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Your cute friend needs all the love and comfort that can help him live a beautiful life. When you have a nervousness-prone dog camping, he might not find the regular bed comforting. The anxiety and nervousness mean your dog might not be living its best life.

A tent bed is a fantastic option for dogs like this. It provides a sense of calm and security, allowing your dogs to snuggle in privacy. Many tent beds can also double as a toy and fun house.

To ensure your dog has the optimum comfort possible and stress-free bed training, you need to invest in a quality tent that has the right size, material color, and construction. There are many tent beds in the market; we have reviewed the best 10 and included factors you should consider when making a dog tent bed buying decision.  

Our Top Pick

Before we delve into the factors you should consider before making a tent bed purchasing decision. Let’s make things a bit easy for you by quickly introducing our top pick, the little dove Pet Teepee. A native American-themed dog bed that will complement any home décor.

It is a cozy bed made from 100% cotton canvas supported by five pine support poles. It is machine washable, beautiful, and provides a blissful resting surface for your dog. With this tent bed, your dog will relax in class and style.

What is a Dog Tent Bed?

dog tent beds

A dog tent bed is a tent-shaped bed used indoors. It gives your pet a comfortable platform to relax and sleep without distraction. This bed is perfect for an anxious and nervousness-prone dog. Outdoor dog tents are usually made from solid materials. They often come designed with mesh windows to facilitate airflow. They are perfect for camping, beach, or RV adventure.

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Tent Bed

Gives Dogs a Sense of Security

Dog tent beds are the best options for anxious dogs. They provide a sense of security for dogs that love to snuggle in privacy. The covering and the setup also ensure it can house their toys.

Suitable for Dogs that Like to Burrow

Dogs like to burrow for comfort. Just as humans love to be comfortable and warm, so do dogs. Having a bed that brings comfort and blissful rest will bring calm to their life. The dog tent bed is a perfect bed for burrowing. The housing design and the comfortable bed allow dogs to retire and enjoy a “dog burrowing time.”

Your Home DĂ©cor

Some dog tent beds come in corduroy or calfskin finishes and bring an aesthetic feel to any interior décor. They are a delight to have and will complement any space. If comfort and style are top of your list, a dog tent bed will sit pretty with you.

How to Pick the Best Dog Tent Bed

best tent beds for dog

The best dog tents should be designed in a way that is safe and comfortable for your dog. It should also be easy to maintain. The following are factors to consider in a dog tent bed.

Integrated Floor Cover

Your dog tent bed should come with a built-in cover. The whole unit will look more compact. If not, your dog is likely to drag the cover around the house. If your preferred bed comes with a detached cover, be ready to clean stray hair all the time.

Non-Slip Underside

Ensure your bed of choice comes with a non-slip standing frame. Top-quality tent beds come with a rubberized dot under the frame to keep the entire unit stable. A non-slip cover is a safety feature that will prevent your dog and its bed from skidding over when he enters or exits too quickly.

Tie-Back Curtains

Many teepee beds come with curtains at the entrance, which are tied to the back. Consider if your preferred bed has a secure way of tying them in an open position. Otherwise, it will disrupt your dog’s access to the bed. Some beds come with a canvas that can be tied to a bow. Others have a button that helps secure them in place. The choice is yours!

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

A unique property about dog tents is their portability. It should be designed to allow quick assembly and disassembly, especially if you take them for travel. Some tent beds come with pine poles; you only need to open them like an umbrella.  Pay attention to the ease of assembly before buying one.


Some dog tent beds come with cushions; others do not. You may prefer a cushion designed to perfectly fit the dog tent bed. Some manufactures include cushions having the same beautiful pattern as the tent, that may also have pompoms. 

In comparison, you may prefer your blanket or fleece. Check if your dog tent bed of choice comes with the cushion, and examine the cost. Sometimes, you might need to pay a little extra because of the cushion. And finally, check if the cushion gets messy quickly and the ease of cleaning.

Best Dog Tent Beds

1. The little dove Pet Teepee

little dove Pet Teepee Dog Bed

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The little dove Pet Teepee is our top pick, a moderately sized, beautiful tent bed that will complement your décor. It is a creative art piece designed for pets to have a blissful night while adding aesthetics to your home.

This dog tent bed is made of durable canvas and supported by durable pine poles. This bed is going to be around for a long while. Pets love this bed house for its unrivaled cushion, calmness, and ease of entry and exit. As a pet owner, you can not go wrong with this bed. It comes in only one size, so you need to ascertain the sizing is perfect for your dog before bringing it home.

2. Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed by Arkmiido

Pet Teepee Dog Bed with Cushion

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The Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed by Arkmiido is a charming bed, and your dog will definitely love it. This penthouse provides a private and safe room that helps pets feel secure and comfortable. It is crafted from a well-sewn thick cushion; this easily makes it one of the most comfortable on the market today.

It is lovely in the home, super-cute. This dog bed will trigger smiles from visitors that visit your home. Aside from the cushion and aesthetics, this product is super easy to assemble and disassemble. And easy to clean. It is perfect for pets of up to 10kg/22lbs.

3. Tent Soft Bed by Best Pet Supplies

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Soft Bed

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This plush pet tent is slightly different in design from the above-listed dog beds. It is one of the best dog beds for your furry friend.

This dog bed is extremely cozy; your dog will feel at home right from the first entry. Not a fan of the brown linen color? There are 6 other colors to choose from. You will find something minimalistic that will suit your décor. It also comes in 3 different sizes, so your dog will find a home in one.

The exterior is crafted from faux suede and linen supported with a soft poly-foam lining. It is super-comfortable and calm. Give your dog a nice sense of privacy by getting the Tent Soft Bed by Best Pet Supplies.

4. Tangkula Pet Teepee

Tangkula Pet Teepee

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Has your dog ever fallen in love with a piece of item and made you feel jealous? Wait till you buy the Tangkula Pet Teepee, and watch this scenario play out. This is a creative piece of art that will amuse your dog at first sight.

It is a multi-dimensional bed where your dog can play, sleep, hide and keep his toys. Crafted from white pine wood finish frames, it will compliment your décor in an instant. The dog tent is lightweight and easy to assemble, and suitable for use both home and away. Finally, it is durable and strong, you will get good value for money.

5. Little dove Pet Teepee with stripe design

little dove Pet Teepee Dog(Puppy) & Cat Bed

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If you need an exciting activity for your pet, buy the Little dove Pet Teepee, and watch your dog’s eye light up in pure passion. Your dog will love it the first time. You will observe a change in the number of hours it spends during its “me” time. Without any iota of doubt, this carefully created masterpiece is sure to complement your room décor.

Similar in design to the little dove Pet Teepee, it comes in a distinctly different Southwestern design that stands it out in this competitive category. Its material construct and cushion ensures your dog will have the perfect space to sleep or nap. This dog bed is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

6. PetnPurr Pet Teepee Tent

PetnPurr Pet Teepee Tent

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This is a dog tent bed designed for small dogs. For your small dogs who love to play sometimes and enjoy blissful rest all the time. The PetnPurr Pet Teepee Tent mimics native shelters found everywhere around the globe. It is an eye-catchy masterpiece that is sure to trigger smiles and excitement.

This uniquely designed bed will make your dog incredibly happy. It allows your dog to enjoy the best of both worlds because it is perfect for play and fun, and then relaxation and sleep. The bed also features a thick removable cushion that is comfortable for sleep and easy to clean.

7. Arkmiido Pet Teepee with Cushion

Arkmiido Pet Teepee with Cushion

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The Arkmiido Pet Teepee with Cushion is a product designed for small and medium-sized dogs. It is specially designed to provide super-comfortable housing for your best friend. It is effortless to assemble and disassemble, needing only 5 minutes for both.

The short disassembling makes cleaning and maintenance easy. It features a nice and sturdy fabric, superb internal cushion, and perfect for most interior décor. This pet bed will definitely become your dog’s best place in the house.

It is made of high-quality cotton canvas and comes with a soft and cushion bed. With its cute and modern look, your dog will lounge in class and style.

8. Dog Teepee Bed by the DEWEL Store

Pet Teepee Dog Bed DEWEL Portable Washable Dog Tent

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Do you love your dog? You obviously do! Why not get her this warm and sweet dog tent bed. It is beautiful, comfortable, and serves as a playroom, toy house, and rest room.

The Dog Teepee Bed by the DEWEL Store comes in a unique Native American style that is sure to complement your home decor. Both you and your dog will absolutely love this bed. It comes in two sizes, small and large, except your dog is XXL in size; this bed will definitely be perfect for it. Measure your dog before buying just to be sure.

9. LuckerMore Pet Teepee

LuckerMore Pet Teepee Tent Dog Bed

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Dogs love to have their private space, and this dog tent bed is perfect! It is made from natural wood and high-quality cotton canvas that will give your pet that feeling of resting in nature. The bed is comfortable, breathable, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

The LuckerMore Pet Teepee will give your dog a warm sheltered refuge from the hustles of the outside world. It’s soft, and the unique Native American design will complement your interior décor. It is a stable structure held together by poles that cross each other; this bed cannot be easily destroyed.

10. Bonnlo Dog Teepee

Bonnlo Pet Teepee Dog Bed

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This high-quality dog bed is made to make your pet live better. The Bonnlo Dog Teepee is a masterpiece crafted from cotton canvas and pine wood, supported by a thick cushion. This combination makes for a perfect resting space for your pet.

It features a removable cover that is machine washable and dries quickly. Setup and dismantling take just 5 minutes, making it perfect for travel. Its polyester filling, removable soft cushions, and anti-slip bottom fabric make it ideal for pets with boundless energy. Plus, it comes in a design that will complement most space.

Our Final Thoughts

Dogs burrow into a contained space for many reasons. Whether it is due to anxiety, fear or nervousness, or the need for comfort and warmth, it is a trait that humans also exhibit. Everyone loves to feel loved and safe, even your dogs that can’t speak.

All the products in this list are solid choices. The dog bed you settle for will depend on your dog’s unique needs and your aesthetic needs. Whichever you settle for, be rest assured that it will last you for a long while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a regular dog bed and a pet tent bed?

The major difference between the two is the size and comfort provided by a regular bed and a pet tent bed. A regular dog bed comes in different sizes, and there is no issue of fitting the bed in a housing, except ensuring it is the right size for your dog. While a pet tent bed has to be of the perfect size to fit into a tent.

The level of comfort they provide is dependent on the quality of the material used to make it. In both, if you purchase a dog bed with high-quality materials, they will provide a cozy resting place for your dog.

Do I need a pet tent bed?

If you want your pet to relax in style, a pet tent bed is an excellent option. Sometimes your dog might exhibit behaviors that show it is not comfortable sleeping in the tent. This might be due to a poor-quality sleeping surface. Add a new layer of bed to the tent, or change the present bed and observe your pet’s reaction.

Can my large dog sleep in a pet tent bed?

If the tent bed is large enough, a large dog can sleep in it. It is of little consequence if the bed in the tent is not large enough to accommodate your dog. But the tent itself as housing must be large enough to accommodate your dog. If it can comfortably accommodate your dog, it won’t have issues sleeping in the dog bed.