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Our Top Picks Summary

Best Warming Dog Beds

Does your dog seem to love laying over heating vents, or swaddling up in blankets? Do they love lounging in the sun during summer and seem to hate going out to do their business in winter?

Your pup could benefit from a heated dog bed! We like to stay nice and warm, why shouldn’t our four-legged friends? Pros: heat, warmth, happy snoozing, safe, ensures your pup isn’t cold, provides safety and so much more! That’s a lot of pros we know, but we can’t think of many cons, so you get all the pros.

Our Top Pick

Our favorite heated dog bed on the market is the K&H Pet Products Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed. This electric heated bed provides tons of warmth and does it very safely. It’s perfect for snugglers and burrowers and the bolstered edges offer head and neck support that we love.

K&H Pet Products kept safety in mind, as it is thermostatically controlled to respond to temperature changes to avoid overheating. The pillow and cover are removable for washing, and the heater is even removable if your pet no longer needs extra warmth. The low voltage makes this bed safe and cozy for all pets and is made of thick, plush, orthopedic materials.

What Are Heated Dog Beds?

So what exactly is a heated dog bed? A heated dog bed is simply a bed designed to boost warmth for your pet and radiate heat back to them.

Are they safe? Do they need to be plugged in? How do they work? We’ve got the answers! First off, there are two types of heated dog beds; self-warming and electric powered. Just like they sound, self-warming beds use your dog’s body heat and a unique bed design to radiate their heat back to them, no outlets required. Electric powered beds must be plugged in to work and create their own warmth.

Advantages Of Heated Dog Beds

warming dog beds

So why should you get a heated dog bed? What dogs benefit from them? Does yours need it? Let’s break down some advantages of a heated dog bed.

Good for Seniors

Just like humans, dogs get colder easier as they age. They can’t regulate their body temperature as easily as younger dogs, so it’s important to keep them cozy and warm, especially during the winter months. Older dogs also sleep more, so finding a bed that is comfortable and warm for them is very important. Heated beds can do just this and provide plenty of heat for them to enjoy napping in!

Keeps Short Haired Dogs Warm

Some dogs are built for the cold. Huskies tend to enjoy being out in the cold and refuse to come in, but a Chihuahua probably doesn’t feel the same way. If you notice your pup shaking from the cold, it could be a sign to get a heated dog bed.

Many breeds are more sensitive to the cold, regardless of their size, and can require some extra measures to stay warm. Dogs such as Great Danes, Beagles, Greyhounds, Shih Tzus, and more are susceptible to the cold and often wear coats to go outside, so why not help them stay extra warm inside too?

Provides Relief for Pain

We’ve all had that moment of cramps or muscle aches where you just crave a good heating pad to ease the pain. The same goes for our pups! The American Kennel club even suggests trying a heated bed as a source of pain relief for elderly pooches or pups with joint issues. Warmth helps jumpstart circulation as well, making it a great choice for pups with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

How to Pick the Best Heated Dog Bed

heated dog beds


As with any dog bed, you’ll want a heated bed to be the right size for your pup. Most beds’ product descriptions include the exact dimensions, so be sure to read those carefully. Study how your pup sleeps too. If they enjoy chilling in their sleeping spot stretched out, you’ll want a bed where they can do so comfortably, so look for long, sofa style beds.

If they seem to enjoy taking a snooze curled up, a donut style bed may be more their taste. They should still comfortably fit in it, but you don’t want it too large that it loses the warmth it radiates. Your pup should touch the edges comfortably, but not have trouble fitting.

Heating Elements and Safety

This one is pretty important, safety first after all! If you have a chewer, beware of the heating element you use. A heating element like an electric heated bed may not be the best choice for them. These beds have wires and electric parts inside and your pet chewing on that is unsafe.

They usually have safety features that make chewing the wires difficult, but a determined chewer could break through them if unsupervised. A bed that uses your own pet’s body temperature to heat them could be a better pick for chewers.

Another thing to check for is an auto-shutoff feature. Some extra warmth is great for your pet for a short time, but using it for prolonged periods of time can lead to overheating. If you notice your pet panting, this is a common sign of a dog’s body temperature rising and overheating and the bed should be taken away.

Older pets may have a hard time getting up when they’re hot, which can be dangerous for them. It’s best to use them at a low temperature to ensure this doesn’t happen and as a rule of thumb, always monitor your pet when in use of a heated bed.

Quality of Materials

Quality materials are important with any dog bed, but especially heated ones. Look for durable materials that will stand the test of time and all provide extra warmth. Some materials to look for include: faux wool, cotton, polyester, canvas, faux fur, sherpa, etc.

The materials should be durable and promote warmth. The heating element should be protected if electric and have the wires covered. If you’re using this bed for outdoor use, consider the quality even more important. Check out our favorite outdoor dog beds here.


If you spend time and money researching a bed, you want it to last. Your pet bed should be made of durable materials and if it’s electric, sturdy wires, and possibly a warranty to cover any issues. Your pet will use their bed a lot, so you want to ensure that it will last. If you’re looking for a heated bed for outdoor use, be careful to find something that will hold up in weather and will be safe.


Dogs can be messy critters and having a bed that is easy to clean is very important. Self heating beds are usually pretty standard and can be machine washable or hand washed. They usually feature removable covers or can simply be washed whole.

Electric beds are a bit different. You obviously can’t dunk wires in water, so you’ll want to look for one with a removable cover that can easily be cleaned. We’ve got a list of our favorite washable dog beds for you to check out right here.

Design – Support/Comfort

Your bed should work for your pet. If your pet needs extra support, look for orthopedic memory foam beds that offer relief for joints and pressure points. Keep an eye out for comfortable materials, such as plush, faux fur that pets will love snuggling into. It should be comfortable after all and support your pet’s needs.


Price is always a factor and heated  pet beds can run a bit higher, since they have more to offer. Look for one that fits your budget while still meeting your pet’s needs. As long as it’s safe and warm, you don’t need to splurge. Beware of overly inexpensive products though, they could be dangerous.

Best Heated Dog Beds

Aspen Pet – Self Warming Pet Bed

This self-warming bed uses your dog’s body heat to radiate warmth, so it’s entirely safe! Available in five sizes and two colors, you can find your pup’s perfect fit with the Aspen self warming pet bed.

The Mylar interior layer reflects your pooch’s body heat to provide comfort and warmth and the non-slip bottom is perfect for tile and hardwood floors. This bed is a great option for pet parents looking for a warm bed for their pup! This is one of the top reviewed dog beds on Amazon for a reason.

K&H Pet Products –  Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products make some of the best heated dog beds on the market. This thermo snuggly sleeper heated pet bed is so popular for a reason, it works! This is an electric bed, thermostatically controlled with customized heat settings to automatically respond to temperature changes.

The heater is removable, as well as the pillow and cover to allow for easy washing. The low voltage, 6 watts, ensures it is safe and it has a one year warranty! This bed is thick and reviewers say the memory foam walls feel helps their dogs get much needed support.

Best Friends by Sheri – OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri is another familiar name in the pet bed industry and they too make some of the best heated dog beds on the marketing. The Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler can be bought in two different sizes and is available in too many adorable colors to count.

This bed uses your pet’s body heat to radiate warmth back to them, and the high walls help them feel extra safe. It’s quick and easy to clean and is water-resistant, making spills and accidents easy to conquer. Stuffed with plush fibers, this bed is sure to please any pooch looking for a warm bed to rest upon.

FurHaven – Plush Orthopedic Self Warming Sofa

FurHaven makes amazing dog beds, and this self warming sofa is no exception. This chaise design offers support for the head and neck and is great for burrowers, cuddlers and sprawlers. It is lined with plush faux fur and the bolsters are micro-suede, which is easy to clean. In fact, the removable cover is machine washable!

The egg crate memory foam helps cushion dog pressure points too. It’s available in six sizes and too many colors to count. Your pup’s body heat reflects from the bed and keeps your dog warm and toasty, making it super safe! If you or your dog are not happy, there’s a 90 day warranty as well after use. This also works as a crate pad!

Amazon Basics – Warming Pet Bed

Amazon came out with their own line of pet beds, and this self warming one is one of the best heated beds on the market! Available in five sizes and two shapes, one is bound to be perfect for your pooch to cuddle up in.

It is made of plush, high quality faux sherpa fleece cover and supple corduroy that radiates warmth for your dog to curl up and bask in. This bed does recommend spot cleaning only, though reviewers mention they have machine washed it with no problems.

FurHaven – Plush Ergonomic Orthopedic Foam Self Warming Dog Bed

If your pet seems to love burrowing in blankets, this could be the bed for you! This cave-style self warming bed is perfect for burrowers and uses your dog’s body heat to keep them extra warm.

It offers orthopedic support topped with faux lamb wool to keep your dog supported and warm while they sleep. This FurHaven bed comes in many sizes and colors and is versatile in itself, use it as a cave or a blanket, that’s up to your pup!

The zippered cover is easy to remove and machine washable. It’s one of the best heated dog beds on the market! Stick it in as a crate pad and watch your pup snooze away.

Utotol – Warming Dog Bed

Utotol’s take on the self warming dog bed is a unique one. Specifically designed for large dogs, these beds are huge and very plush. They offer orthopedic support and raised edges for head and neck support.

Made from high quality materials, reviewers love this bed for its longevity, but don’t recommend it for chewers. Available in four sizes, starting with large, and six colors, you can find one to match your pet’s personality and sleeping needs!

The entire bed can be thrown in the washer for easy cleaning as well. Since it’s self warming, this bed is entirely safe for your dog to nap on and will keep your dog warm, whether it’s in your living room or in their dog house.

RIOGOO – Pet Heating Pad

The RIOGOO is an electric heating pad for pups to enjoy and has rave reviews. It comes in three sizes and is specially marketed toward senior dogs or dogs with joint issues. This bed features an auto shut off function, which is very important when it comes to electrically heated beds.

It is thermostatically controlled with different heat settings and you can set the time yourself, that way if you forget to turn it off when you leave, it takes care of itself and your home is safe. The polyester cover is machine washable and a one year warranty protects your purchase! This bed is not as plush as others, but will surely provide warmth.

Friends Forever – Faux Fur Donut Bed

Friends Forever offers their own self warming donut bed for dogs who love to curl up for warmth. Pet parents love this bed for its affordable price point and the luxuriously soft faux fur exterior pets can’t resist snuggling into.

The raised edges provide security and extra warmth and the entire bed is machine washable, making it easy to clean! Similar to the Best Friends by Sheri, this bed is sure to be a hit for any dog upon first use. This is one of our favorite items on this list!

FocusPet – Electric Dog Heating Pad

Another electric bed, FocusPet created theirs with older pets in mind. This bed has six temperature settings which helps you find the best one for your pet. You can even set a timer to run only at times when your pet is using the bed to ensure safety of your home and pet!

The soft fleece cover is removable and machine washable and the wires are covered by seven layers of protection from any doggy teeth or curiosity. The wool lining helps this bed be more flame retardant than others as well. This is marketed as a pad, so keep in mind it may not be as plush as a full dog bed, but will surely keep your dog warm.

Our Final Thoughts

So your pet needs some extra warmth, whether it be because of their breed, age, health issues, or just a general love for all things warm and you want your blankets back. This list is a great place to start on finding the best heated dog bed for you and your pooch.

Keep in mind, we may receive affiliate commission for our recommendations, but we stand behind these products fully and so do the companies who make them! That’s why so many offer warranties and have rave reviews. If your pet is dealing more with struggling to stay cool, check out our recommendations for the best cooling pet beds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heated beds safe for dogs?

Something to check for is an auto-shutoff feature. Some extra warmth is great for your pet for a short time, but using it for prolonged periods of time can lead to overheating. If you notice your pet panting, this is a common sign of a dog’s body temperature rising and overheating and the bed should be taken away.

Do heated dog beds work?

The American Kennel club even suggests trying a heated bed as a source of pain relief for elderly pooches or pups with joint issues. Warmth helps jumpstart circulation as well, making it a great choice for pups with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

How can I make my dog’s bed warmer?

While you can buy heated bed inserts, we recommend buying one specially created for warmth from our list of the top 10 best warming dog beds above.