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Canines come in all sizes, so it’s only natural that dog beds are available in small, medium, and large variations as well. Dog breeds like Retrievers, Huskies, etc., all classify as medium-sized dogs, and if you’re on the hunt for a bed for your moderately sized doggo – then you’re in luck. 

We’ve gone through some of the best pet bed products on the market and compiled a list that’ll suit all pet parents with medium-sized canines. There’s also an all-inclusive buying guide for dog owners who’re first-time buyers and need dependable info. Just stick with us as we walk you through the complex world of pet products!

Our Top Pick

best dog beds for medium sized dogs

Right, before we delve deep into the world of best dog beds for medium dogs, here’s our top pick – Furhaven Pet’s Deluxe Orthopedic L Shaped Pet Bed. This dog bed is a big hit with our editors for many reasons. First, it’s perfect for a medium-sized dog, thanks to its ample sleeping area. 

Additionally, the product features egg-crate shaped orthopedic foam to ensure your dog’s pressure points and joints get generous support for restorative sleep.

What Size is a Medium Dog?

Even though all dogs are unique in their own right, medium-size dog breeds generally measure around 18-23 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 40-60 pounds. 

However, even though the size specifications mentioned on pet products are very convenient, it’s best to measure your furry best friend yourself, rather than depending on breed particulars. Getting a dog bed’s size wrong will not only lead to wasted time and effort, but it’ll also be uncomfortable for your pup. 

Why Medium Dogs Need the Right Bed

As stated earlier, dog beds are available in diverse designs and various sizes so that no doggo is left behind in the search for comfort. Typically, canines are classed as small, medium, large, or extra-large – depending on the breed’s height and weight. 

If your best friend happens to be a medium-size dog, then it’s highly likely it’s not going to weigh beyond 60lbs. Dog parents with large or extra-large pets can also utilize medium-sized beds for their growing pups. Additional reasons why medium dogs need the right bed also include: 


Dogs sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to body temperature regulation. That means, be it summer or winters – you’ll have to keep track of your pup’s body temp to ensure it avoids problems like dehydration or hypothermia. 

That’s where dog beds can come in handy. Orthopedic or memory foam dog beds can help keep your pet calm during summers thanks to their egg-crate shaped foam or cooling gel construction. 

Conversely, traditional dog beds and faux fur cuddlers are ideal for winters thanks to the insulation-friendly design, stuffing, and fabric materials. 


Some dog breeds are prone to concerns like general anxiety or separation anxiety. If you’re the proud parent of a golden retriever, vizsla, etc., then your pup may need some extra TLC to feel at home. A donut cuddler can help your nervous doggo feel secure, thanks to the raised rim design. Also, if your canine likes to cuddle, it may appreciate an L-shaped bed or a sofa bed with bolsters. 


It’s natural for you to be concerned about the comfort of your canine companion. And because adult dogs spend approximately 12 to 14 hours a day napping – choosing the right dog bed is paramount for doggy comfort. Landing the best dog bed for your furball may require you to go over details like your canine’s health, age, and sleeping preference. 

Joint Support

Medium-sized dogs may not have the same build as large dogs (or extra-large canines), but that doesn’t mean they’re not prone to orthopedic problems and joint pain. If your furbaby is middle-aged and approaching its senior years, it is best to pre-empt any joint-related issues by investing in a dog bed with premium cushioning. 

How to Shop for the Best Dog Bed for Medium Dogs 

medium sized dog beds

If you’re a little nervous about purchasing a dog bed for your medium dog, take a moment to go through our carefully compiled buyer’s guide. We’ve highlighted all the factors you need to pay special attention to in order to land the perfect pet bed – no matter the situation.


Your pup will need a dog bed that provides support for its hip, back, and joints as it grows older. Furthermore, allowing your pet to snooze on the floor may actually accelerate orthopedic problems because of all the extra pressure exerted on its joints. To make sure your doggo doesn’t suffer from joint pain, find the best orthopedic dog bed that offers features like a memory foam base and a non-slip bottom. 


Be it a human bed or pet bed – size does matter. A bed for small dogs may suit your medium pup, but as it grows older, you’ll have to purchase a pet cot that’s adequate according to your canine’s size and weight. Pet parents are advised to measure their doggo’s height and select a bed that’s slightly larger than your pet to accommodate it, no matter its sleeping preference. 


A pet cot is only as sturdy as its construction, which means paying extra attention to the fabric. Heavy-duty materials like denim or Cordura are designed to withstand rough canine treatment. Plus, if your pup has a tendency to chew, it’s best to look at whether the dog bed is suitable or not in the product details. 


Dog beds are pretty diverse when it comes to stuffing or filling – which means you’ll have to pick the filling that’s the most beneficial for your dog. For instance, an orthopedic dog bed (or a memory foam dog bed) is perfect for older dogs suffering from joint pain or arthritis

Amazon also has an incredible selection of elevated dog beds for folks who’re looking for a travel bed that’ll relieve their canine’s aching joints. Apart from that, popular filling options also include shredded foam, polyester fiberfill, etc. 

medium dog beds


While you’ve probably never heard of a mattress for humans that entirely washable – that’s not an issue for some dog beds. A washable dog bed (or a pet cot with a washable removable cover) is essential to maintain hygiene. Not to mention, machine-washable pet beds are easy to clean and preserve.


Long-lasting products require a durable construction with heavy-duty materials – and dog beds aren’t all that different. A high-quality pet bed is more likely to stand the test of time and provide excellent value for money instead of one with flimsy production. 

Price Point

Your budget plays a pivotal role in finding the perfect dog bed for your furry companion. Thankfully, the dog beds lineup has something to offer everyone as far as a flexible price bracket is concerned.

Best Dog Beds for Medium Dogs 

Ready to go through our collection for the best beds for medium dogs? Great, because that’s what we’ve been waiting for too. Also, if you’re also interested in pet beds for big dogs (or small dogs), be sure to check out our website – we’ve got you covered too!

Furhaven Pet’s Deluxe Orthopedic L Shaped Pet Bed

Are you a big fan of Amazon best sellers? If yes, then this orthopedic dog bed by Furhaven Pet Products is going to dazzle you. The bed is available in 5 different sizes, 15 styles, and 20+ color variations. And that’s not even the best part. 

There’s also an egg-crate shaped orthopedic foam mattress, a plush faux fur sleeping area, and fluffy-filled bolsters. That means superior support for your pup s joints, back, hips, and an even distribution of your pet’s body weight. The zippered cover is easily removable and machine washable. 

MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Dog Bed

The Plush Dog Bed by Midwest Homes is another Amazon favorite, and it’s not difficult to see why. This product can be utilized as a crate mat and a travel bed for your medium doggo – depending on the situation. 

While there’s no memory foam base, the product contains 3 inches of soft polyester filling to ensure ample cushioning for middle-aged and older dogs. There’s also a non-slip bottom surface, and the entire bed is washing machine safe.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

If you’re on the lookout for a dog bed for your anxious doggo, then the Original Calming Donut Dog Bed by Best Friends By Sheri is just your thing. 

Apart from offering premium head and neck support for canines (thanks to the raised rim), the bed also includes plushy airLOFT fillings to ensure relief from muscle and joint pain. 

The sleep surface is made from soft faux fur and is perfect for dogs that like to cuddle or snuggle as they sleep. The removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe. Oh, and the bottom’s dirt and water-resistant. 

Barkbox Dog Bed

A dog bed that combines high-density orthopedic foam with cooling gel memory foam to give your canine the most restful sleep it’s ever had? Because that’s precisely what the Barkbox dog bed is offering. The zippered cover is removable and washer/dryer safe. 

The product also includes a water-resistant inner lining which makes it ideal as a bed for older dogs with incontinence issues. 

JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

The JOYELF pet bed makes our best dog beds of 2020 list quite easily. Here’s why – The mattress includes a flame-retardant memory foam filling, so you can rest easy about your pet’s joint and overall health. The three-wall design, along with easy access and a waterproof non-skid bottom, makes it an ideal dog bed for older canines. 

Aside from that product also includes a removable, washable cover and a squeaky toy to keep your pet occupied before bedtime. 

Brindle Waterproof Dog Bed

The Brindle Waterproof Dog Bed offers dog parents the convenience of a 100% waterproof lining that protects the 4-inch thick high-density support foam from doggy accidents. The bed is also naturally hypoallergenic and comes equipped with a 3-year warranty. And, the velour cover is removable and machine washable. 

Put simply, this product is ideal for all canines thanks to its top-notch construction and materials, and it’s also available in a sofa-style bolstered design. 

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

The Pet Bed by K-H Pet Products combines the comforts of a sofa-style bed with the safety of an elevated dog bed. What’s more, the bed is made from heavy-duty waterproof denier fabric – which means it’s suitable for pets with destructive habits like chewing or scratching. Additionally, this bed is made from high-quality materials and holds up to 200lbs – making it ideal for large dogs as well. 

This K-H pet bed is easy to clean (thanks to the machine washable cover and bolsters) and set up and perfect for outdoor use. The product’s available in three sizes, and there’s also a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to boot.  

Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed

The Poly-Cotton Bagel Dog Bed is available in four size variations and seven color options. The bed’s bolster design is ideal for dogs who like to rest their head on support and aids in maintaining spinal posture. The bed is entirely washable and easy to clean. It also offers buyers the convenience of a water-resistant  300/400 denier base, along with high loft polyester fiber filling for maximum comfort. 

Casper Dog Bed

Featured on Good Housekeeping and Amazon’s Choice list, Casper’s Memory Foam Dog Bed is available in three size variations. A combination of support and memory foam guarantees pressure-relieving comfort for your canine, along with supportive bolsters for dogs who like to cuddle. 

The overall microfiber blended fur-resistant material links to excess material on the sleeping surface for pets who love to dig and scratch. Like all the other beds on our list, this product also contains a removable cover that’s washing machine and dryer safe. 

Barker Junior – 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Canine experts recommend Big Barker Dog Beds for a reason. And, if you’re looking to find the best orthopedic dog bed on the market – then this product may be your best bet. 

All Big Barker beds contain their therapeutic support foam that provides comfort for sensitive joints, pressure points and comes along with a 10-year warranty. The microfiber cover is easy to clean, machine washable, and can blend in with all dĂ©cor types. 

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to dog beds, three things can’t be compromised: quality, support, and construction. The great part is, all the entries of our best medium dog beds list include all three qualities in spades. Now, all you have to do is carefully observe your pooch’s sleeping preferences, health, and age, and get started on your quest to get your hand on the best dog bed out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best beds for dogs?

Whether a dog bed is best for your canine or not depends on your pet to a large extent. For instance, your dog’s breed, age, size, health, and sleeping preference will play a significant role in determining which bed suits it best. 

Typically, orthopedic or memory foam beds are ideal for older dogs or canines prone to orthopedic issues. Likewise, cuddlers are suitable for pups with anxiety issues, and elevated dog beds fit outdoor use. 

How do I choose a dog bed?

Choosing a dog bed depends on factors like size, durability, washability, material, filling, and of course, your budget. A high-quality dog bed will not just provide your pup with comfort, but it’ll also make your life easier. 

For example, durable dog beds offer high-quality materials and sturdy construction. Unlike beds for humans, pet beds also need to include a removable, washable cover – to make the product easy to clean. 

What is the best dog bed for medium dogs?

According to experts, one of the best beds for medium dogs on the market is Furhaven Pet’s Deluxe Orthopedic L Shaped Pet Bed, thanks to its orthopedic foam mattress and easily removable zippered cover. Another viable option is Barker Junior Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Do dogs really need a dog bed?

If you want your canine to live a healthy and hassle-free life, then dog beds are essential. Sleeping on the floor can exert additional stress on your pet’s pressure points and joints, which can lead to orthopedic concerns. 

In addition, if your dog’s breed is prone to hip and elbow concerns, then sleeping on hard surfaces can make its condition worsen. Dog beds not only help keep the pressure off your dog’s joints, but they can also help improve mobility and provide cooling or heating comfort – depending on the product’s construction.