Can a Dog Overdose on CBD Oil: Signs and Solutions

dog laying in grass

Pet parents are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of CBD oil for dogs. But what are the risks of giving your dog CBD oil?  You may be wondering, will CBD oil kill my dog? Can a dog overdose on CBD oil? It is a morbid topic, but we know that many pet owners wonder […]

Best CBD Oil for Dogs – Top 5 Brand Reviews

Top 5 CBD Oils For Dogs With Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the fastest-growing trend in pet health and wellness. Statistics show that “24% of pet owners use hemp-derived CBD either for themselves, their pets, or for both” and for a variety of conditions, including pain management, stress, and anxiety.  However, the use of CBD for dogs can still trigger questions for pet owners […]

Broad Spectrum Hemp: A Tell All Guide

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A holistic approach to health is more popular and practiced than ever before. With this popularity comes an influx of products, opinions, and information. When it comes to any and all products derived from the notorious cannabis plant, stigma is sure to be attached. Understandably so, as it’s easy to get lost or confused in […]

Why Your Cat May Be Crying And What To Do About It

Cat crying

People with cats know their incredible range of vocalizations. From meowing to yowling to growling, they have a way of making their presence known. Each of these little creatures has their own unique and delightful voice. If you own a cat, you’ll understand the meow they make to remind you it’s time for food, or how they say […]

Cat Seizure: A Step-By-Step Guide

cat seizure 1

One of the scariest experiences for a pet owner is witnessing your beloved, four-legged companion experience a seizure. It can be incredibly upsetting and leave many doting parents not knowing how to proceed. What is the best way to comfort your cat during a seizure? What medications will be necessary, and do they have potential […]

Cat Depression: Nine Signs Of Depression In Cats

cat depression

In case you didn’t already know this, pet ownership is one way to deal with depression and mental illness. Many studies have shown time and time again that there are health benefits to having furry family members around. A companion animal increases zest for life, motivation, and generally lessens the symptoms associated with mental health disorders in their […]

Cat Dandruff: Know The Signs and Symptoms

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You may be familiar with the itchy, flaky annoyance better known as dandruff. No matter what you do, it can seem like relief is out of reach. Unfortunately, for our four-legged friends, dandruff can also be a real issue. Cat dandruff affects more felines than you may imagine. In fact, pet dandruff is so common that there are countless companies that produce […]

Obese Cat: How To Keep Your Furry Feline Healthy

Obese Cat

Do you love to feed your cat treats or tidbits off your plate? A 2020 study looked at the attitude that pet owners have towards cat overweight and obesity. Despite a high percentage (30-35% of the general feline population) of cat’s tipping the scale, the study showed that 39% of pet owners disapprove of feline obesity. So […]

Terpenes: A Comprehensive Guide

CBD terpenes

We likely don’t have to tell you that the interest in cannabis is seemingly growing by the day.  With the increasing conversation surrounding the cannabis sativa plant, more and more people have shown interest in knowing as much about it as possible. This want for knowledge has people talking about terpenes. A mere five years […]

Mobility vs Relief: Which CBD is Right For Your Dog?

Mobility vs Relief

Honest Paws CBD comes in four unique lines that are each condition-specific and knowledgeably crafted to target particular needs in supporting your pet’s health.   These four lines are named: Calm Mobility Relief Wellness Read on to discover how these lines are different from each other and how pet parents can decide which line will […]

Homemade Cat Treats

Homemade Cat Treats

Cat Moms and Dads—We Got You!   Cats are finicky eaters! Giving them their recommended dose of Honest Paws Wellness CBD Oil can be a challenge. So we found two easy, no-bake recipes that provide the purr-fect cover. Our recipes have only a few ingredients that are probably in your pantry. Just mix or mash, freeze […]

An Overview on Dog Gut Health

How a Dog s Digestive System Works

One of the important things we do for our canine companions is making sure they eat right. The food you give your dog depends on their stage of life. When they’re a puppy, you want to be sure they have dog food packed full of the nutrients needed to support your rapidly growing dog’s body. When dogs […]

12 Effective Home Remedies For Constipation In Dogs

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When your dog is dealing with constipation, it’s not fun for either of you. Like humans, many dogs struggle with constipation on occasion. However, if they’re experiencing constipation regularly, treatment can help them feel better. We’ve rounded up 12 of the most effective home remedies for dog constipation that can help your furry friend feel […]

How to Know if You’re Dealing With a Dog UTI and What to do About it

dog uti

Your canine companion brings a lot of joy into your life. They’re there to greet you first thing in the morning with a sloppy kiss. When you get home after a long day at work or school, who is the first family member to meet you at the door, tail wagging and hips wriggling? Your doggo is […]

Dog Upset Stomach: Causes and Treatment Options

dog upset stomach

No dog owner enjoys seeing their pet in obvious discomfort. We’re used to our dogs having energy to spare, always ready for a walk or to play fetch. People love their dogs and want them to feel better fast. They’re a very valuable family member after all! So, when they seem a lot quieter and are […]

Bloat in Dogs: How it Happens and What to do About it

bloated dog

Pet owners want the best for their dogs. Our canine family members enrich our lives and ask for very little in return. Dog owners are determined to care for their pooch properly, and enlist the help of their veterinarian when their dog seems unwell. Bloat is one condition that pet owners need to be aware […]

Coconut Oil for Cats: Can Coconut Oil Help My Cat?

coconut oil for cats

Is coconut oil safe for cats? And are there any health benefits of coconut oil for pets?   Yes, coconut oil is both safe and beneficial. While the research for coconut oil use in pets is still in its early stages, many cat owners report improvements after adding coconut oil to their cats’ food bowls or […]

Cat Health Issues: The Ones You Need To Know About

Cat Health Issues

Do you love your cat? There is no doubt about it. But studies have shown that veterinary visits differ for dog and cat parents. When it comes to anytime visits, 90% of dog owners have no problem popping in at their favorite vet. But only 40% of kitty lovers will take the turn to the animal hospital. […]

Four Ways To Soothe Your Grieving Cat

pet parent soothing a grieving cat

Would you call yourself a cat person or do you prefer dogs? If you’re one of the millions of people across the country that share their home with a feline friend, you can attest to the benefits of having them as a family pet. Who is ready to snuggle up with you for an afternoon […]

Caring for a Senior Cat: Signs of Old Age

Senior Cats

You know that moment when you realize it’s been a decade since an event that feels like it was yesterday? If you’re looking at your feline and remembering their playful kitten years but seeing a lazier, older, chubbier, and dismissive cat, it may dawn on you that they’ve entered their golden years. It could feel […]

Why is My Cat Shedding So Much? Causes and Treatment Options

Why is My Cat Shedding So Much

Keep finding cat hair everywhere? Hair clumps under the sofa, loose hairs in the air, and a hairy layer on your clothes are all signs that shedding season is here. Shedding is a frustrating phase for you but a normal one for your cat. In fact, normal shedding is a sign of health, indicating your […]

Organic Dog Food: Why Your Pet Deserves The Best

organic dog food 1 organic dog food

You want what’s best for your four-legged companion. Trust us, we get it. Fido is a member of your family. Your fur child. It makes sense that you would do anything and everything to ensure their well being, health, and happiness… but are you? It may not come as a surprise that dogs and humans […]

Vegan Dog Food: Everything You Want to Know

vegan dog food 1 vegetarian dog food

Can My Dog Be a Vegan? Veganism has been around for decades and individuals who have adopted the lifestyle for themselves have often wondered if Fido could also benefit from a meat-free diet. In short, yes. With a proper, regulated diet and a few added supplements (for home cooked diets), your dog can be vegan and reap the benefits […]

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? Here’s What You Need to Know

can cats eat peanut butter 1 can cats eat peanut butter 1

We know that dogs love lapping up the delicious creamy treat, yet, many cat owners are uncertain whether or not their feline could also enjoy spoonfuls of peanut butter. Is it safe? Should peanut butter be apart of your feline’s diet? Are there any health benefits to know about? What about potential consequences? We all […]

Cat Eye Discharge: A Comprehensive Guide

cat eye discharge 1 cat eye discharge 1

As a doting cat owner, you’ve likely cleaned some “gunk” out from your beloved feline’s eyes at one point or another. Like people, cats can experience eye discharge that may affect them in varying ways. Typically, a small amount of eye discharge from time to time isn’t something to be terribly concerned about. However, if the discharge is long-lasting […]

Cat Diarrhea: A Definitive Guide To Treatment

cat diarrhea 1 cat diarrhea

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely dealing with quite a mess. Diarrhea is no fun for anyone. Unfortunately, it can also affect your feline companion. Although cat diarrhea can be a nightmare for a pet parent to have to constantly clean up, it can also be a telltale sign that your kitty may be a little unwell or have a […]

What You Need To Know About Antioxidants For Dogs

Having a canine in your life is a big commitment. Your fur baby demands a lot of time, attention, and care. It’s not uncommon for people to compare having a dog to having a child. After all, if there are children in the household your pooch often acts just like one of them – enjoying […]

Hot Spots on Dogs: A Definitive Guide

Hot Spots on Dogs

Did your dog’s constant scratching and licking culminate in hot spots? Or did a host spot triggered excessive itchiness? If you are not sure, do not worry. In this article, we will talk about hot spots on dogs.  Hot spots, or as the fancy medical term states, Acute Moist Dermatitis (ACM), is a widespread condition, […]

Cat Vomiting: How To Tell If It’s Serious

cat vomiting 1 cat vomiting

Your four-legged friend means the world to you. Trust us, we get it. We also understand that you would do just about anything to ensure your cat’s health and happiness. That’s why it can be worrying when your beloved fur baby starts vomiting out of nowhere. You feed them the best food available, monitor their health, and […]

Dog Seizures: A Guide To Helping Your Pup

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There are few things more heartbreaking for a dog owners than witnessing your beloved canine companion have a seizure. It can leave you feeling helpless and terrified. What can you do? How can you comfort your pup during this time of distress? The good news is, while seizures are scary, they can be managed, and […]