Aussiepom Breed Card

Aussiepom Breed Overview


Mixed Breed Dogs


10-17 inches tall

Breed Recognition



8-30 pounds

Country of Origin

United States


Friendly, Loyal, Active


12-15 years



Aussiepom History

There is little to no documentation on this Pomeranian mixed breed. What we do know is that it is a mixed type of dog developed by crossing purebred Australian Shepherds and purebred Pomeranians.

The Australian Shepherd is a keen medium-sized dog and a favorite among cowboys because of its remarkable herding skills and work ethic. Its roots come from Europe, but later on, it was perfected in North America.

The Pomeranian, known as the Zwergspitz, is the smallest of the spitz breeds. Its popularity is largely due to Queen Victoria, who fell for the breed while visiting Florence, Italy and returned to Great Britain with the Poms in tow.

The mix between these two breeds, the Aussiepom is a popular companion because of its small size thanks to the Pomeranian parent and intelligence due to the Australian Shepherd parent.

Cost ✅


Low End: $1000

High End: $1200

Aussiepom Physical Traits

General Appearance💡

The Aussiepom is a designer dog breed that is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and, therefore, does not have a breed standard. In general, however, they will be between 10 and 17 inches at the shoulder and have a bright, expressive face topped with large ears and dark eyes.

The Aussiepom has a stout and compact body. The exact body size depends on whether the Pomeranian was bred with a toy, mini, or regular Australian Shepherd. The tail is medium length and feathered with a light and airy layer of fur.

The Aussiepom has a tapered muzzle and high-set pendant ears. The eyes are medium-sized, oval, and can be blue or brown. The nose can range between brown and black.

The hypoallergenic and medium-length coat of the Aussiepom is thick and straight on the top with a fluffy and airy shorter layer underneath. It is prone to moderate to heavy shedding. As for color, this hybrid breed can be a solid color or feature some Australian Shepherd tri-color markings, such as red merle or blue merle.

Size & Weight ❤️

Height: 10-17 inches
Weight: 8-30 pounds

Height: 10-17 inches
Weight: 8-30 pounds

Coat & Color

Eye Color

Blue, Brown

Coat Color

Black, Brown, Cream

Coat Length


Coat Texture


Aussiepom Temperament and Personality

The Aussie Pomeranian crossbreed dog is intelligent and loyal, bonding strongly with its people. They are human-oriented dogs with a loving and protective demeanor that do best when they feel like they are a real family member.

They can be easily trained with a bit of patience and a handful of dog treats, and they love to dance around as they please their owners. Their loyalty and readiness to bark also make them great watchdogs, and their trainability makes them one of the best dogs for apartment living.

This is a dog breed that is bred to be a fantastic companion animal, so they will depend on you for socialization and entertainment. They can be needy and emotional, but they are also ready for a good workout whenever you are. This little dog is active, social, and energetic, enabling it to go all day without much issue.

Kid Friendly?


Bad Idea

Excellent Nanny

Yes, the Aussiepom is kid friendly. This breed is small and energetic, making it a great match for young children. Their affable and affectionate nature also makes them one of the best family pets you could ask for.

Good with Other Pets?


Bad Idea

Friendly Socialite

Yes, the Aussiepom is good with other pets. They are small and energetic but do not have a high prey drive, thanks to the Pomeranian in them. They are social animals that do best when surrounded by other pets and people.

Barks a Lot?


When Neccessary

Noise Maker

Yes, the Aussiepom is known for its excessive barking. However, this can be curtailed with a bit of training, which these dogs are eager to do. This alertness also makes them great watchdogs, as they will readily bark at almost anything they feel may be a threat.

Can Be Left Alone?


Likes Being Alone

Sepration Anxiety

No, the Aussiepom does not like being alone. This is a small dog that bonds deeply with the people in its home, and it is prone to separation anxiety. If you plan on leaving your Aussiepom alone, you need to invest time and effort into proper training. Even so, leaving it alone for too long is not advisable.

Aussiepom Training

Training the Aussiepom will be relatively easy. These are highly intelligent and diligent dogs that live to please their owners. This makes them amicable to training. 

Basic obedience training will be necessary, as is with any dog breed. More specific training will likely not be required unless your dog is unreasonably vocal, energetic, or prone to separation anxiety

Keeping a handful of dog treats on hand will go a long way toward helping you to train your Aussie mix. These dogs are highly food motivated and retain information well, especially at a young age. This ability to retain information also lends a hand to help make them responsive to discipline.

Aussiepom Needs

First-time owners of the Aussiepom should know two things about this dog: they are energetic, and they are emotional. They require a lot of physical stimulation and quality time with their owners to be their happiest. They will also need high-quality dog food, joint supplements, and an orthopedic dog bed for their sensitive joints.

The Aussiepom can be high-maintenance in terms of grooming and vet checkups. The breed is prone to some health concerns, so regular visits to the vet will be required to ensure optimal health.

Nutritional Requirements


Picky Eater

Voracious Eater

A good dog food formulated for the dog’s size, activity level, and age will be the best option for the Aussiepom. Be on the lookout for a small breed of dog food that is high in protein and vitamins for muscle health and support of bodily functions. Joint and eye supplements can also go a long way to keeping your dog healthy, as well as nutritious dog treats.

Exercise & Activity Levels


Couch Potato

Go-All-Day Stamina

These are small, very high-energy dogs. The Australian Shepherd was bred to run around livestock all day, and the Pomeranian is a spunky little companion dog breed that loves to play with its humans. Be ready to spend roughly one hour per day working with your Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix, as these dogs require a lot of exercise.

Grooming Needs


No Shedding

Shedding Machine

The Aussiepom dog breed is a moderate to heavy shedding dog breed. Their fluffy coat is medium-length and requires regular clippings, as do their claws. To keep the coat in an optimal state, it is recommended that you practice regular baths with high-quality coat products.

This is also a great way to ensure they are at a reduced risk for skin allergies, a condition that they are known to develop. Luckily, the Aussiepom is not prone to drooling.

Aussiepom Average Lifespan

The average life expectancy of the Aussiepom is 12-15 years. This is a small dog made of two dogs with longer than average lifespans but they are prone to some health issues that can impact this.

Commom Health Problems

  • Deafness: Deafness can be caused by a number of things, including infection, trauma, and genetics. This can be noticed by your dog’s lack of response to noises or dulling of their alertness.
  • Blindness: Like deafness, blindness is often hereditary. Retinal atrophy, a group of degenerative eye disorders, is often the most likely culprit of blindness in dogs.
  • Patellar Luxation: When the kneecap “pops out” of the femoral groove in which it sits, this is also commonly referred to as “kneecap dislocation.” Depending on the grade of luxation, this can cause pain, limping, and torn ligaments.
  • Dental problems: According to VCA Animal Hospitals, over 80% of dogs older than three years suffer from dental diseases. Periodontal disease is the most common.
  • Cataracts: A cataract is a condition in which the lens loses its transparency and becomes opaque. The result is impaired vision and if left untreated it can result in complete vision loss.
  • Skin Allergies: Environmental allergies are the most common cause of atopic dermatitis in dogs. They are usually seasonal and not serious, but can be very uncomfortable for the dog.
  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia: The degeneration of the elbow and hip joints are common issues in dogs. This can lead to limited mobility, pain, and arthritis.

Recommended Health Tests

  • Patella evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation
  • Hip & elbow evaluation

Tips for New Aussiepom Owners

Here are some useful tips for first-time Aussiepom owners:

Tip 1

Find a Reputable Breeder: A responsible breeder will have genetic tests done on their breeding stock to ensure they are healthy to minimize the risk of health issues in the future. They will also have documentation on the dog’s lineage and will begin obedience training before you pick up your new puppy.

Tip 2

Get Puppy/Dog Products in Advance: Buying everything you need for dog ownership will make your new dog’s transition into your home easier and reduce much of the stress. This will also ensure you have everything you need when you need it, so you aren’t caught unprepared in any event.

Tip 3

Early Training: It is important to train any dog as early as possible, regardless of breed. This will not only help you to teach the dog who is in charge and install a dynamic between you and your dog, but it will also help you bond with your dog. This will strengthen the relationship you have with them, thus making them loyal to and protective of you while also making them listen to you when needed.

Tip 4

Quality Time Together: This is a very social breed that loves to be around its owners. This breed is susceptible to separation anxiety and does best when surrounded by other people and animals.

Aussiepom Similar Breeds

– German Spitz
– Keeshond
– King Rat Terrier

Aussiepom Supplies You Need

High-quality dog food will be the first thing you will want to get for your new dog. This, combined with high-quality dog treats and joint supplements, will help to provide your dog with the nutrients it needs to maintain its health and high energy levels. A dog food bowl and water bowl will also be required as well as toys for mental and physical stimulation.

A good dog bed and a dog kennel will also be handy in keeping your dog safe and healthy. A good dog bed will reduce the pressure on the dog’s joints when it is relaxing, and given this breed’s propensity for joint issues, this is a great thing to invest in. A dog kennel will help to keep your dog safe while you aren’t home.

These dogs attach strongly to their people and are likely to experience separation anxiety, which can lead to destructive behavior. A kennel will help keep them contained and unable to get into anything they are not supposed to.

Best Dog Beds for Aussiepoms

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Best Dog Food for Aussiepoms

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Best Dog Supplements for Aussiepoms


Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil

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PetLab Co. Probiotics

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Aussiepom Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about the Aussiepom’s parent breeds:

Fun Fact 1

The Australian Shepherd is the AKC’s 135th breed.

Fun Fact 2

The Australian Shepherd is not actually from Australia. Instead, the name of the breed came from California ranchers who mistakenly took the dog as being from Australia, where the Basques emigrating to California had come from and brought the dogs with them.

Fun Fact 3

The Pomeranian is a descendant of powerful sled dogs from Iceland and Lapland.

Fun Fact 4

In 1911, the Pomeranian had its first specialty show with the advent of the American Pomeranian Club’s first showing.

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