Best Elevated Dog Beds


Best Elevated Dog Beds

You’ve likely already noticed that your dog likes to spend a lot of their time sleeping – sometimes as much as 14 hours in a day! It’s very important that your pooch has a bed that’s comfortable and supportive, so they can make the most out of naptime.

Elevated dog beds are a great option – not only are they comfortable for your dog, but they also have benefits for pet parents as well. We’ve rounded up some of the best elevated dog beds on the market, and we’ll also discuss why you should choose an elevated dog bed for your pup. 

Our Top Pick

While there are plenty of great elevated dog beds on the market, the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Dog Bed is our top pick. It is made of high quality ripstop ballistic nylon and aluminum, and provides comfy support for dogs of all sizes. 

What Is An Elevated Dog Bed?

An elevated dog bed is shaped like a cot. It typically has a metal or PVC frame and sits a few inches off the floor. They are also usually made with a thick, durable fabric stretched across the frame to provide plenty of support. 

What Are The Benefits Of An Elevated Dog Bed?

elevated beds for dogs

There are a surprising number of benefits to using an elevated dog bed, especially for dogs of certain breeds or of a certain age. Here’s why a raised dog bed can be so helpful for your pooch. 

Gets Your Dog Off The Floor

The first benefit of using an elevated dog bed is simple – it gets your dog off the floor. While there are many dogs that do enjoy sleeping on the floor, this can be bad for them in the long run.

Think of how you might feel if you spend a night sleeping on a hard wood floor. Even if you used a blanket and pillow, you would likely feel quite achy and sore when you woke up in the morning. You also might have trouble falling asleep in the first place. 

All of this can happen to your dog as well if they sleep on the floor all the time. The hard surface can create pressure points on your dog’s joints, which can contribute to mobility issues later on. Since elevated beds keep your dog a few inches off the ground, they reduce this excess pressure for a more comfortable sleep. 

Better Air Circulation

If you struggle to keep your dog cool while they sleep, then an elevated pet bed will be very helpful for them. The breathable mesh fabric on these beds has a cooling effect, increasing air flow to your dog’s body. This improved circulation is particularly helpful if you live in a warm climate or if your dog likes to take naps outside in the sun.

Additionally, these beds can also help them stay warm if you live in a cold place. By keeping your dog a few inches off the floor, they won’t be in contact with this potentially cold surface. 

Easy On The Knees

Knees are a very vulnerable joint, and raised dog beds can help to prevent excess pressure there. Standing up and laying down can be more difficult for dogs as they get older and they lose mobility in their legs and hips. Certain breeds are more prone to these joint problems than others. An elevated bed enables your dog to simply step up onto the bed, instead of having to lay all the way down. 

Easy To Clean

It’s very important to keep your dog’s bed clean to prevent bacteria from building up. Over time, dirt and loose fur can get stuck to the bed, leading to odors and irritation for your dog. Many dogs are also prone to the occasional accident, so it’s important to have a bed you can clean off easily when that happens. Luckily, the best elevated pet beds are very hygienic. In most cases, you’ll be able to simply wipe away any messes with water and a bit of soap if necessary. 


For pet parents on a budget, elevated dog beds can be a great way to spoil your pooch without overspending. Although raised dog beds are very durable and provide plenty of health benefits for your pet, they typically aren’t very expensive. 

How To Pick The Best Elevated Dog Bed

types of elevated dog beds

There are plenty of elevated dog beds on the market, so it can be very difficult to narrow down the best ones for you and your pup. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a raised dog bed. 


Size is a very important consideration when choosing any dog bed. If you have a small dog, you’ll want to make sure that the bed isn’t so large it will overwhelm them. You’ll also need to make sure the step up onto the bed won’t be too high for their small legs.

Alternatively, if you have a big dog you will need to make sure that the bed is large enough that they won’t fall off the side. You will also need to make sure that the bed is sturdy enough to handle the extra weight


The material of the bed is another key feature to look at. Many elevated beds will use a tough ballistic nylon to provide support and prevent your dog from chewing through it. However, there are some elevated beds that use softer fabrics for a more cuddly feeling.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the material used on the frame of the bed. Powder coated steel is a very durable metal material, but PVC frames can also work well if they are constructed properly. 


Many elevated beds do not have filling, instead using just one thick layer of bed material. However, there are some elevated beds do come with a pad to put on top of the bed, which has filling. In this case, you may want to look for an orthopedic filling, like shredded foam, although polyester and cotton filling can also be very effective. 


Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your dog’s bed is durable enough to last for years to come. Elevated dog beds tend to be extremely durable because they are made with solid frames and use thick fabrics that dogs can’t chew through. Since your dog will be sleeping in their bed frequently, durability is a very important consideration. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Since dogs can be messy, you’ll want to make sure that the bed is easy to clean. Waterproof beds are particularly great, because you can wipe away any messes and they won’t stain. If the bed comes with any soft pads, look for ones that are machine washable. Any machine washable features will make cleaning your pet’s bed a whole lot more convenient. 


Of course, you will also need to consider the price when shopping for an elevated bed for your dog. You’ll want to make sure you aren’t overspending, but you also won’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest option. Instead, you should look for a middle ground – an item that is affordable but doesn’t compromise on quality. 

Best Elevated Dog Beds

With so many great elevated dog beds to choose from, it can be hard to find the best ones. Here are our picks for the best elevated dog beds on the market. 

1. K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

This dog bed from K9 Ballistics is not only very supportive for your dog, but it’s also extremely durable. It uses ripstop ballistic nylon that is fully chew proof, scratch proof, and is also water and dirt resistant. The frame is made from a tough aluminum that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This bed comes in five different sizes for ultimate comfort. 

2. Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed

Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed

While this bed isn’t the most affordable model, it’s an excellent choice for someone who wants indestructible quality above all else. The frame is made entirely of aluminum, and the fabric is made with a tough vinyl. The fabric is extremely supportive, which makes it one of the best elevated beds for medium and large dogs. 

3. HDP Elevated Napper Cot

HDP Elevated Napper Cot

If your dog prefers a soft fabric on their elevated bed, this model will be a great choice for them. The padded cushion is made from a water resistant polyester material that’s comfortable and very durable. It is even UV resistant for dogs that like to nap outside. The frame is a sturdy powder coated steel that resists rust and folds up when you need it to. 

4. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

This elevated cooling bed from Coolaroo is an affordable option that won’t compromise on quality. It uses a breathable polyethylene fabric that comes in several different colors and helps to increase air flow. It’s also resistant to pests, mold, and mildew. The lightweight frame is made with a durable powder coated steel. 

5. K&H Products Original Pet Cot

K&H Products Original Pet Cot

This comfy dog cot is made using high quality 600 dernier fabric that is strong and supportive. The cover is fully removable and machine washable, so it is very easy to clean. The frame is very solid and can hold up to 200 pounds for larger dogs. Non skid feet ensure that your frame is not going anywhere. 

6. Vehoo Elevated Dog Bed

Vehoo Elevated Dog Bed

This versatile elevated dog bed is a great option that will keep your dog healthy and comfortable. The powder coated steel frame supports up to 150 pounds and does not require any tools to assemble. The fabric itself is a breathable mesh that encourages plenty of air flow and keeps your dog supported. It comes in eight different colors to suit your style. 

7. Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed

Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed

This bed is a great option for any dog that likes to snooze outside. It has a canopy to protect your dog from the sun’s harsh UV rays or any light precipitation. The mesh is extra breathable and sits on a powder coated steel frame for support. This elevated bed is best for small dogs, as it can only hold 25 pounds. 

8. GigaTent Elevated Dog Bed

GigaTent Elevated Dog Bed

This supportive elevated dog bed is a great portable option for many different types of dogs. It folds up, so you can take it with you on the go when you travel. There’s no assembly required and it uses a durable steel frame. The fabric itself is a durable polyester with just the right amount of give to support your dog. 

9. Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed

Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed

This is a very stable elevated dog bed made using a very breathable mesh. The secure frame is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and the legs will stay stable on any surface. The mesh is eco-friendly and recyclable. It’s also very breathable, letting in plenty of air to keep your dog cool. When you need to clean it, it’s very easy to hose down with soap and water. 

10. KOPEKS Elevated Dog Bed With Foam Mattress

KOPEKS Elevated Dog Bed With Foam Mattress

If your dog needs a little bit of extra support, this elevated dog bed with a foam mattress could be a great pick. The thick mattress is soft and comfortable, and reduces pressure on your dog’s body for a more comfortable sleep. The frame itself is made from a durable powder coated steel. The bed has a removable washable cover that is made of durable polyester and is water resistant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best elevated dog bed? 

While there are plenty of great dog beds on the market, the K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed is our favorite because of its ultra durable chew proof construction. 

Are elevated dog beds better? 

There are a number of benefits to using an elevated dog bed. For older dogs, they can reduce pain and pressure on their joints. They are also very durable and very easy to clean. 

How much do elevated dog beds cost? 

This varies depending on the brand and model you choose. However, most elevated beds cost less than $50. 

Are elevated dog beds good for older dogs? 

Elevated beds are great for older dogs because they reduce pressure on their sensitive joints. 

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