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Everyone loves customized products. So as pet parents, why don’t we customize our pet accessories as well? If you’ve got a special fur baby at home, then the chances are that you wish to get a dog bed that is just as special as your canine friend. If this is the case, you might want to get some custom dog beds that suit not only your dog’s size and personality but also your own sense of style!

So, what are some of the best personalized dog beds you can choose for your four-legged friend? Here’s all the information you need to make the best decision. From our experience, Amazon has some of the best sellers and options for customizable dog beds.

Our Top Pick 

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The best personalized dog bed that you can choose from at this moment is the Spring Blossoms Personalized Dog Bed. This dog bed has made it to the top of our list not only because of its affordable price but also because of the various customizable options that it provides to pet parents. Several in-built features to this dog bed make it highly supportive and comfortable. To top it all off, if you are a pet parent that loves traveling with your pooch, then you will be pleased to find out that this dog bed is lightweight and portable as well.

Why Buy a Personalized Dog Bed?

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If you are someone with a keen eye for detail, you will not be content with a generic menu of pet items. If this is the case, then you might wish to order a personalized dog bed that suits not only your own personality but the aesthetics of your home décor as well. 


If your pup really is as special as you say, then why would you want to buy a generic dog bed for him? Choose one that perfectly fits his size and sleeping style so that he can get the perfect place to get some shut-eye around the house. You might also want to get a personalized dog bed if you have a senior dog at home, which requires extra comfort and support for his hips and joints. 

Spoil Your Pup 

Pets make our lives absolutely wonderful. They hold such a special place in our hearts, which is why pet parents never hesitate to splurge on their pups. Getting a personalized pet bed is the best way in which you can pamper your pup. 


The most important reason you should opt for a personalized dog bed is to provide premium comfort and support to your pooch. As a pet parent, only you know the needs and requirements of your pup at home. As such, you will know best how to customize your dog bed and what design and style to get to provide excellent comfort and support to your canine pal. 

What to Look for in a Personalized Dog Bed

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Most sellers offer custom dog beds that come in several different sizes. If you have a small toy breed at home, then there is no need for you to get a gigantic dog bed. A small or medium design would do the trick. Large breeds, on the other hand, would require large sizes to get the best sleeping experience. 


As a pet parent, it is your business to clean up after your pup. While this is not a lot of fun, you can make your job easier by choosing a washable and cleanable product. Check the materials menu to see whether the dog bed comes with some removable and washable covers or not. With any luck, you might even find some custom dog beds that are completely machine washable too. 


Pet parents searching for a personalized dog bed would do well to see what kind of materials are being offered by different brands. Some of the best dog beds are made with soft and breathable materials such as cotton, fabric, polyester, and linen, while the covers are made from microfiber or microsuede. 

Filling Type 

The design of your personalized dog bed is most likely going to be influenced by the type of filling that has been used. Plush and polyester filling is usually used for smaller dog beds, while orthopedic memory foam beds are used for larger dog beds or beds designed for older dogs. 


When you invest in a pet bed, it would be best for you to purchase one that offers maximum durability. Granted, the price of durable pet beds is higher than usual, but this way, you are at least guaranteed a premium quality pet bed that lasts your pup’s entire life. 


High-quality dog beds are essential to look out for, especially if you are getting a personalized one for your pooch. Choose a dog bed that has been crafted with a modern design and shape so that your dog can get a good night’s sleep every time he hits the sack. 

Best Personalized Dog Beds

What are some of the best personalized dog beds you will find in the market today? Take a look at our recommendations! 

Spring Blossoms Fluffy Calming Dog Bed

 This is one of the most adorable dog beds you will ever find! Available for an extremely reasonable price, this dog bed by Spring Blossoms has made it to the top of our list because of its varied customizable options. Not only can you personalize the colors that you want from multiple color options, but the size as well.

This dog bed comes in a donut shape that is ideal for snugglers and cuddlers. Made from premium quality cotton, long plush, and coral fleece, this dog bed screams comfort from all angles. The shag fur will remind your pup of his mom’s fur, while the bolsters along the side will provide your dog with extra head and neck support if he needs it.

The bottom of this dog bed is waterproof, anti-skid as well as dirt-resistant. Lightweight and portable, this dog bed is perfect for the car as well! 

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is an orthopedic dog bed with a memory foam base that provides excellent support to your dog’s hips and joints. It comes in several customizable options, including multiple colors and sizes. For an orthopedic dog bed, the price is not too high, especially when you consider the fact that it also comes with removable and machine washable covers. 

This dog bed is also equipped with a waterproof cover that is perfect if your dog is suffering from problems related to incontinence. The bolsters along the side provide an enclosed and protected space for your dog to sleep the night away in luxury.   

Neekor Soft Plush Donut Pet Dog Beds

Available in five different colors (including a cute rainbow option), this dog bed by Neekor is perfect if you wish for a custom dog bed that fits in with your home décor. You can even choose which size you want your dog bed to be. 

Of course, the price depends on the size you pick, but even so, this dog bed is one of the cheapest options you will ever find. Made with plush, this dog bed is super warm and comfortable. The non-slip bottom prevents accidents. The materials used for this dog bed are mold-proof and environmentally friendly as well. 

MIXJOY Comfortable Orthopedic Dog Bed

It can be quite difficult to find orthopedic dog beds in customizable options. This dog bed by MIXJOY offers an excellent solution for those pet parents who are style-conscious but also care about their pet’s comfort.

Available in a cute donut shape that provides extra security for your pup when he sleeps, you can customize this orthopedic dog bed according to the size and color that you want. Lightweight and portable, this dog bed is perfect for those pet parents with a touch of wanderlust. It is completely machine washable, making it ideal for daily use. 

Getifun Velvet Couch Pet Sofa Dog Bed

Style-conscious pet parents, this is the dog bed for you! This dog bed by Getifun is one of the most aesthetic dog sofas to grace your home. The solid plywood and wooden frame looks amazing and highly durable at the same time.

The high-density soft sponge offers excellent comfort to your pet when he sleeps, while the velvet covering provides a dash of charm and appeal to your home. The sleeping surface is removable and machine washable. The best part of all is the fact that you can customize between two refreshing looks. 

PETCIOSCO Super Soft Dog Crate Bed

Pet parents who wish to keep it plain and simple can opt for this little number by PETCIOSCO. Available in different colors and multiple sizes, this dog bed is a simple pillow top bed that can fit into your dog crate at home. This is a self-warming dog bed that is perfect for cold locations and winter months. The faux shag fur is reminiscent of your pup’s mom’s fur, which allows your pup to snooze away happily. The non-skid bottom prevents any accidents as well. 

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Dog Bed

This is one of the best customizable dog beds you will find for a reasonable price. Blueberry offers a great option for pet parents to personalize not only the colors and sizes of their dog beds but also the style, design, and pattern as well. Made with a heavy-duty fabric that is scratch-resistant, this dog bed by Blueberry provides the best combination of comfort and durability. It comes with a removable and machine washable cover, as well as bolsters along the sides that offer a sense of protection and security to your pup when he is sleeping or resting. 

BinetGo Dog Bed Cushion Bed Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

If you are looking for a cute little number to grace your home, then this dog bed by BinetGo is your best choice. This is a cushion-type dog bed that comes in a donut shape, ideal for cuddlers and snugglers.

If you have hardwood floors at home, then this dog bed would be able to provide you with an accident-free experience because of its non-slip bottom. Pet parents who love traveling the world would be able to use this lightweight and portable dog bed in the car as well. This dog bed by BinetGo offers several customizable options in terms of color options as well. 

Hollypet Pet Bed Rectangle Nest Puppy Sleeping Bag Cushion

Hollypet is a brand that is known for producing some of the most adorable and eclectic-shaped dog beds out there. However, this particular dog bed is fairly simple in its shape and design, even though it offers several customizable options in terms of color. This is a rectangular dog bed by Hollypet that is perfect for cuddlers. The printed canvas fabric makes this a beautiful addition to your home décor as well. 

Furhaven Pet Round Oval Calming Orthopedic Lounger Dog Bed

This dog bed comes in a whole host of customizable options. Not only can you choose which color you want from multiple choices, but you can also select the size and style of the bed you prefer.

The best part about this dog bed is that it is an orthopedic lounger that is both calming and self-warming and the same time. The bed cover is completely removable and washable, while the bed zippers allow you to refill the insides as and when you want.

Our Final Thoughts

Well, there you go! The best personalized dog beds that you can purchase online! Depending on what country you reside in and what currency you use for payment, you might be able to enjoy free shipping on your orders, so keep an eye out!

Did you like this selection of pet beds more than the one you had in mind? Let us know!