a ton of activity. It is bred to hunt and herd all day long, which means a half-hour walk just won’t be enough.

This is a dog that needs to be exhausted with intense exercise and mental stimulation through playing, working, and problem-solving.

Grooming Needs


No Shedding

Shedding Machine

The continually growing coat of the Afghan Collie requires regular haircuts, and it definitely needs daily brushing to prevent matting and tangles.

The dog is also known to be a moderate shedder, so a de-shedding tool may be helpful, as well as regular, but not frequent, bathing.

Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing are also an important part of the grooming routine and need to be performed on a regular basis.

Afghan Collie Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of an Afghan Collie is between 12 and15 years. This is a fairly healthy dog breed. However, it is still prone to several health issues.

Commom Health Problems

  • Deafness: Afghan Hounds can be born deaf (a condition called congenital deafness). These genes can be passed to all Afghan Hound mixes.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is the degeneration of the hip joint that causes arthritis, limited mobility, pain, and muscle atrophy, and it is common in dogs of all sizes.
  • Cataracts: Cataracts is clouding of the lens that results in poor vision and eventually blindness.
  • Bloat: Also known as gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), it is a condition in which the stomach twists on itself and bloats, causing pressure on the surrounding tissues and organs.
  • Nasal Solar Dermatitis: Also known as “collie nose,” this condition affects the area around the nose that is exposed to sunlight. It is often misdiagnosed as lupus and leaves the muzzle encrusted or covered with ulcers.
  • Collie Eye Anomaly: Collie eye anomaly is a mutation of the gene that determines the development of the eye and results in defects in the layers of the eye.
  • Retinal Dysplasia: Degenerative eye disease that affects the photoreceptor cells in the eye and eventually leads to blindness.

Recommended Health Tests

  • Eye examination
  • Skin evaluation
  • Hearing test
  • Physical examination
  • Hip and elbow X-rays

Tips for New Afghan Collie Owners

Here are some helpful tips for future Afghan Collie owners:

Tip 1

Find a Reputable Breeder: First-time Afghan collie owners should research the dog breeder before buying the dog is imperative to minimize your risk of large vet bills or health issues in the future. A good breeder will have complete paperwork on the parent dogs that includes the lineage of the parent dogs and the results of any genetic tests that have been done to determine the dog’s propensity for health issues.

Tip 2

Get Puppy/Dog Products in Advance: Prepare your home completely before bringing your new dog home. This will allow you to be ready for the responsibility of dog ownership from the first moment your dog enters their new home and will assist in making its transition significantly less stressful.

Tip 3

Regular Exercising: This is a very high-energy dog. It is bred from a sighthound and working dog mix, so it is ready and willing to run far and run often. This dog does best when paired with active people, perhaps ranchers or avid hikers.

Tip 4

Dog Training: The high-energy nature of this mixed dog breed means they require training to keep from being a nuisance. They are easily trainable and eager to please their humans, but they will likely require repeated training to reinforce the ideas taught in the initial obedience training. Heel and recall training will also serve you well as an owner of the Afghan collie as they will encourage the dog to stop chasing or running and return to you.

Afghan Collie Similar Breeds

– Saluki
– Greyhound
– English shepherd
– Airedale terrier

Afghan Collie Supplies You Need

Supplies for the Afghan collie are fairly basic. Good dog food, water bowls, and dog toys will all be helpful in helping to make your dog as happy as possible. Dog toys will help to enrich their lives and keep their minds sharp as they age, and a good dog bed will give them something to lay on at the end of a long day.

These dogs are known to have elbow and hip dysplasia, so a good orthopedic dog bed will go a long way toward keeping their joints healthy as they enter the senior stages of life.

High-quality dog food will provide your active and athletic dog with everything it needs to be strong and agile. Along with good kibble, joint and eye supplements will be handy in keeping your dog healthy. These give your dog the vitamins and minerals their joints and eyes need to function normally.

Finally, high-quality dog treats are always a good idea as these dogs are highly trainable and can be very food motivated. These treats can also provide your active dog with extra vitamins, minerals, and protein to keep them healthy and active.

Best Dog Beds for Afghan Collies

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Best Dog Food for Afghan Collies

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Best Dog Supplements for Afghan Collies

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Afghan Collie Fun Facts

If interested in Afghan Collies, here are some fun facts about their parent breeds:

Fun Fact 1

The Afghan Hound is a breed so old that legend says it was one of the animals on Noah’s ark.

Fun Fact 2

The first American to own an Afghan Hound in the United States was Zeppo Marx, an American actor, and inventor of the heart rate monitor.

Fun Fact 3

The docked tail commonly found on the Border Collie and other herding dogs was originally used to mark sheepdogs which, in the 1500s when this was enacted, were tax-exempt.

Fun Fact 4

From riding a skateboard and dog shows to know the English language and lure coursing, the Border Collie has set more world records than any other dog breed.

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