Best LL Bean Dog Beds


best LL Bean dog beds

Investing in a high-quality dog bed is one of the best ways to improve your pup’s quality of life. A comfortable and durable bed can provide your dog with a cozy place to rest for many years.

LL Bean dog beds have a reputation for being some of the highest quality dog beds available. They may come at a higher cost, but many pet owners find the quality worth the price. Here is our review of the best LL Bean Dog Beds for your furry friend.

Shopping For LL Bean Dog Beds

LL Bean dog beds

Before investing in a dog bed, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure that you select the best option for your pup.


Bigger isn’t always best. Measuring your dog from nose to tail will help you determine the right size dog bed for optimal comfort and security. Simply add 8″ to 12″ to his measurement and round-up to find the best bed length for him.


LL Bean dog beds use durable materials that can withstand years of chewing and digging. Lower quality materials and thinner fabrics may not be suitable for more destructive dogs. Common materials used for dog bed lining includes fleece, faux fur, suede, microfiber, and polyester.


Dog beds also use different materials for filling to achieve different levels of firmness. Polyfill is softer and allows younger dogs to burrow slightly into their beds. Older dogs with arthritis may need firmer filling like foam for additional support.


Anything that your dog spends nearly half the day on can quickly accumulate layers of dirt and hair. Some plush materials are cozy but not suitable for dog beds because they do not wash easily. Some dog beds include removable covers to improve the ease of care further.

dog beds at LL Bean


If your dog has a reputation for rapidly destroying any toys he can get his paws on, he’ll likely try to use his bed as a chew toy as well. Elevated beds made of canvas on steel frames are the best options for standing up to destructive playing, while fabric beds may not last long.

Price Point

The higher quality of LL Bean dog beds does come at a higher price tag. But the impressive durability and comfort of these beds means that they last for years of consistent use. You can also find dog beds that offer excellent value for a relatively affordable price.

Age Considerations

Your dog’s age may be the most crucial factor determining what type of bed your dog needs. High energy puppies may need more indestructible beds, while older dogs who suffer from aches and pains may appreciate a plush lining. Orthopedic foam filling can also help senior dogs feel comfortable.

Best LL Bean Dog Beds

Here are our top picks for the best dog beds on the website You can find more product details at the links below.

1. Premium Dog Couch

Premium Dog Couch

We recommend this product for pet parents who want to reclaim their couch from sleepy pups. This dog bed gives your furry friend a sofa of his own to snuggle into with a zipped cover for easy washing. An innovative foam insert offers a supportive nesting area with soft cushioning.

2. Therapeutic Dog Couch

Therapeutic Dog Couch

This dog bed has an exclusive filling for seniors. The memory foam base relieves pressure points to help manage discomfort in arthritic joints. Comfy bolsters feature polyester filling to offer a comfortable headrest to allow a straight spine and help back pain.

3. Premium Round Denim Dog Bed

Premium Round Denim Dog Bed

This iconic premium LL Bean denim dog bed set is suitable for a wide variety of dogs. The cotton twill denim combines durability with comfort and many owners review this bed with five stars. These denim dog beds have a round shape perfect for pups who love to sleep curled up.

4. Premium Rectangular Denim Dog Bed Set

Premium Rectangular Denim Dog Bed Set

This denim dog bed’s rectangular shape is better for larger dogs who like to stretch out completely when they sleep. A zipper garage on the removable denim cover hides the zipper pull to discourage chewing. You can also personalize this LL Bean dog bed with your pup’s name.

5. Rectangular Therapeutic Dog Bed

Rectangular Therapeutic Dog Bed

If you have a senior dog who needs extra support, the open-cell memory foam can relieve pressure on aging joints. The iconic denim cover is removable and includes antimicrobial treatment to help minimize odors. Some people use the extra-large bed for two dogs.

6. Premium Fleece Dog Bed

Premium Fleece Dog Bed

This dog bed features an ultrasoft fleece cover that is warm and cozy. The fleece top is made of acrylic sherpa to provide a soft surface that is also machine washable, but the rectangular shape does not include any bolsters for burrowing.

7. Premium Oval Bolster Dog Bed

Premium Oval Bolster Dog Bed

The fleece-lined bolsters on this dog bed are perfect for anxious dogs who enjoy snuggling into their bed for extra warmth. You can also reverse the bottom insert if your dog overheats and prefers a cooler twill sleeping surface. A water-resistant liner provides additional protection from accidents.

8. Premium Fleece Therapeutic Dog Bed

Premium Fleece Therapeutic Dog Bed

Aging dogs who appreciate a softer material will love the therapeutic support and general coziness of this fleece bed. Instead of fiberfill, this bed uses open-cell memory foam for extra joint support. The zip-off cover also allows for easy cleaning for leaks and accidents.

9. Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket

Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket

If you need a durable sleep surface to line a crate or if your pet prefers the firmness of a floor, this rugged dog blanket offers an ideal option. Depending on your pup’s preferences, he can sleep on the soft fleece side or the cooler cotton twill. This blanket is also easy to transport.

10. No Fly Zone Quilted Dog Blanket

No Fly Zone Quilted Dog Blanket

This dog blanket features safe insect repellent technology to provide a comfortable sleeping area for dogs outside in buggy environments. The fleece side of the fabric has a permethrin treatment, a naturally occurring fly repellent. It also helps repel ticks and fleas.

Final Thoughts

LL Bean dog beds are renowned for their quality and comfort. You can select from different product options to suit your individual dog. All of these dog beds provide a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your four-legged family member. If you want to invest in the best bed for your pup to enjoy, consider a bed from LL Bean.

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