Best Cbd Oil for Dogs


best cbd oil for dogs

There are so many kinds of CBD on the market, from CBD hemp oil to CBD dog treats. It can be hard to choose one. Today, we are bringing you a roundup of the best CBD oil for dogs that your money can buy!

What Makes the Best CBD Oil for Dogs?

There are so many health benefits of CBD for pets.

It helps support the body’s inflammatory response, promotes relaxation in nervous or stressed dogs, and can ease occasional discomfort from exercise or from normal aging. CBD does all this with none of the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. This is because CBD for dogs and cats is derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant instead of the marijuana variety. 

Needless to say, CBD oil is awesome for dogs and cats. But when determining the best CBD oil for dogs, we have to look at some factors. After all, not all CBD or hemp seed oil is created equally.

Quality is Key! Not All CBD Oil for Pets Are the Same

As with any supplement, it’s important to choose the best quality products.

Naturally, you will only see the good effects of CBD on your dog’s body if you buy a high-quality CBD tincture or oil. Of course, CBD can also come in other forms, such as in CBD dog treats or CBD-infused peanut butter or coconut oil. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any regulation when it comes to cannabis in the pet wellness industry. As a result, many companies can easily put out low-quality CBD or market their products as CBD-infused when they contain no CBD whatsoever! In fact, studies have shown that there are an alarming number of so-called CBD products on the market today that actually contain zero CBD! 

5 Main Things To Consider Before Buying Cannabidiol

Before going into the world of CBD products for pets, here are some things to consider:

  1. CBD products work by introducing cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, into your dog’s body, where it travels to their endocannabinoid system. This system regulates important functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and more. With that in mind, you always want to make sure the product you’re purchasing contains enough CBD to be effective. Product packaging should indicate how many milligrams of CBD your dog or cat will receive per dose. 
  2. When first introducing CBD to your pet, make sure to start off slowly. The company you purchase from should offer a dosage recommendation on their website. The dosage is typically based on your pet’s weight, as well as on the condition you’re using the CBD for. Give them a small portion of the full dose to start off with and then eventually work your way up to a full dose over a period of several days. 
  3. Never give a CBD product made for humans to your pet. Human CBD may contain higher levels of THC, which is the compound associated with the psychoactive effects of marijuana. THC is unsafe for animal consumption and can be extremely toxic. 
  4. When deciding on a CBD company to purchase from, make sure the company is trustworthy and reputable. Look at the number of reviews their products have and what their customers are saying about those products. You can also look companies up on the Better Business Bureau website to see how they rank. You also want to make sure to only do business with a company that’s certified with the National Animal Supplement Council, which ensures the highest standards in products.
  5. Finally, make sure you always request a Certificate of Analysis when purchasing CBD. This document proves that your CBD was lab tested and will show that it contains no heavy metals or contaminants. It will also show you that the THC levels are low enough (less than 0.3%) to make the CBD safe for animal consumption.

Our Top 4 Brands

1. Honest Paws – 5/5 stars

honest paws cbd for pets

Honest Paws is our #1 brand for CBD products!

It’s one of the top CBD brands on the market today when it comes to pets, and with more than 40,000 happy customers, they’ve improved the quality of life for countless dogs and cats. 

They sell a variety of products, including CBD tinctures (a.k.a. CBD oil), CBD dog treats, and CBD-infused peanut butter and coconut oil. They make products for dogs, cats, and even horses. Additionally, their products are condition specific and target areas such as wellness, mobility, relief, and calmness. 

Honest Paws Reviews

There is no better way to judge the best CBD oil for dogs than by listening to what dog parents have to say.

“My doggy has not had a bad day since he started taking his oil! So glad he’s feeling better!” — Tiffany B.

“My dog’s mood and appetite have greatly improved since using this product! I’m thrilled that this oil is improving his quality of life in his final months.” — Anna S.


The cost of the least potent Honest Paws CBD oil tincture is $39.95. It is recommended for dogs who weigh up to 25 pounds. The bottle has 30mL of full-spectrum hemp oil, which comes out to 125mg of CBD per bottle.

Their roasted peanut butter flavored CBD dog treats are also loved by puppies and affordable. A bag with 30 pieces costs only $24.95.


We give Honest Paws 5 out of 5 stars!

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with their products. With hundreds of glowing reviews on their website, it’s clear their CBD products for pets are top of the line. Plus, they also offer free shipping on orders over $49.95. And they offer a wide range of CBD products for pets, making it easy to select something that’s perfectly suited to your pet’s tastebuds! 


2. Healthy Hemp Pet Company – 4/5 stars

canna drops CBD

Healthy Hemp Pet Company offers natural health solutions for pets. 

Their line of CBD oil is just one of the many hemp products that they sell.

Healthy Hemp Reviews

Here is what a happy dog owner had to say about one of the Healthy Hemp products:

“Syra’s seizures were dramatically reduced once she began taking CannaDrops. Thank you Healthy Hemp Pets!” — Mark Howell


A 30ml bottle of CannaDrops Salmon contains 200mg of CBD and costs $39.95.

This particular hemp oil contains salmon oil, which has tons of health advantages for pets. Healthy Hemp also offers an oil that contains coconut oil and another that contains turkey tail mushroom, both of which can provide incredible health benefits to pets. 


The Healthy Hemp Pet Company gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from us. 


3. Hemp Health Inc – 3.5/5 stars

Pharma Hemp CBD

This company offers a good option for CBD oil for pets on their website.

On top of that, they also sell CBD products for humans.

Hemp Health Inc Reviews

Read a real testimony left on Hemp Health Inc’s page.

“My dog suffers from “ hysterical licking” that has caused him serious consequences. I’ve found that the CBD relaxation remedy has helped tremendously!” — jkirsch3694


The Holistic Relaxation Remedy tincture, which has 120mg of CBD, costs $19.98 per bottle. 


We rate Hemp Health Inc with 3.5 stars out of 5.

Despite it being a reasonably good product, we’d love to see more customer reviews for their products. 


4. Made By Hemp – 3/5 stars

Made by Hemp CBD for Dogs

Made By Hemp helps pet parents improve their companion animals’ lives, even though their main products are for humans.

You can place an order in a hassle-free manner through their user-friendly website. 

Made By Hemp Reviews

Here’s a real review from a happy customer: 

“My dog loves this tincture. She can be quite skittish when there’s company over at my house or loud music playing, but this tincture helps her feel more calm and relaxed. Great product for scaredy cats like mine!” — Ashlee


One 30ml bottle of hemp oil that has 200mg of CBD costs $19.99.


We rate Made By Hemp with 3 stars out of 5.

While they offer flavored oils, which is a plus, their specialty isn’t pets, but humans.

We feel more at ease with companies specializing in pet health. 


CBD for Dogs Buying Checklist

Are you ready to get the best CBD oil for dogs and give it to your puppy at home? Then, it’s time for shopping!

While you’re at it, don’t forget these important factors:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Company Reputation & Reviews 
  • CBD Potency 
  • Product Variety & Price 

If you keep them in mind, choosing an awesome CBD oil for large dogs or small dogs will be a piece of cake.

Main Dont’s When Shopping

There are so many hemp products for pets — it can be easy to buy a not-so-good one! Here are a few tips:

Don’t be swayed by the price tag. Cheap CBD products aren’t usually the best. There’s nothing wrong with saving a few bucks–just never at your pup’s expense!

Never go into a pet store or shop online without first doing some research. Consider customer reviews, brand transparency, and the reviews of experts in pet health. Only then can you for sure pick out the best product for yoru pet.

Bottom Line: What Dog CBD Oil Brand is Right for Your Pup?

At the end of the day, there isn’t just one best CBD oil for dogs. You have to choose one that works for your pet.

That said, we recommend Honest Paws the most.

With over a thousand reviews, this brand is an easy choice when it comes to purchasing CBD for our pets.

Their products are awesome, their customer service is world-class, and they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee! So why not give them a try today! 


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