More than just another one of those toy breeds, the apple head chihuahua has a long history, endless loyalty and an abundance of cute, sassy vibes! Just don’t confuse them with the deer head chihuahua; they may not forgive you.

What’s an Apple Head Chihuahua?

The apple head chihuahua is the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for chihuahuas. They’re small dogs (the smallest according to the Federation Cynologique Internationale!) famed for hitching a ride in Paris Hilton’s handbag and parading the Hollywood hills on their tiny legs, muzzles held high in the air.

The teacup chihuahua is simply an extra tiny chihuahua! You can have a gorgeous apple head teacup chihuahua or a deer head chihuahua.

Apple Head Vs Deer Head Chihuahua

Although the deer head chihuahua is not recognized by the AKC, it is still the same breed as the apple head. They have some key aesthetical differences, mainly the size and shape of their skulls, but they’re just as fierce! And they’re just as fashionable – Reese Witherspoon’s cute pooch in Legally Blonde is a deer head.

Read more about the deer head chihuahua in our guide here.

5 Apple Head Chihuahua Facts You Need to Know!

  1. The apple dome skull head shape is literally like an apple, with a soft spot that dips in at the top called a molera.
  2. While the apple head shape skull is cute, it can lead to jaw problems and tracheal collapse due to small necks and tiny mouths. Use a harness rather than a leash so you don’t put a strain on their itty bitty throats.
  3. Chihuahuas aren’t good with dogs that aren’t the same breed. A handful of chihuahuas can be a lot to cope with, however!
  4. The kennel club breed standard states that all chihuahuas need to be apple head rather than deer head to compete – but any coat color (long-haired chihuahua or smooth coat) and tiny teacup size is fine.
  5. Chihuahuas and Morkie puppies (cross between the Maltese and a Yorkie) are about the same sizes and at the same point on the cuteness scale, but with a different temperament – they’re happy to chill with other pets and dogs, plus they don’t get jealous. These are great options if an apple head chihuahua isn’t quite right for you!

Personality and Special Traits of the Apple Head Chihuahua

The chihuahua personality is cute, confident and courageous. They know exactly how adorable they are. The chihuahua male reaches about 7 inches tall and 4lb at 18 months old, while the chihuahua female is usually very slightly smaller.

Apple Head Chihuahua Temperament

Watch out for that attitude! The apple head chihuahua is one of the sassiest dogs. It’s loyal and will always pick a favorite human to call their own. They can get a bit too big for their boots if not trained properly. So, while they’re fantastically cute pets, they’re not so good with cats, kids, and other dog breeds due to their jealous nature.

A Full-Grown Apple Head Chihuahua Can be An Active Dog!

Those tiny legs need regular exercise. A heavy, chubby chihuahua puppy is neither healthy, fashionable or up to breed standard!

The Exercise Requirements!

A fully grown chihuahua will need to walk about 6 miles a week. Broken down, you can do just a couple 20-minute walks a day to meet this quota! Don’t forget that a chihuahua walks quite slowly compared to humans, even though their legs move so fast. Don’t drag him along the sidewalk just take a casual pace.

The Coat of This Tiny, Vivacious Dog Breed!

The AKC will accept both types of coats – long haired chihuahua dogs and short-haired chihuahua dogs. Both are super easy to maintain, requiring just a little grooming. They don’t shed much hair! The coat chihuahuas have can be black, brown, tan and even cream or red.

The long coat on a deer-head chihuahua is very fawn like and can be groomed into cute styles with bows and clips too.

The Intelligent Apple Head Chihuahua Puppy Learn Fast!

It doesn’t take long before the puppy will pick it’s favorite. They develop their personalities fast and will definitely let you know if there’s something they don’t like. But they’re also very cuddly and loving; they’ll come to you for protection when they need it.

Apple Head Chihuahua Prices

The price of a chihuahua can range up to $800. If you see any chihuahuas for sale at prices higher than this, approach with extreme caution! If they can’t justify the price with a long family history of award-winning dogs, best to avoid the seller, even if they have the most adorable teacup chihuahua puppies.

Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies for Sale: Where to Look

The best places to look are reputable dog breeders with certificates from the ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) if possible. Chihuahua puppies are popular dogs, so you will find verified, reputable sellers fairly easily although some may charge an adoption fee as well.

Looking to Buy This Doggo?

When they’re just a puppy, it’s difficult to tell whether they’ll grow into the apple head or deer head types of a chihuahua. The best way to check is by looking at the parents!

Apple Head Chihuahua for Sale: Rescues Vs Breeders

Chihuahua breeders give you the opportunity to really delve into the ancestry of each puppy – you’ll be able to tell if it’s going to be an award-winning pooch or not before you buy!

Giving a home to a rescue chihuahua can be very rewarding, however. With bad owners, a chihuahua pup may be more difficult to train in general. More tips on raising a feisty dog below!

3 Tips on Raising This Feisty Little Dog

  1. Let your chihuahua know who’s the boss! They can be very demanding, so be firm but fair.
  2. Have all the necessary equipment for transporting your chihuahua – a harness rather than a leash, a travel case with plastic sides rather than a wire that can damage their tiny teeth, and coat grooming brushes are all essentials!
  3. Although they can make pretty loud noises themselves, they don’t generally like noisy living areas. Underneath the tough act, they’re softies!

An Apple Head a Day…

… and you’ll be happy forever! Don’t forget that a chihuahua is more than a fashion accessory, they require serious commitment but very rewarding pet companions.

Common Questions on the Apple Head Chihuahua