Alpha Paw supplies pet products that we are impressed with. They offer various products like dog food, pet ramps, and accessibility products.

This company differs from the competition by its specialized products that are made for specific dog breeds. These products have a better idea about the key health indicators that each dog breed has and design products around solving them.

  • Alpha Paw is a supplier of dog treats and other dog accessories. They offer products like dog beds, dog ramps, and training supplies like pee pads.
  • The mission of Alpha Paw is to take responsibility for the future. They aim to make a better world for dogs through sustainability and premium quality.
  • They host a charity called the Alpha Paw Foundation that helps find homes for rescue animals.
  • Their products are animal-friendly and aimed at reducing their carbon paw print. This means that many of their products are produced sustainably.
  • Along with their charity, they also partner with adoption events and local animal shelters.
  • The Alpha Paw website features a robust FAQ section that answers many questions their customers might have.
Alpha Paw 15 in 1 Dog Multivitamin
9.4/10Our Score
  • Contains Glucosamine to support joint health
  • Includes probiotics for a healthy gut
  • Made with all-natural healthy ingredients
  • Improves heart and immune health

Alpha Paw: What is It?

Alpha Paw is a pet supply company that offers various helpful products to pet parents. Their goal as a company is to offer high-quality pet products that are breed-specific and sustainable. Instead of one-size-fits-all products, Alpha Paw wants to provide the most effective product for your breed of dog. Each dog breed has common health issues that are unique to them, so Alpha Paw products make their best effort to address them.

Who Owns Alpha Paw?

Founded in 2018, Alpha Paw is owned by an entrepreneur named Ramon Van Meer. 

Where are Alpha Paw Products Made?

Alpha Paw products are sourced and manufactured from many different sources across the globe. They have headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alpha Paw: What do they Sell? 

Alpha Paw has a large selection of different products. These product categories include:

Alpha Paw: Dog Products

Alpha Paws Omega Chews

Dog Products are Alpha Paw’s bread and butter. The dog products that Alpha Paw sells are listed below:

  • Dog Supplements: Alpha Paw treats focus on delivering health and wellness benefits to dogs and pet lovers. They include things like supplement chews and dental treats that help your dogs live longer lives.
  • Dog Accessories: There are many dog accessories sold by Alpha Paw. You will find things like dog ramps for dachshunds, throw blankets, and improvements for homeowners to help their dogs get around.

Alpha Paw: Dog Treats and Chews

Dog treats are an essential part of raising a dog. They can help with training as well as improve health outcomes over your dog’s life. These products include:

  • 15-in-1 Multi Chews: These dog chews are highly reviewed and have over 200,000 happy customers served. They contain non-GMO ingredients that support a healthy immune system. The chews contain a probiotic blend with over 15 ingredients that are carefully prepared in the manufacturing process. These chews contain raw ingredients that aren’t treated with heat or water. In these chews, you will find antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and essential vitamins that will improve your dog’s quality of life.
  • Omega Chews – Coat + Immunity: These bacon-flavored chews are made for small dogs as well as large logs. They contain vitamins and oils that act as anti-inflammatories and provide pain relief. This anti-inflammatory property reduces skin irritation and helps support a healthy dog coat.

Alpha Paw: Dog Accessories

The bulk of Alpha Paw’s online selection is their dog accessories. These accessories are often specifically designed for a specific breed for maximum effectiveness. The dog accessories they sell are listed below:

  • Alpha Paw Paw Ramps: These series of ramps are made for a variety of situations and conditions in your home or car. Some, like the DachRamp, are specifically made for dachshunds and help them get up and down from a couch or bed. They were designed to prevent back and joint injuries and prevent your dog from slipping while using them.
  • Alpha Paw PawProof Throw Blankets: A blanket that is waterproof and machine washable. They come in a trending and stylish design to blend into your home’s natural decor. This blanket protects your furniture from getting covered in dog hair, as well as spills and scratching. It is made of soft fur on one side and microsuede on the other side. It comes in three different sizes to adapt to your furniture situation at home.
  • Alpha Paw Pet Carrier: A sleek bag that can help you transport your smaller dogs and take them with you on outings.
  • Alpha Paw Collapsible Water Bowls: These versatile water bowls are easy to take with you on the go during long walks on hot days. They include a carabiner to attach to your belt, leash, or bag. You can buy these in five different colors.

Does Alpha Paw Sell Cat Products? 

Yes, Alpha Paw does sell cat products. However, the Alpha Paw brand is primarily focused on providing products for dogs, which have different needs than cats often do. They sell cat litter, known as Genius Litter, and a few accessories. Some of the products that sell for my dog will also work for my cat.

Is Alpha Paw a Good Brand?

Yes, Alpha Paw is a good brand. They use sustainable methods to produce their products that help create dog food that also helps the planet. Since they focus on creating specific products for individual breeds, you know that you will be able to find the healthiest customized products. These products are tailored to the individual needs of each dog breed with the input of many pet care and wellness professionals.

Where can I Buy Products from Alpha Paw?

Dog owner hugging dog

You can buy Alpha Paw products directly from their website. You can also find Alpha Paw pet supplies on amazon.

Do Vets Recommend Alpha Paw Products?

Yes, vets recommend Alpha Paw products. Alpha Paw employs a group of vets and other pet experts on their board of pet experts. This board includes licensed clinical veterinarians, as well as dog behaviorists and pet care authors. They also employ a veterinary review process that ensures each product gets a medical stamp of approval from an expert before it reaches a customer’s hands. Dr. Ross Bernstein is the lead veterinarian for Alpha Paw.

Alpha Paw: Why Not Try Them? 

If you are having trouble with your dog’s usual routine of products, why not give Alpha Paw a try? They are highly reviewed on sites like Amazon and have a good amount of quality control to make sure they are delivering the best products