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Who doesn’t love a good hammock? The gentle rocking motion of these raised beds is so soothing and some of your best naps have probably taken place in one. You’re high up off the ground and feel so free. Why not let your dog have the same fun? We’re going to go over the best dog hammock beds on the market so your pooch can enjoy a nice, content hammock snooze under the stars or under the sun.

Our Top Pick

We love the K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Bolster Pet Cot for many reasons. Its bolster design is unique for a hammock dog bed and offers support for the head and neck, as well as joints and pressure points.

It is easy to clean and super breathable, perfect for keeping any pet cool. It’s available in multiple sizes and supports up to 100 lbs. which is pretty impressive! It’s one of the best raised beds on the market in our eyes.

What is a Hammock Dog Bed?

A hammock dog bed is basically any dog bed that is elevated off of the ground. They can be stationary or swinging and come in many shapes and designs. These hammock dog beds are often cot styled, but some are styled like tents or sofas and one is sure to fit your pooch’s needs!

What are the Benefits of a Hammock Dog Bed?

best hammock beds for dogs

What makes a hammock dog bed different from other beds? What benefits do elevated dog beds have over regular ones? There are a few reasons to consider getting a raised dog bed, as they do have their perks.

Getting Dogs off the Floor

The first big thing hammock dog beds do is get your pet up off the floor. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, including it’s easier on their joints and temperature can be controlled more easily. It’s easier to get in and out of and it being higher up makes them feel closer to you when you’re sitting on the couch or bed. They are family after all!

Better Air Circulation

We just mentioned that hammock beds can help with controlling temperature, which is very important. The cold, hard truth is some dog breeds are at an increased risk of heatstroke, including Chow Chows, Bull Dogs, Pugs, Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, and more.

Even without increased risk, it’s important information to keep your dog cool. If you keep your house warm, or your pet likes to lounge outside in the warmth of summer, you’ll want to keep a close eye to make sure they don’t overheat.

A plush bed will just radiate more warmth, so a raised dog bed is a great choice because air can travel from underneath it to help keep it cool. These beds are typically made of very breathable mesh, which helps circulate air and prevent overheating to keep your dog content.

Easy on the Knees

Did you know 4 out of 5 older dogs suffer from arthritis? Just because it is common doesn’t mean it has to be debilitating though. Many dog beds are low to the ground, which makes it hard for a dog with joint or muscle issues to get in and out of and can attack pressure points.

A high bed, such as a human bed, can also be difficult. You want a happy medium, which is where a hammock bed can help. They are the perfect height for a dog to climb right into and their cot material is usually firm and forgiving for when they are climbing out.

Easy to Clean

One of the biggest perks of a raised dog bed is the ease of cleaning. Most other dog beds are made of thick fabrics, such as faux fur or faux sherpa, which can only be machine washed, usually alone. Raised dog beds are usually made of mesh or another easy-to-clean fabric. Many can simply be hosed off outside or spot cleaned.


Price is always a factor, and we know dog beds can get expensive fast. The price depends on the size of your dog and what you’re looking for in a bed, but hammock beds actually tend to be cheaper than a normal dog bed, which is a big plus! Pricing information is available for all the models we suggest on the Amazon link.

How to Pick the Best Dog Hammock Bed

hammock beds for dogs


As with any bed for your dog, a hammock bed should be the appropriate size. Most of these beds are pet cots that allow your dog to fully stretch out, so you’ll want it to be long enough to ensure they can do that. Take note of how high off the ground they are too, you don’t want it too high for a small dog that they would have to jump. The whole point is to help a dog’s knees after all!


Hammock raised dog beds are usually made of high quality mesh material with aluminum, metal, or plastic legs supporting the pet cot. Some are fabric as well, which offer more comfort but can be a bit more difficult to clean. You don’t want anything super plush, as the whole point of an elevated bed is to keep your pup cool. If you’re looking for warm beds, check out our calming dog bed recommendations here.


You want a dog bed that will stand the test of time, so be sure to look for high-quality materials. Metal legs will perform better than plastic legs and heavy-duty fabrics will resist wear and tear more than cheap ones. Look at reviews from people who have had the bed for a while to see how it’s holding up. Check out our favorite dog beds for tough chewers!


As we mentioned, one of the biggest perks of a hammock dog bed is how easy they are to clean. While other beds can be machine washed, which is convenient, most elevated beds can simply be hosed off outside or run under tap water. The mesh material makes it quick to dry and ensures there won’t be mold or mildew build-up. While you’re at it, check out our favorite washable dog beds here.

Design – Support/Comfort

Whatever bed you choose, it should benefit your dog. If your dog has joint issues, look for a firm bed that won’t allow them to sink into it and have trouble getting in and out. Elevated beds are great for this reason, as most are a taut fabric with little give, which is great for joints of older and bigger dogs.

This doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable though, just study the surfaces your pet seems to like to sleep on to get an idea of the comfort level they need. Orthopedic pet beds are great to have for any size dog, really!


You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for a quality hammock dog bed. They are affordable beds that dozens of quality brands offer at reasonable prices. The price will depend on the size of your dog of course, but we’re confident you’ll find one that suits your needs without breaking the bank! We’ll even help you out. Always check reviews to see if a low price comes with low quality!

Best Dog Hammock Beds

Bedsure – Elevated Dog Cot

Bedsure starts off our list with their excellent elevated dog cot with rave reviews. This bed comes in three sizes to cover every breed of dog and two neutral colors to help blend into any home seamlessly. The frame is stable and safe and features skid-resistant feet to avoid any slips and falls.

This bed sits about 8” off the ground and will help keep your pup cool and relaxed, inside or out. Hose off the surface, hand wash with mild soap, and you’re good to go! It’s one of our favorite details about this bed, we’re pretty this bed is designed to impress.

VeeHoo – Elevated Dog Bed

This VeeHoo bed is a hit and for good reason. Available in three sizes and plenty of adorable colors, this bed offers plenty of perks. It’s crafted out of mesh fabric, maximizing airflow through the bed that will keep your dog cool.

It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, making it extremely portable, perfect for any camping dog or beach dog! This bed features durable materials materials, including a combination of texteline fabric, powder coated steel frame, and non-skid feet.

Simply disassemble and remove the cover to toss in the washer for easy cleaning. We’re pretty sure any dog would love this sleeping surface. Heck, we might like this sleeping surface.

Amazon Basics – Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

Amazon has entered the pet bed field! You love them for easy shipping to your delivery address, so consider getting this bed delivered right to your door. Their cooling elevated pet bed is available in five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, and comes in two fashion-forward colors.

This bed sits about 7” off the ground, allowing plenty of room for air circulation and a feeling of safety and comfort. The frame is iron, which is sure to last, and cleaning it is as easy as can be, just hose it off and let it dry! We love this water resistant detail about it, so it’s 5 stars from us.

Coolaro – The Original Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaro was one of the first brands to launch an elevated dog bed designed to help keep pets cool, hence their name. Their OG bed comes in three different sizes and a mixture of colors, so we’re confident you could find one you love. It sits about 7” off the ground and produces plenty of airflow.

The mesh is extremely breathable and helps prevent hot spots. The steel frame is light, yet sturdy and the portable design is super convenient. Just hose it off for a wash and it’s squeaky clean, meaning it’s water resistant! We love this pet bed and can’t find any cons.

K&H Pet Products – Original Elevated Bolster Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products produce amazing quality dog beds and this one is no exception. We love its unique bolster design, providing head and neck support! It comes in three sizes and its design is simple and sleek.

It holds up to 200 pounds, one of the highest on our list, and is extremely breathable and durable. The tool-free assembly is easy and makes this bed easy to transport and travel with.

The cover and bolsters are removable and machine washable too, so we’re sold on this dog bed. One of the only cons is you can’t simply spray this bed off with water, but this pet bed is a hit with owners and us too.

PHYEX – Heavy Duty Portable Elevated Pet Bed

This bed has heavy-duty in the name and there’s a reason why. The solid metal frame can hold plenty of weight and the mesh, breathable fabric is extremely tough and durable. It comes in three sizes and three colors that are all unique.

The PHYEX dog bed is easy to transport, easy to assemble and is surprisingly lightweight for how heavy duty it really is, which is one of its best details. Washing is a breeze, just hose it down. Dog owners, don’t you love that?

Paws & Pals – Raised Dog Cot

If your dog likes a bit of cushion, this Paws & Pals bed is a great choice to look into. It is marketed as a camping chair, which we think is adorable and unique.

Though it isn’t made of mesh, it is still extremely breathable and the plush material is perfect for dogs who appreciate some extra coziness. Made of water resistant oxford cloth and sturdy metal with non-skid plastic feet, this bed will last.

It is the most portable on the list with the cover attaching via Velcro. You can even wash the cover in the washer, which is very convenient. Contents also include a carrying bag, which is a big plus! This bed is designed to be ultra portable and we love that.

PETMAKER – Elevated Dog Bed

The PETMAKER Elevated Dog Bed comes in three vibrant colors and is available in four, diverse sizes. It’s good both for both indoor use and outdoor use and sits high off the ground at about 7”, allowing plenty of air to circulate through its breathable mesh fabric.

The non-slip rubber feet ensure your pooch is safe and the carrying bag makes traveling a breeze, along with its easy assembly. It calls for being hand washed in cold tap water, which is a bit inconvenient, but there’s still plenty to love about this inexpensive bed! Pet owners sing its praises and it doesn’t break the bank!

Paws & Pals – Elevated Dog Bed

Paws & Pals offers another elevated dog bed, this one a bit more standard, but still a solid choice. Available in medium and large, you can even order replacement covers, which is very convenient and unique to only this bed on our list. Too lazy to clean that last one right away? No worries, pop a new one on for now.

Cleaning is easy though, only requiring a hose down with tap water. This bed features sturdy metal and denim fabric to show that it’s here to stay and is worth every penny. It’s easy to assemble too, which is a big perk for dog owners.

Love’s Cabin – Elevated Bolster Dog Bed

Love’s Cabin offers its own take on an elevated bolster dog bed and this hammock bed is a winner all around. Available in three sizes and two colors, this bed is durable and practical. We love the bolster edges that provide head and neck support and the durable, waterproof oxford fabric that makes this a perfect cot both indoor and outdoor use.

The cover and bolsters are removable and machine washable, which makes cleaning a breeze. It sits pretty high at 8” off the ground, allowing plenty of room for air to move through and keep your pet nice and cool while helping alleviate pain at their pressure points.

Our Final Thoughts

A hammock dog bed is a great option to look into if you have a dog who is prone to overheating, has joint issues, needs some extra support, or just loves to lounge outside. The beds help keep your pet cool, offer joint support, and are extremely portable, which is great if you travel with your pooch a lot.

There are some cons to elevate dog beds though. Remember that these aren’t the plush beds your pet will sink into. We hope our list of the best dog hammock beds and raised dog beds helped you find your perfect fit today, pet parents!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hammock beds good for dogs?

Hammock beds are great for getting dogs off the floor and for boosting air circulation for dogs who get hot easily. They’re also easier on the knees and joints and super easy to clean!

Are raised beds better for dogs?

There is no better or worse, what type of dog bed you get for your four-legged friend depends entirely on their needs. If you have a senior dog, or a dog with joint issues or overheating problems, hammock dog beds could be your best purchase.

Are elevated dog beds easy to clean?

One of the biggest perks of a raised dog bed is the ease of cleaning. Most other dog beds are made of thick fabrics, such as faux fur or faux sherpa, which can only be machine washed, usually alone. Raised dog beds are usually made of mesh or another easy-to-clean fabric. Many can simply be hosed off outside or spot cleaned.