What is the Best Calming Bed for Dogs?

Below is our best calming dog beds summary with top picks and reviews.

What is a Calming Dog Bed?

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Before we get too far, it’s important to know exactly what a calming dog bed is. What sets it apart from other standard dog beds and do they really work? A calming bed for dogs is one in which the main purpose is to provide a feeling of safety and comfort for your dog and help reduce anxiety.

To be considered a calming dog bed, the bed must provide a sense of security, which is what helps make a dog feel safe and decreases their anxiety. You’ll want to look for some combination of the following things:

  • Raised edges or rims
  • Soft plush materials
  • Donut shaped
  • Orthopedic benefits
  • Warmth and comfort

While humans sleep on average about eight hours per day, dogs sleep 12 hours per day, roughly 50% of their entire day. For puppies and large-breed dogs, this statistic is even higher, so having a comfortable bed for your dog is very important. 

Beyond comfort, it’s important to find a bed that fits your pets’ needs. If your dog shows signs of anxiety, such as whining, shaking, burrowing, panting when at rest, drooling, inability to settle, etc., a calming dog bed could be the best for your pet!

Best Seller
Ergonomic Contour Luxe Lounger Dog Bed Mattress
10/10Our Score
  • Gel-infused memory foam improves alignment and has cooling effect
  • Thick, plush faux fur lining for cozy snuggling
  • Contoured form for ergonomic comfort and orthopedic support

Benefits of Calming Dog Beds

Calming dog beds are a popular choice for customers looking to find a good fit for their dog, especially anxious pups. These beds provide a sense of security, which can help alleviate mild anxiety symptoms. There is science behind why calming beds work which is important to understand.

When puppies are first born, they spend all their time pushed against their brothers and sisters and their mother. Surrounded by the warmth from their fur coat, this is their first feeling of safety. It is comforting for them to know they are surrounded on all sides, warm and content. It’s why leaving puppies with their mother and siblings long enough is very important to keep anxiety issues from forming.

Puppies rely on physical touch as they grow. It might be why your dog whines to get into bed with you or begs to join you on the couch. They feel content when they are covered and warm, which is why this type of bed can work for some dogs.

It’s important to remember that a calming bed is not a miracle worker, and works best in combination with behavior modification or expert/veterinarian-approved medicine and calming supplements in some cases. 

Types of Calming Dog Beds

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Just like anything for your pet, there is not a one-size-fits-all option for calming beds. Factors such as your pet’s breed, size, and needs can determine which type of calming bed is best.

Donut Dog Beds

If you have a small dog, this may be the best fit for your pup. These are circular style beds, similar to that of a donut, and feature raised edges to create a dome for your pet to curl up in. The rims provide head and neck support and a place for your pup to rest its head comfortably. These are usually made of a soft, shaggy, faux fur exterior. The surrounding warmth the donut cuddler creates is perfect to help alleviate anxiety.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

These are a great choice for large dogs and older dogs. Orthopedic memory foam dog style beds help relieve pressure points on joints, which is ideal for dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Just like humans, your dog can get anxiety when they’re in pain or don’t feel well, so ensuring they have a comfortable, supportive place to sleep can help them be calmer. Make sure this bed has a rim or raised edges on at least two sides and is long enough for your pup to stretch out fully.

Self Warming Dog Beds

Warmth is a big source of comfort for both humans and animals alike. There’s no better feeling than snuggling up under a warm blanket, and the same goes for dogs. Self-warming style beds are perfect for a dog that has to be swaddled in warm blankets or rest by the fire to be content. The bed generates its own heat from your pup laying on it. They don’t require a plug or batteries, they work by using two-layer insulation that captures your dog’s body heat and radiates it back to them. This is ideal for older dogs or breeds that get cold easily. 

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster beds are a type of bed that we’ve mentioned before in this article, but not by name. Bolster dog beds are simply beds that have raised edges on three sides that allow your dog to lean up against the edge comfortably. This provides essential head and neck support and helps your dog feel safe and supported. This type of bed is a great choice for large dogs or dogs who like leaning up against you.  

Cave Style Dog Beds

Do you remember when you were a kid and spent your days building forts out of anything? It felt safe and content, so why not offer that to your dog too? Cave beds do just that! These beds have a flap for your dog to burrow into. Some have tented roofs, and some have a roof that acts as a blanket and lies flat against the top of your pooch. There’s one available for every size and it’s a popular choice among many different breeds of dogs.

What Should I Look for in a Calming Dog Bed?

best calming beds for dogs

It can be overwhelming for dog owners to process all of this information, so let’s look at a few factors that can make finding the perfect products for your pup easier!


You’ll want to make sure the bed you choose is not too small for your pet. They should be able to curl up into a donut bed comfortably or stretch out on a bolster bed fully. Cave beds should be a bit oversized for maximum comfort, but not too large that they lose the feeling of being surrounded and content.


Material definitely matters. You’ll want a super soft plush material, such as faux fur, for maximum comfort. Bolsters are a big factor in this. We wouldn’t want to sit on a couch that has no back, so our dogs would also like something to lean up against for maximum comfort.


While the outside of the bed matters, so does the inside. This is where you’ll want to see if the inside is stuffing, memory foam, or some other material. This affects durability, comfort, washability, and much more.


A dog bed should always support your pup’s joints and head, hence why calming beds are such a great choice. This can be done by both orthopedic bases and bolstered edges, which provide head and neck support. Orthopedic beds can offer relief for joint pain.

Like a human’s sheets, dog beds do need washing. You’ll want to find a bed that is easy to clean, preferably machine washable, whether it be the cover or the entire bed. This is where you’ll want to check the material twice before washing!

Best Calming Dog Beds

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed

This is the original donut cuddler that sparked the phenomenon of calming dog beds. Best Friends by Sheri is a customer favorite and it’s clear why. It’s available in four sizes and two colors. The outside material is made of high quality, soft, faux fur plush for maximum comfort and warmth.

The entire bed can be machine washed for the small size and for the larger sizes, the outer shell removes for easy machine washing as well. The Best Friends by Sheri bed has the super soft material discussed earlier and the raised edges perfect for puppy burrowing and head resting. It’s a great pick for dogs of any size, but especially smaller pups.

FurHaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa

This bed boasts two great features – it’s both a bolster bed and an orthopedic bed! This provides support along the edge for your pup to lean on and offers relief for stiff muscles or joints at the same time. It’s made of ultra-plush faux fur, and the bolsters are micro-suede, perfect for cuddling and burrowing.

The egg crate orthopedic foam cushions joints and helps relieve pressure points and the bolsters give plenty of head and neck support. It comes in many colors and six sizes, making it a great pick for extra large dogs who like to sprawl out or for older dogs who need some extra support. Bonus point: the removable cover is machine washable, making it easy to clean!

Furhaven Snuggery Burrow Bed

FurHaven offers another great option in their take on a cave style bed. This bed offers plenty of room to burrow and comes in plenty of colors and sizes. The inside is a warm, comfortable sherpa perfect for snuggling and warmth. It can be used as a blanket or a cave, so your pet can find their perfect fit! It has orthopedic and memory foam options as well for dogs who need some extra joint support. The removable cover is machine washable, which is perfect for any accidents or spills.

Friends Forever Coco Faux Fur Bed

The Friends Forever donut cuddler bed is another great contender for a calming dog bed. Available in three sizes and five colors, it is self-warming and made of high quality, plush, synthetic fur, similar to that of a fur coat, sure to keep any pooch cozy. It offers plenty of head and neck support and is perfect for a burrower to hide deep in the crevices and curl up tight. The entire bed can be machine washed and can even go in the dryer. This is a great option for any dog who loves to cuddle up and feel extra warm.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Lounge Sofa

Friends Forever has another popular bed amongst reviewers and it’s clear to see why. This orthopedic bolster bed provides plenty of comfort and support for joints and is luxuriously soft. It is available in five sizes and five colors, fitting every breed from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. This bed is water-resistant and made of high quality, human-grade materials, and is stuffed with plush polyester. To wash it, simply remove the cover and pop it in the washer!

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The Snoozer Cozy Cave is a popular choice amongst calming beds according to reviews. That’s not surprising, considering it is made of high-quality materials and comes in dozens of colors and three sizes. The Snoozer is like a hug for your dog. They slip right inside and can hide from whatever may scare them or make them anxious. This bed offers warmth and protection with the inside lined by Sherpa and the outside. The removable cover is also machine washable and you can even buy more covers to try out and switch it up! 

FOCUSPET Dog Bed Donut

FOCUSPET enters the game with their take on the donut style dog bed and it’s a solid option. This bed is made of luxuriously soft faux fur, sure to keep any pet content and warm. It comes in four sizes, perfect for both small and large dogs and any size in between! The raised rims offer not only a place to burrow, but also support for the head and neck, which is essential. While the entire bed can be put in the washing mine, the company does recommend hand washing, so that is something to consider before purchasing.

BarkBox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Bolster Bed

Barkbox, famously known for its dog toy products, launched its own line of dog beds and this one is a great choice according to customers. It is completely surrounded by raised edges, which is unique to this bed. This style dog bed is great for dogs who like to lean up against you or cuddle up against the armrest of the couch. It boasts many of the good things mentioned earlier: bolstered edges and orthopedic. It comes in three sizes and five colors, is water-resistant and the removable cover is machine washable, so it is easy to clean!

Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This is our editor’s splurge-worthy choice of the list. Pet Fusion makes many pet products and this bed is one of their best sellers. It is orthopedic, comes in four sizes and three colors, and offers nearly all-around support for your pup. The memory foam base is surrounded by a water-resistant, machine washable removable cover and can even be exchanged for other colors to add to your pup’s collection. This is a solid option for large dogs in particular, especially if your dog loves to snuggle up against you.

Slow Town Dog Calming Bed

Another donut cuddler earns its place on our list due to its great design. This bed is made of ultra-plush faux fur that is self-warming, perfect for any snuggle bug! It comes in four sizes and various colors, so you’re sure to find your pup’s perfect fit. The entire bed is machine washable for the smaller sizes, while the large size has a removable cover that is safe to wash and dry. The bottom of this bed also has grips on it to keep it from sliding around on tile or hardwood, which is a big plus!

Final Thoughts

The dog bed market is saturated with plenty of choices, but picking from this list, you can’t go wrong! While our personal recommendation is the Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa, every pup is different, and finding the best dog bed for your dog can take trial and error, along with carefully studying your dog’s sleeping habits. Find something your dog loves and look for that feature in a bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a dog bed calming?

To be considered a calming dog bed, the bed must provide a sense of security, which is what helps make a dog feel safe and decreases their anxiety. You’ll want to look for some combination of the following things:

  • Raised edges or rims
  • Soft plush materials
  • Donut shaped
  • Orthopedic benefits
  • Warmth and comfort

Which calming dog bed is best?

Our pick for a calming dog bed is the Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa. This bed offers everything you could want in a calming bed: bolstered edges for a feeling of safety and protection, plush material, washability, plenty of sizes to choose from, and is self-warming!

Do calming dog beds really work?

Yes! Science shows it makes a puppy feel like they’re safe and surrounded like they were as puppies with their mom and littermates. It’s important to remember every dog is different though and a calming bed alone won’t cure extreme anxiety.

What should I look for in a calming dog bed?

You’ll want to find the right size bed for your dog, a comfort level that they like, a durable filling, and enough support for your pooch’s needs!

Best Seller
Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa
10/10Our Score
  • L-shaped sofa design for comfort, security, and orthopedic support
  • Soft faux fur lining and easy-care suede bolsters for cozy snuggling and burrowing comfort
  • Orthopedic foam base cushions and improves circulation. Fluff-filled bolsters support for restful sleep