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best dog clippers with dog hairInvesting in a set of Dog Clippers is a great idea for several reasons. Do you have a pet with a hair-do that needs frequent visits to professional dog groomers to keep it looking its best? Having your own clippers might save you quite a bit of cash!

Do you have a pet that doesn’t enjoy going to the parlor? Having your pooches hair trimmed in the comfort of its own home might be a more tolerable experience. But, before you run off to go and buy the first set of dog clippers that you lay your eyes on, read on to find out more about DIY dog clipping and which clippers are the best in town!

Professional Dog Clippers: Andis Dog Clippers Have You Covered!

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers are a very popular choice for professional animal grooming. With good reason. It is robust and has a long heavy-duty cord. These clippers also have a detachable blade. This is important for several reasons.

The most obvious being for ease of cleaning. With larger dogs that have thicker coats, your blade might get too hot with extended use. If you have a detachable blade, you can swap out the hot one for a cooler blade and keep right on trimming without skipping a beat.

This device runs quietly so as not to stress out sensitive dogs. The Andis UltraEdge Dog Grooming Clippers are cleverly designed with a ‘cool-running’ system to keep the blades cooler for longer without fans and vents that can become clogged with hair.

The Best Dog Clippers for Noise Sensitive Dogs

The Oneisall Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Clippers set is a super choice for particularly sensitive pets. These clippers run at about 50 decibels – ultra quiet. The clippers are cordless with a rechargeable battery.

Cordless clippers make it easier to move around the animal and get to hard to reach places without getting into a tangled mess!

The Oneisall clippers set comes with four detachable guard combs of differing lengths. This makes for quick and easy comb changes. The fixed blade is stainless steel, which stays nice and sharp even after plenty of use. The moving blade is ceramic, for superb cutting performance.

Wahl Pet Clippers: The All in One Dog Grooming Clippers

The Wahl’s Deluxe U-Clip Grooming Kit is ideal for medium-duty pet grooming for dog breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels, Shi Tzus, Cavaliers, and Maltese Poodles.

This clipper has an advanced motor that produces power and speed to get the job done quickly and neatly! The Wahl grooming kit comes with color-coded guide combs as well as several other tools that you need to groom your pet parlor-perfect.

Wahl Dog Clippers with a Nice Price!

The Wahl Pet-Pro Clipper has a power drive cutting system. With 30 % more power, it can easily cut the thickest hair. This device is slightly heavier and bulkier than others but has the benefit of being quite a bit more affordable!

The Wahl Pet-Pro Dog Clipper Set comes with everything that you need for trimming and full body clipping. The precision, self-sharpening blades have excellent fur feeding capabilities to limit fur pulling and cuts.

hair clippers woman using hair trimmer to groom dog

Hassle Free Cordless Dog Hair Clippers!

Pet owners love the Enjoy Pet Professional Clippers which boast a 7-hour battery life. More than enough time to get Fido looking ship-shape! This convenient cordless dog clipper kit comes with detachable blades.

The kit also includes stainless-steel scissors and a comb. Along with the handiness of this device being cordless, it is also lighter and has a low noise level.

The blade has 33 teeth, as opposed to the industry norm of 24, and is made of titanium ceramic. The durability and efficiency of this blade are well suited to cutting through even the thickest hair.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Shears or Clippers!

Before you make the decision about which clipper to buy, there are a few points to consider. Different types of clippers are suited to different tasks. Are you buying the clippers for home use or are you thinking about starting your own professional dog grooming business?

Do you have a very mellow dog or a sensitive type? Does your pet have a super fluffy ‘fro’ or will your pup’s coat need only light trimming?

Do You Have a Poodle or a Newfoundland?

The breed of dog that you have is obviously a pertinent point to consider. Dogs with thick, coarse hair will need more robust hair trimmers. Breeds such as the Poodle, German Shepherd, and Alaskan Malamute fit this bill.

For these coats, you might want to investigate getting a corded coat trimmer. These are usually more powerful, and you don’t have to worry about the battery running out mid-shave.

Breeds like the Newfoundland, Golden Retriever and Spaniels have finer coats and might not require a clipper with a very powerful motor to get the job done in one sitting.

Also, bear in mind that different breeds have different post-parlor-session looks. Acquaint yourself with your dog’s breed standard, before getting started with your grooming sessions.

The American Kennel Club site is a good place to start. You could also have a look at the Breed’s Club site. Schnauzers, Scottish Terriers, and Airedale Terriers are examples of dogs that have breed-specific hairstyles.

Are Those Blades Sharp?

To ensure a quick and fuss-free grooming experience, make sure that your clipper’s blades are nice and sharp. Blunt blades will slow the process down and might lead to jamming of the device. A sharp blade also means a neater result.

Another factor to consider when comparing different coat trimmers is the quality and material of the blades. Blades can be ceramic or made from stainless steel. Some brands combine the two. Others infuse the stainless steel with chrome (rust resistant) or silver (antibacterial).

Cord vs Cordless Hair Clippers

There are pros and cons to both corded and cordless coat clippers. Cordless clippers are easier to maneuver around the dog. They are also more adept at getting to the hard to reach places.

However, this convenience comes at a price – these clippers tend to have weaker motors and can be slower than their corded counterparts. Especially if the battery starts running low.

Cordless clippers are great for beginners still getting the feel for how to groom their hounds. If you have a dog with a light to medium coat, a cordless grooming kit will suit your purposes. However, if you have a dog with a thick or very coarse coat, you will want to start out with corded electric clippers.

woman using dog grooming clippers on pomeranian

Single Speed vs Variable Speed Hair Trimmers 

The speed of hair trimmers is called the rotary speed per minute or is measured in strokes per minute. There are two options when it comes to pet hair trimmers: single-speed and variable-speed.

The speed of the hair trimmer determines the ease with which the clipper will get through thick hair, mats, and knots. A single speed trimmer does not heat up as quickly, so it is ideal for beginners.

A trimmer with a variable speed option allows one to switch from the base speed (for normal trimming) to a higher speed to work through thick coarse fur and tough mats. A variable speed trimmer gives you more control and provides a neater finished look.

How Loud are the Clippers?

Most dogs will prefer being groomed with clippers that are as low-noise as possible. For sensitive dogs, clippers that emit less noise and vibrate less are a must. Most low-noise clippers operate at between 50 and 60 decibels.

Do Not Use Your Human Hair Clipper on Your Dog!

Human hair is less dense and a lot softer than dog hair. Human hair clippers, therefore, are not as hardcore. If you were to use your hair clippers to trim Buster’s coat, your trimmer will probably burn out in a very short space of time.

More importantly, your hair trimmer is not designed to not overheat the way that pet grooming clippers are. Your hair trimmer might heat up quickly and you could risk burning your dog’s skin!

Another difference between human and dog hair clippers is the number of teeth per blade. The blades of dog trimmers have more teeth so that they can get through the thicker hair more efficiently.

A human trimmer will be overwhelmed when faced with the task of razing through a dog’s coat. This will result in the blades becoming dull very quickly and perhaps even the motor burning out.

How to Safely Use Your New Dog Trimmers!

best hair trimmer dog getting groomed with pet clippers

Read the instruction manual!! Make sure that you know exactly how your clippers work and how to change settings (if necessary) quickly and efficiently before you start to groom your dog.

To keep the trim looking neat, don’t push the clippers too fast over the dog’s body. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of hair growth while cutting. The direction in which your dog’s hair grows can change on different parts of the body.

For a smooth, natural-looking finish, trim the hair in the direction of growth. Start shaving from the neck to the back leg. Repeat on the other side. For a neat finish, trim in a methodical manner, from one point to the next so that the cut looks uniform.

Check the blade of the clipper frequently to make sure that it isn’t over-heating. If it is even slightly warm to the touch, swap it out with a cooler one, if you have a spare. Otherwise, place it on a metal surface (e.g. a baking tray) to cool down quickly.

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