Anant Shastri is a published author based in India. Being a writer for more than a decade, he has managed to publish his own poetry book entitled Darkness in the Fool, a collection of poetry focusing on learning to find joy even in the midst of solitude. His writing journey began with scribbling poetry and soon progressed to prose, educational materials, and SEO content articles. 

Anant also enjoys other extra-curricular activities such as music production, documentary filmmaking, photography, and backpacking. Moreover, he has a keen love for animals and would love to work for the voiceless in the long run.



Anant is adept at writing about the following topics and genres:

  • Poetry
  • Educational Materials
  • Pets
  • Nature & Environment Conservation
  • Sports such as Formula 1 and MMA.

Anant graduated from Amity University – Greater Noida Campus with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication specializing in Environmental Science.