What is the Best Boxer Dog Bed?

Below is our best Boxer dog beds summary with top picks and reviews.

Do you love your boxer dog? I’m betting you do. Then you are probably considering getting a comfortable boxer dog bed for your furry friend. Here, we reviewed the best boxer dog beds and include factors you need to consider in a dog bed for a Boxer.

Best Seller
Ergonomic Contour Luxe Lounger Dog Bed Mattress
10/10Our Score
  • Gel-infused memory foam improves alignment and has cooling effect
  • Thick, plush faux fur lining for cozy snuggling
  • Contoured form for ergonomic comfort and orthopedic support

As you must have seen, Boxer is an energetic dog that enjoys playing and socializing. However, after an activity-filled day, your dog should have a comfortable bed to rest. Like humans, Boxer needs its own bed that provides ultimate comfort and a night of restful sleep.  

As a pet parent looking to provide the best possible lifestyle for their dog, it is a good idea to provide a dog cushion—a place where your pet can lay its head during the day and especially at night. Enjoy our compilation of the best dog beds for Boxers, and hopefully, you will find the perfect dog bed for your Boxer.

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Why do Boxers Need Special Considerations?

Be aware that a comfortable dog bed will help your pet live a healthy life. The following are reasons why you should give your Boxer special consideration.


Boxers retain higher body temperatures than most breeds; thus, they need to cool down more often. Boxers need a breathable dog bed that can help maintain their body temperature.


Dogs, like humans, need a safe and comfortable place to relax and rest. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a comfortable dog bed for your Boxers. High-quality dog beds will provide optimum support for your pet.

Orthopedic needs

The skeletal and muscular structures are an important component of all animals. It needs all the support and cares it can get, especially for growing puppies. A good quality dog bed will provide support for your dog’s bones, back, and joints. It will not exert pressure on pain points if any.

What Should I Look for in a Boxer Dog Bed?

Machine washable

Machine washable dog beds are perfect for busy dog owners. This saves the stress of handwashing and manual air drying. Remove the bed cover, throw it into a machine, and then a dryer. It is ready for use. Some beds are machine washable in their entirety. The whole unit can be thrown into a machine washer and dryer.


Orthopedic refers to surfaces that help with painful muscles or bones. In the case of pets, orthopedic means beds designed to relieve skeletal and muscular ailments such as arthritis. Orthopedic beds are specifically made to alleviate these ailments by applying the right pressure to help put the weak bones in place.

External cover

It’s nice to go for a bed with an external cover even if it is not machine washable. If you have ever tried cleaning a dog bed with no removable cover and the whole unit can’t be thrown in a washing machine, you would appreciate the role a cover plays.


This feature is most important if you intend to place the bed outdoor or plan to take it camping. However, it is also useful for beds that will be placed indoors. A water-resistant material decreases the chance of molds growing on the dog bed. Mold can’t cause respiratory difficulties, such as coughing, wheezing, and breathing problems.

Non-slip bottom

Consider going for a bed with a non-slip bottom if you have a senior dog or one with joint issues. Without this feature, a dog that runs into a bed can go sliding and crashing into a wall. A head collision can be life-threatening, especially if your dog has an underlying disease.

Types of Dog Beds for Boxers

Pillow beds

This type of bed uses thick fibers as a cushion, which replicate the pillow-feeling. Pillow beds are designed in a way such that the internal materials are robust and can carry muscular dogs. Pillow beds are thick and cozy and can adequately support the joints of a Boxer,

Water-resistant Beds

These beds are perfect for Boxers who have urinary problems. If you intend to place the dog bed outside, this is also a good option. Water-resistant Beds are made from thick materials like polyester. A material that can resist water and moisture. They also come with fibers for insulation, warmth, and softness.

Nesting Beds

Nesting beds are super-comfortable. They conform to the dog’s body’s shape, which allows them to enjoy a restful nap after a long day of activities. If you have a small-sized Boxer who loves snuggery and curling, you can’t go wrong with a Nesting bed because of its plastic bead filling.

Best Dog Beds for Boxers

Furhaven Pet - Plush Sofa Orthopedic Dog Bed

This unit comes with a cozy three-bolster design that mimics the shape of a human sofa. This feature creates a feeling that your dog has its own sofa. It has raised edges that provide plenty of pleasant resting positions for your dog.

The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed also comes with a suede sleeping surface that is gentle on your dog’s nose, paws, and skin. The Plush Faux Fur is a combination of comfort and luxury. This unit also comes with an egg crate orthopedic foam that relieves joint pains and evenly spreads body weight across the bed. It has a removable and machine washable cover. Note, the bolster liner is not machine washable.

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed comes with Quad-Layer memory foam and a cooling gel to keep your dog cozy in warm weather. The bed provides the ultimate support and comfort because of its novel quad element.

The orthopedic feature makes it a good fit for Boxers suffering from arthritis, painful joints, and muscular problems that can cause pain. It is designed such that the raised edges provide excellent neck, head, and spine support. A feature that will help your dog find a sweet resting position.

The Sealy Lux Dog Bed comes with a removable and machine washable cover. Cleaning this unit is super easy and it dries quickly.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Sofa bed

This dog bed unit combines orthopedic properties and a memory foam mattress. It soothes and evenly spreads your dog’s body weight across the sleeping surface for a restful nap.

If you are looking to help your dog sleep better, consider buying this luxurious bed. It comes with fluffy side bolsters, whose sole duty is to ensure your dog can choose any sleeping position of its liking.

This is a durable and long-lasting orthopedic dog bed. It comes with a water-resistant liner, perfect for older dogs that might have urinary issues. The bed cover is easy to remove and wash. It is machine washable and dryable.

KOPEKS Orthopedic Dog Bed with Pillow

The KOPEKS Dog Bed with Pillow comes with a solid memory foam base that will support your dog’s body weight. It is a hypoallergenic dog bed only available in jumbo size, suitable for only adult Boxers. Also, consider this product if you intend it for two small boxer dogs who love to share things.

The memory foam is made from premium materials. Its therapeutic property further makes it perfect for older dogs who might be suffering from arthritis. If your dog also likes to have extra room during naps, go for this.

This unit is water-proof, comes with seven thick layers of foam. It is certainly one of the best dog beds on the market today. Easy to clean and a non-slip bottom are other features that make it outstanding.

K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Cot

The K&H Original Pet Cot is the best dog bed for Boxers that chew aggressively. This elevated-themed bed is made with a metal frame and heavy denier cover that can carry over 200lbs of weight.

It can be used indoors or outdoors. The sleeping surface is a durable, breathable mesh that is comfortable on your pet’s skin. Your Boxer will stay dry and cool when resting on this dog bed all time of the day.

This unit is a heavy carrier; heavy dogs will find it super-supportive. It is easy to clean and maintain. The metal frame is coated to prevent rusting.

Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet

The Super Value Dog Bed Pillow is a super-comfy, cozy and rectangular-shaped dog bed. It is a pillow bed, quite different from the above-reviewed units. It is stuffed with Premium, hypoallergenic, loft polyester fill that is devoid of chemicals.

This unit is extremely easy to clean. Dirty? Throw the entire dog bed into a washing machine, with settings on Gentle cycle, Cool. The bed will come out sparkling clean. Note, resist the temptation to wash using a higher setting to prevent damaging the dog bed.

This pillow bed is soft and cushioned for extra support. With its naturally rising edges, it will provide natural bolstered neck support for your Boxer.

Suede Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Your lovely Boxer deserves the best, get him the Majestic Gray Velvet Dog Bed, and let him slumber luxuriously in a premium microsuede bolster bed. This dog bed is supportive, cozy, and super-comfy. Don’t be surprised when you discover it’s your Boxer favorite place all day.

It is water-resistant and made of heavy-duty 300/600 denier. It is tough and can withstand rough use. The zippered cover is made from durable microsuede and filled with high quality polyester fiberfill. This is luxury at its peak!

It is perfect for dogs having urinary issues. This unit is easy to clean and maintain. Toss the entire unit into a washing machine, with settings on gentle cycle. Unfortunately, it can’t be machine dried.

PETMAKER Orthopedic Pet Bed - Egg Crate and Memory Foam Cushion

This unit comes with a removable, easy-to-clean cover. It features a duplex foam construction and a foam of 2 inches to make for a comfortable and supportive sleeping platform.

The outer covering is a durable Brushed Suede, and the bottom is fitted with anti-skid for stability and protection. The PETMAKER Dog Bed is an open unit with a flat surface, just what some Boxers like to lounge in. It is also suitable for dogs that do not like bolsters’ confinement.

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

The BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed has a rim cushion, a non-slip bottom, and extra padding for enjoyable rest. This dog bed is perfect for Boxers of all ages.

Made From expert craftsmanship with premium material, this dog bed is designed to provide your bed with the ultimate luxury resting experience. The material construct includes polyester, solid supportive cushioning, and a cotton-padded bolster

This is a long-lasting orthopedic dog bed. It comforts dogs suffering from muscle and bone pain. It has a supportive foundation that helps dogs adjust to whatever sleeping position it prefers. The cover is removable, easy to wash and maintain.

Precision Pet Round Shearling Bed

This unit contains a high-end plush fabric that will complement your inter décor in an instant. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it will provide reliable support because of its overstuffed bolster. The bed cushion is extended around the sleeping area, providing extra comfort. For sure, you Boxer is going to feel safe and secure in this luxury encasement.

Also, because of Boxers’ energetic and boisterous nature, the unit is fitted with a non-skid underside to help it stay in place. The whole unit can be machine washed using gentle cycle settings. The luxurious fabric on the sleeping surface means your Boxer will definitely love sleeping on this dog bed.


Boxers are magnificent dogs who love socializing. They need a bed to call their own. As a pet owner, a comfortable dog bed, food, water, and toys are essential to your dog’s well-being.

A dog bed will provide a cozy place for your dog to relax and sleep. The sofas in this list are the best dog beds for boxers of any age. And remember, your choice should be determined by your dog’s health, size, and current needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bed does a boxer need?

According to the American Boxer Club, a male adult Boxer measures 23 and 25 inches at the withers. While an adult female measures between 21 ½ and 23 ½ inches.

The height at the withers for males is around 24 inches tall and 22 inches tall for females. The make Boxer weighs about 70 pounds and around 60 pounds for females. Consider these measurements when making a Boxer dog bed.

What is the most comfortable dog bed?

It depends! Boxers are playful, energetic, and a very active dog breed. Settle for a dog bed that can withstand this level of activity. The older your Boxer gets, the more support it will need. Buy a dog bed that can provide the necessary support it may need. Regardless of age, ensure your choice is comfortable and inviting.

Do Boxers need comfortable beds?

Yes, they do! For optimal rest and support, dog beds for Boxers should be comfortable. Any compromise might lead to a deterioration in health and the ability to remain active for long.