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After a fun-filled day of chasing squirrels, chewing toys, and chasing the mailman, your dog needs nothing other than a cozy place to curl up, nap, and recharge. As a pet owner, you’ll have noticed that your furry friend sleeps a lot. Most dogs sleep for an average of 12 to 14 hours daily, depending on age and breed. Giving your pooch spend long hours in dreamland, finding the best beds should be a priority.

Why let your dog sleep on the cold hard floor when it can snooze on a soft and cozy surface. Not only are the best faux fur dog beds warm and soft, but they are also comfortable. If your best friend has thin coats and short heads, she will appreciate a sleeping surface with cushier, fluffier materials.

A faux fur bed is recommended for older dogs who need a soft and fluffy sleeping surface to reduce pressure on their bodies. It is also perfect for a dog with no specific needs but needs to enjoy more comfort than what obtains in a regular sleeping surface. Plus, it is super-cozy!

Plus, this unit comes with orthopedic memory foam, and cooling gel options allowing you to choose the bed that best suits your dog’s needs. It comes with a removable faux fur cover that is machine washable.

Why Buy a Faux Fur Dog Bed?

faux fur beds for dog

Improves Dog Health

Dogs of any age suffering from hip dysplasia, joint problems, or recuperating from a broken bone or surgery needs extra care that an orthopedic dog bed can offer. Orthopedic support will relieve pressure points and prevent sores that will occur when your dog lies on a cold hard floor. Finally, dog beds with bolsters on the edges provide a sense of security for nervousness-prone dogs. A comfortable foam will become your dog’s favorite spot when left alone.

Improves Human Health

According to a Mayo Clinic study, people who sleep on the same bed as their dog have worse night rest than others who didn’t. On the other hand, pet owners whose dogs slept on a dog bed in the same room as their owners enjoyed a better night’s sleep.

Their dog’s presence in the room offered some form of security, but its movement interrupted their sleep. Multiple pets in the room, going in and out can worsen the owner’s sleep, says the study.

Keep Your Dog Furs Contained

A Faux Fur Dog Bed with side bolsters will minimize the spread of dander and fur around the house. Naturally, your pet will leave danders and hairs in your home. With a dog bed, the bulk of it will be collected in one place.

This makes cleanup very easy. Many pet parents buy backup covers for rotation when one is in the wash. Aside from that, giving your pet its own sleeping space allows it to enjoy the comfort, safety, and warmth of a home.

Suits Your Dog Sleeping Style

As humans, we consider our bed a necessity and not a luxury item—the same holds for pets. Certainly, your dog won’t complain about sleeping on a hard floor or on your own sofa. Apart from the attendant dirt issues that are no fun, your dog will thank you for providing his own faux fur bed. He will feel loved, secured, and comfortable. Plus, he gets to sleep in its preferred sleeping style.

What to Look for in a Faux Fur Dog Bed

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Easy-To-Clean Feature

Even if your pet is accident-free, you still need to regularly clean your dog’s bed. You should consider how easy it is to take apart and reassemble. Also, consider if the whole unit or cover is machine washable. This feature will save you from washing stress.

Waterproof Fabric

Do you own a puppy or senior dog prone to accidents? If yes, consider going for a waterproof bed. If you own a shedder, go for a bed that hair does not stick too easily on or one that will not show your doggie hair easily.


The products on our review list come in different sizes. Measure your pooch and ascertain what size best suits it. If you do not get the right size, you may end up with a bed that is either too big or too small for your dog to enjoy the full luxury benefit of its Faux Fur Dog Bed.

The Firmness of the Bed

Consider the internal filling of the bed padding and how thick it is. For instance, for pets suffering from aches and joint pains, purchase a bed with at least 2 inches of foam. 

Bed Shape

Your preferred dog bed must come in a shape that suits your dog’s style of sleeping. If you own a pup who loves to lounge by spreading out, a cozy, heat-retaining circular foam will be an excellent fit.

Best Faux Fur Dog Beds

Furhaven Pet Round Oval Calming Orthopedic Lounger

Your best friend deserves a foam that provides the ultimate comfort when he is in dreamland. The Furhaven Pet Calming Orthopedic Lounger is crafted to do just that. Made with thick and insulating faux sheepskin fabric, your pet will love the absolute feel of softness and bliss.

Serving as a cushion is a fiber-filled pillow insert working round the clock to serve your dog’s comfort. It is removable and reversible while also machine washable, making cleanups very easy.

The round shape provides excellent relief to ailing muscles. This bed even comes with a lowered front entrance to help old or sick dogs get in and out quickly. With multiple styles and features available, you will be spoilt for choice to get the right one that suits your dog. Note sure if it is worth the hype? Read the customer reviews!

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a donut-shaped luxury by MIXJOY. Are you a pet owner of a small-sized dog suffering from joint or muscle pains? This bed will make it’s life easier. It is specially designed to support the neck and head while easing whatever pain is inflicting your dog.

This luxurious bed is warm and soft. Being portable and lightweight, transporting it is easy. This bed is safe to wash in a machine washer and dryer. The base comprises a non-slip and dirt-resistant bottom, that allows for secure entry and exits for pets of all ages. And comes in four beautiful colors that will complement your interior décor.

FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

This product lives up to its name, “Fuzzbal,” it is premium comfort with a snuggly feel. The bed is absolutely fantastic for small and medium dogs who enjoy curling up. It is warm, cozy, and super-comfortable, thanks to the faux fur that will lull your dog to sleep.

The FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed comes with an anti-slip bottom to keep the unit stable. Worried that your dog’s romp in the muddy park will render this bed unusable? Don’t be! This dog bed does not need taking apart to wash. Just toss the whole unit into your washing machine and make it sparkling clean. Even a dishwashing soap will do!

To assure you of its super quality, it comes with a manufacturer’s 100% money-back guarantee. You’ve nothing to lose if you feel dissatisfied.

FOCUSPET Faux Fur Cuddler Donut Dog Bed


Your dog can nap anywhere, but the cold hard floor will diminish sleep quality and worsen any lingering muscle or joint pain. What you get is a dog with sub-optimal health and behavior. With soft and cozy cushion walls bordering a donut-shaped bed, your dog will feel relaxed and comfortable as it drifts to dreamland.

The interior and exterior part of this bed is made from an ultra-soft faux shag fur material. It is smooth to feel and offers premium comfort. Featuring a raised rim around the bed, it provides support to the neck, head, and joints. Its non-slip bottom and waterproof material ensure long-lasting use for your dog. It comes in three variants with a carrying capacity of up to 100lbs.

BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Dog Bed

This luxurious bed was designed for small pups. If you own a small pet, this is an excellent bed that will allow your dog to lounge in comfort and luxury. It comes in a popular donut shape, making it ideal for pets who love curling in their bed.

This sleeping surface comes filled with high-loft recycled polyester fiber that is self-warming. It will keep your pups warm in winter. It features a non-skid bottom, waterproof lining that is easy to clean. The cover is removable and machine washable.

ALLNEO Original Dog Bed Luxury Shag Faux Fur

Whether your dog is taking a nap in the afternoon or curling up for a night rest, the ALLNEO Original Dog Bed will make the experience enjoyable. The bed comes in a round design that creates a safe and comfortable sleeping surface. It is perfect if you have an anxiety-prone dog or own a curler. Your dog will enjoy a calming and blissful night’s rest.

This bed features a bolstered edge that supports the neck and head. While the sleeping surface provides orthopedic soothing for ailing dogs. The faux fur material ensures your dog will lounge in comfort and style. This combination of functional features and at a reasonable price earned this bed a spot on this list. You can’t go wrong with this dog bed!

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

If your pet loves to snuggle in a cozy place, this is one of the best pet beds that can upgrade its sleeping experience. This luxurious round puff is raised on all sides to provide a sense of protection for your pet. With a raised rim and soft filling, it also serves as a support for your dog’s neck and head while it snoozes.

This calming donut dog bed is made with faux shag fur for ultimate comfort. It is designed in a way that allows your pet to burrow in and snuggle for a nap. Best Friends by Sheri is beautiful, durable, and machine washable.

Friends Forever Faux Fur Donut Dog Beds

Give your furry friend a luxurious sleep with the Friends Forever Donut Bed. This Self-Warming Indoor Round Cuddler is the right choice if your Fido loves to curl up or sprawl during naps. Made from luxurious faux material, this bed is nothing short of warmth and comfort.

Built from non-toxic materials, It is machine washable and dryable. It is orthopedic, therefore suitable for oldies suffering from a skeletal and muscular ailment. It is available in three sizes and comes in four shades of grey, ivory, pink, rainbow, and tan.

XIAJIE Pet Bed Fluffy Luxe Soft Plush Round

Ensure your pet gets the rest it deserves with the XIAJIE Pet Bed. Designed for ultimate warmth and comfort, the sleeping surface comes in a round design that allows your pet to burrow and curl up for a calming sleep.

This bed utilizes a unique blend of nylon and faux for durability and comfort, respectively. It also features a water-resistant and non-skid bottom that eliminates the possibility of sliding accidents as your Fido enters or exits its bed hurriedly. This unit is machine washable and available in five sizes and twenty-three different colors.


The tenth faux fur bed on our list is the round, cute, and functional SHU UFANRO Dog Beds. Whether you intend to get a bed for a healthy dog or one suffering from arthritis, he will thoroughly enjoy the comfort and safety this bed has to offer.

This unit comes with bolstered sides that will give your pet a feeling of safety, especially if it is anxiety-prone. It will also provide neck, head, and joint supports, resulting in better naps and sleeps. Like the other faux products on this list, it is waterproof and comes fitted with a non-skid bottom. This unit is lightweight and portable and can be machine washed using the gentle cycle. It has a carrying capacity of 45 lbs.

Our Final Thoughts

Dogs are lovely creatures, and they change our lives in many positive ways. They are fiercely loyal and offer a reliable company. There is not so much you can do to repay the love, loyalty, snuggles, and kisses. However, you can pay a part by giving your pet a cozy, beautiful faux material bed that will help it sleep comfortably every day of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good Faux Fur Dog Bed?

The ideal Faux Fur Bed is a rich blend of soft yet firm. Your dog’s characteristics will determine what best suits it. For instance, for oldies with aging muscles, a memory foam dog bed is ideal. A firm foam may be better suited for adult pets.

Do dogs need blankets?

A dog blanket will keep your pet comfortable and warm, even if it doesn’t seem like they need it. Cold environmental conditions can zap your dogs of body heat, such as when it ventures out during a cold rain or snow. A blanket provides the platform for your pooch to snuggle and get warm under the sheaths when it gets home.

Do dogs prefer a hard or soft sleeping surface?

Dogs need a firm surface to relax. Too-soft, and it will not provide the support required for healthy joints and comfortable rest. Older dogs might find it difficult getting out of it. Go for beds with a fine balance of soft and firm. Identify your dog’s unique needs, and buy a product that meets those needs.