The American Eskimo dog is less Eskimo more Eskie-dorable! Originally the German Spitz, these dogs have a very American history and make beloved pets for active, loving families of all kinds.

Breed History of The American Eskimo Dog AKA the Eskimo Spitz

The German Spitz, the great great great ancestor of the American Eskimo Dog, first came to America about 200 or so years ago. Initially farm dogs, these intelligent puppies soon became circus dogs and traveled the states.

Now, this breed is known as the American Spitz, American Eskimo dog or Eskie worldwide!

 4 Facts You Need to Know About the American Eskimo

  1. Their trainable, intelligent nature makes American Eskimo dogs excellent at performing tricks – obedience training is a joy to behold!
  2. Anti-German sentiment over the past century is why they’re now the American Eskimo breed, rather than the White German Spitz.
  3. With a nutritious diet and plenty of exercises, the American Eskimo dog breed can live up to 15 years – about the same as most popular terrier breeds.
  4. Although they are part of a non-sporting group, the Eskie is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Federation Cynologique Internationale in Europe. A very loved and accepted puppy!

Appearance and Personality of The Friendly American Eskimo

These ultra-fluffy doggies are known for their thick, snow white coat and black facial features. American Eskimo dogs are nearly always smiling and you can tell by their walk that they’re happy playful pups.

An Alert Little Pooch! This Dog Breed Has A Strong Personality!

Very adorable, intelligent and playful… yet surprisingly clingy and prone to separation anxiety! The Eski is a very social dog (definitely an extrovert) and can actually get quite destructive or depressed when continually left alone for long periods of time.

The American Eskimo dog needs a lot of attention. Don’t worry; with their sweet, charming personalities this is no hardship!

The Eskimo Dog Comes in All Shapes and Sizes!

The main features of the Eskie don’t change – they may have cream ripples in their coat, but regardless of size they’re all pretty much the same.

Miniature American Eskimo

The miniature American Eskimo dog stands at around 15 inches tall, which is the same as the fluffy Bedlington Terrier but a bit taller than the popular Rat Terrier. The American Eskimo mini is in-between the toy and standard sizes.

Toy American Eskimo

The toy Eskimo Spitz is a tiny pup! At just 10 inches tall they’re often mistaken for puppies even when fully grown. Check with the kennel you buy your toy American Eskimo dog from to make sure it is indeed a toy breed and not just a small puppy.

Standard American Eskimo

The standard American Eskimo dog is the largest of this American Spitz family, at around 17 inches tall and weighing around 30lb. All 3 German Spitz dogs are very active, but the standard size will be the fastest and go the furthest due to longer legs.

American Eskimo Dogs Are Active!

The American Eskimo Dog is very VERY active, whether they’re playing football with you in the backyard, running around the kitchen while you’re trying to cook dinner or waking you up at 7 am for that first-morning walk!

You will need to exercise them regularly as American Spitz breeds are prone to overeating and obesity if you let them get away with it!

American Eskimo Puppies Can Be Quick Learners!

Training an American Eskimo dog puppy is very easy. They are very obedient, loving and intelligent dogs who love to play games where they can learn new tricks. In fact, the Eskimo puppy will often learn tricks just by watching other dogs behaving.

That can be excellent if they’re around other well-behaved dogs, but not so great if they’re in a bad environment. American Eskimo dog breed training and upbringing is therefore very important.

American Eskimo Spitz Vs the Pomeranian! There’s A Difference!

The Eskimo Spitz is larger than the Pomeranian with some key aesthetical differences. First is the coat color, which is white or cream for Eskies but usually caramel for Pomeranian. American Eskimo dogs also have different faces – the Pomeranian has more of a Terrier shape muzzle like the Jack Russell.

You Can Get 2-in-1! American Eskimo Pomeranian Mix

Affectionately called the Pomimo, this mix is a lush combination of 2 very fluffy dog breeds! A bit smaller than the Eskie but with just as much fur, these pooches are adorable.

The Price of An American Eskimo Puppy Can Be Costly!

For a designer American Eskimo dog from a pet store, you can expect to pay around $2000, but there are plenty of American Kennel Club authorized breeders selling Eskies for around the $800 mark.

American Eskimo Dog for Sale

Buying the American Eskimo dog rather than puppy means you’re not going to have the opportunity to train it. If they’ve been well-trained by the breeders then that’s not a problem, but rescue groups may have American Eskimo dog rescue pups that need rehoming after a not so nice upbringing. This can make training difficult and they may never get over separation anxiety.

American Eskimo Puppies for Sale

Always get a background on your American Eskimo puppy before buying! You may not be able to tell by eye if it’s a toy, miniature or standard Eskie until they’re much older. Any reputable, Kennel Club breeder will give you a full history without hesitation.

5 Tips for First Time Eskimo Spitz Owners!

  1. American Eskimo dogs do need training, even with their naturally obedient temperament.
  2. Don’t bathe your Eskie unless their outer coat is truly filthy. The natural oils in their double coat will keep them clean – a bath tends to dry out their skin and cause itches.
  3. The double coat also needs a good brush at least once a week as American Eskimo dogs shed hair quite a lot!
  4. Although they look very fluffy and warm, the American Eskimo dog needs to stay indoors rather than sleep outside. Just like the Italian Volpino Italiano, more fluff does not equal more warmth!
  5. Keep a healthy diet to avoid obesity and keep an eye out for fleas that are attracted to that magnificent coat. Other health problems in American Eskimo dogs include hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. There is a low risk of luxating patella and Legg-calve-Perthes disease too, but overall they are a very healthy dog breed.

The Eskie Pup Is Full of Life and Energy!

From that perky, cheerful walk to the excited bark and waggy tail, you can just tell that the Eskie puppy is going to grow into an energetic, loving dog. They are the perfect companion dog and will fast become your best friend.

Everyone Loves the American Not-Really-An-Eskimo Dog!

Don’t forget that the Eskie is not a real Eskimo dog – they don’t like the cold (unless it’s for a quick play in the snow!) so keep them cozy indoors and not out in the kennel. If you love fluffy, cuddly, loyal and intelligent dogs, look no further than the Eskie breed!