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Best Dog Beds for Puppies Summary

Our Top Pick

dog beds for puppies

We’d like to kick off this article by talking about our top pick – Furhaven Pet’s Sofa Bed with Memory Foam. This high-quality dog bed is available in several size variations – including small (which will suit your puppy just fine). 

However, what our team and editors like best about this product is its design. The sofa bed includes an easy access side along with 3-sided raised rims – that means your pup will have no trouble climbing in or out. 

Not to mention, the memory foam base and fluffy-filled bolsters will provide your pet’s body and pressure points with just the right amount of support. 

What Does a Puppy Need in a Bed?

best dog beds for puppies

Getting the right pet bed for your pup is a kind of balancing exercise. You need to match up all the important factors to your puppy’s individual needs and choose the best option. But, the starting step is knowing what to look for in a puppy bed.

Special Considerations for the Breed

Every dog breed has certain unique characteristics and requirements. For instance, if your pup belongs to a super-fluffy canine breed, then you’re going to want to look for a bed that can keep your pet cool during naptime. 

On the other hand, if your puppy belongs to a group of larger dogs, you should focus on getting a dog bed that your pupster can grow into. A mattress that’s too small will need to be replaced fairly quickly. 

Dog Size

It’s essential to factor in your pup’s growth spurts and size before you invest in a pet bed that’s a bit pricey. It’s unlikely that one dog bed will last your pet its entire life – just like one human bed throughout your life wouldn’t. 

You may want to save up by investing in a top-quality bed that’ll last at least a few years, and that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure to research your puppy’s weight and height according to its age and plan appropriately. 


Dogs have a natural shield against nature’s elements, thanks to their coats. But, sometimes, your pet needs a little help with body temperature regulation. 

Pups are used to cuddling with their mother and siblings to keep warm. It’s a good idea to look into self-warming dog beds for your puppy’s first pet bed for that reason. There are also dog beds available that use faux fur for the cover to mimic the sensation of a mother’s fur coat.


Some dogs are cuddlers by nature, and if your pup is the same, it’s smart to look into donut cuddler beds to ensure your furbaby feels secure in its snoozing spot. 

Furthermore, a cozy bed can also help keep your anxious pup calm by providing a sense of safety. Pet owners generally invest in beds with rims and bolsters for this reason. 


Specific dog breeds are more prone to orthopedic issues than others. For instance, if your pup is a Golden Retriever, it’s at risk of developing concerns like hip dysplasia. 

Similarly, large dogs require beds with ample support to keep joint pain (and problems) at bay. It’s best to discuss your pet’s support needs with your vet before investing in a dog bed. 

How to Shop for the Best Dog Beds for Puppies 

How to Shop for the Best Dog Bed for Puppies

Before we get started with our best dog beds for puppies lineup, let’s quickly go through some special considerations you should know about before you go browsing for dog beds. 

Material – Select Puppy Friendly Materials

When choosing a dog bed for your pup, keep the term ‘puppy friendly’ in mind. For instance, if you’re looking for a memory foam dog bed, ensure the product you choose has a high-quality memory foam base that’s free of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, boric acid, etc. 

Also, a washable bed (or a washable cover) will be extremely helpful – especially if your pup hasn’t mastered house-training


If your pup belongs to an extra-large doggie breed, then you’re going to want to invest in a dog bed with an orthopedic mattress right from the beginning to make sure your pet has the support its body needs for optimal health. 

Filling is one of the most crucial bed features when it comes to pet beds. Typically, filling for dog beds are available in the following categories:


Puppy beds need to be washable to ensure hygiene. It’s not unheard of for puppies to have ‘accidents’ in their beds, requiring pet parents to clean the mattress. 

That’s where a bed with a removable cover that’s machine washable can help save you time and effort – without compromising on cleanliness. Moreover, you also have the option of buying a water-resistant inner cover (or lining) to keep the mattress safe from spills. 


Any dog bed you purchase needs to be durable enough to give you your money’s worth. Beware of dog beds with flimsy materials because these will undoubtedly leave you disappointed. Instead, look for a dog bed that boasts of top-quality construction and a warranty to boot. That way, even if things go wrong, you’re still safe from losing big bucks. 

Price Point

Speaking of big bucks, budget always plays a vital role in pet products (or any product for that matter). Generally, The high-end options with the best bed features indeed fall in the high price range bracket. Though, you don’t have to despair because our list includes plenty of economical dog beds with something for everyone. 

Best Dog Beds for Puppies

Be it large dogs, small dogs, older dogs, or puppies – we’ve compiled some of the best dog beds for puppies to ensure your pupster gets the perfect bed according to its needs. Ready, get set, go…

Furhaven Pet’s Sofa Bed with Memory Foam

The sofa-style bed by Furhaven comes along with memory foam, is available in six different size variations, and limitless color options. The sleeping area measures 20 x 15.5 inches and is covered with plushy faux fur for extra puppy comfort. 

The product also includes a zippered removable cover that’s machine washable. Moreover, customers don’t have to worry about material defects, thanks to the bed’s 90-day limited coverage. 

The Original Calming Donut Bed by Sheri

If you’re looking for a cozy bed that’ll provide your puppy with the relaxation it deserves, then look no further than the Calming Donut Bed from Best Friends by Sheri. This bed is a fan-favorite on retail sites like Amazon, and here’s why –

The product features a raised rim design to provide your pupper with security and head/neck support. Plus, the bed is made from pet-safe materials, so you don’t have to stress about toxic chemicals. Filled with Air-Loft fibers, this Best Friends by Sheri bed is perfect for puppies and small dogs who need extra TLC. 

Furhaven Pet Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Bed

A self-warming pet blanket that also converts into a cuddle bed? That may sound like fiction, but Furhaven Pet offers dog parents a pet product unlike any other. In fact, this ‘bed’ can transform into four different shapes thanks to its innovative belt and loop system. 

Apart from that, the product’s easy to clean, is washing machine-safe, and offers parents of small dogs and pups the safety of heat-reflective bedding. However, we wouldn’t recommend this flat bed for canine companions with joint and hip problems. 

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion’s Ultimate dog bed is available in more than three sizes and is ideal for all puppers – ranging from sizes small to extra-large.

Featured on the Amazon Choice List and loved by experts, this memory foam dog bed offers a 4-inch thick mattress for superior doggy comfort, improved health, and enhanced mobility. It’s also machine washable, easy to clean, and includes only pet-safe substances. There’s not much this sofa-style bed doesn’t have.

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

If you’re on the hunt for a pupper bed that’s a hit on Amazon, has rave-reviews, and may earn you the best pet award – then K-H has just the product for you! The pet bed’s sleeping surface is lined with micro-fleece that can withstand rough puppy behavior like digging and scratching. 

The exterior fabric cover features a durable polyester material, and the entire bed is washer and dryer safe. Additionally, the K-H bed is self-warming and offers tiny pups the comfort of premium polyfill stuffing for restful sleep. 

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

The Orthopedic dog bed by Laifug has features that’ll win over most canine experts, trainers, and parents. Available in three sizes, this product offers an exclusive double pillow design that’ll appeal to large-sized pups and older dogs alike. 

Aside from that, your canine companion will no doubt love the combo of orthopedic and memory foam this bed offers because of optimal cushioning for the back, hips, neck, and elbows. Laifug’s memory foam beds also feature a water and tear-resistant removable cover and a waterproof lining for easy cleaning. 

K&H PET PRODUCTS Coolin' Comfort Bed

If you want to find the best cooling bed for your dog, you might want to pay attention to this option. 

Not only can this K-H product function as an orthopedic dog bed (thanks to the foam core), but you can also utilize it to keep your puppy cool and stress-free during hot summer months. Furthermore, this item doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or gels and is 100% safe for canine use. 

Pet parents who want to consider durability and easy cleaning factors will be happy to know that the product’s sturdy vinyl/nylon exterior offers both. FYI, this cooling dog bed also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

BinetGo Dog Bed 

Another donut cuddler that may earn you your pupster’s everlasting gratitude is the Dog Bed by BinetGo. Apart from being a pet-parent favorite on Amazon, this product links together a pretty hefty features list. 

To begin with, the product is suitable for both small-size felines and canines. It’s also light enough to be carried around and can serve as a travel bed. The bed is entirely washable, and you don’t have to worry about the synthetic fur cover is ideal for making a pup feel at home. And, there’s a non-skid bottom to ensure the bed stays in place. 

Amazon Basics Round Bolster Dog Bed

No dog products list is complete without at least one entry that links to Amazon Basics. That’s why the Round Bolster Dog Bed is clocking in at number nine on our list. A favorite among many a pet parent, this item is ideal for your little pup to nap in. The dog bed is washer/dryer safe and includes a plushy flannel sleeping for ultimate puppy comfort.

Barker Junior – 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker is renowned as one of the makers of the best dog beds on the market, and this bed undoubtedly ranks among the brand’s finest work. Your pup may fall in love with this item for several reasons, starting from the pressure-relieving therapeutic foam to the plushy sleeping area made of durable microfiber material. The raised headrest design works to support your pup’s head and creates a sense of security. 

Our Final Thoughts

Shopping for the best dog beds for puppies can perplex first-time pup parents. Just remember that the best dog beds for puppies should be durable, washable, size-specific, pet-safe, and include high-quality filling according to your canine’s needs. 

Also, once you’ve picked out the product that appeals to you, make sure to research the customer reviews (on sites like Amazon) for any potential defects or problems. Invest in a bed only after you’re convinced of the product’s quality – that’s important both for your wallet, and more.