Best Petco Dog Beds


Best Petco dog beds

The average dog sleeps 12-14 hours daily, and every pup deserves a comfortable bed where they can nap the day away. Selecting a quality bed that suits your dog’s unique needs can have a significant impact on their health and happiness.

Petco animal supplies has an excellent reputation with pet owners. This company offers one of the widest selections of pet beds available. So we reviewed the best Petco dog beds to help you find the best one for your pup.

How To Shop For Dog Beds At Petco

Petco dog beds

Choosing a dog bed can be overwhelming. Here are some essential factors to consider that can help you determine the best dog bed for your furry friend.


The best size dog bed for your pup will allow them to stretch out comfortably, but beds that are too large may not provide the same sense of security. You can find the best dog bed diameter for your pup by adding 8″ to 12″ to his nose to tail measurement.


Different beds will use different materials depending on their quality, durability, and style. All outer cover materials should be durable enough to withstand chewing and scratching. Softer materials like fleece are cozy, but polyester blends may offer better washability.


Just like humans, different dogs may prefer different levels of support from their bedding’s filling. Your dog bed’s bedding will determine how much support it provides. 

Some dogs prefer softer beds with fiber filling that allows some burrowing. Older dogs with arthritic joints may appreciate more support from orthopedic foam filling.

dog beds at Petco


Your four-legged best friend can quickly embed a clean new bed with layers of dirt and fur. Removable covers will simplify your life and allow you to keep your pup’s sleeping area clean. Washable fabrics that are stain-resistant are the best materials for ease of care.


Younger dogs and more destructive high-energy breeds can quickly destroy fabric beds and tear foam filling. If your pup likes to use his bed as a chew toy, consider an elevated bed made of canvas-like fabric. These beds offer comfort without the risk of messy filling explosions.

Price Point

There is a type of bed to suit every budget. Petco has a dog bed selection with a diverse range of price points that includes models that offer an excellent value for the price. However, beds made of higher quality materials will still generally be more expensive.

Dog Age Considerations

Your dog’s sleeping preferences may change as they age. Puppies often love burrowing in squishy beds. But older dogs may experience pain if they sleep on a mattress that does not provide enough support. 

Some beds offer unique orthopedic materials to eliminate pressure points for dogs with joint conditions.

Best Petco Dog Beds

Here are our recommendations for the best Petco dog beds.

1. Animaze Brown Circle Bolster Dog Bed

Animaze Brown Circle Bolster Dog Bed

This circle bolster bed offers plush comfort in a simple design. The softly lined sleeping surface is the ideal shape for dogs who like to sleep curled up. Polyfill stuffing makes this bedding perfect for puppies who love to snuggle, but it may not provide enough support for older pups.

2. Reddy Grey Canvas Lounger Dog Bed

Reddy Grey Canvas Lounger Dog Bed

Lounger Petco dog beds like this one have bolsters that help dogs feel more secure as they sleep. Machine washable canvas fabric is easy to care for, and the skid-resistant bottom helps keep the bed in place. Pet parents often recommend this bed for restless and messy pups.

3. Holiday Tails Buffalo Check Dog Bed

Holiday Tails Buffalo Check Dog Bed

This Petco dog bed comes with a cozy throw blanket and a plush squeaky toy for a finished sleeping space. The red buffalo check pattern also sets this bed apart from the others. Pups who like to burrow under blankets and cuddle will love this bed set.

4. Lucky Dog Comfort Cot Elevated Bed

Lucky Dog Comfort Cot Elevated Bed

Elevated dog beds are versatile and durable. This cot from Petco features a stable steel frame that suspends a breathable sleeping surface suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The ballistic weave fabric also makes this bed ideal for destructive pups.

5. Carolina Pet Company Orthopedic Bolster Bed

Carolina Pet Company Orthopedic Bolster Bed

This bolster bed includes medical-grade extra-thick orthopedic foam to provide extra support for seniors. Additional high loft polyester fill boosts coziness. Arthritic dogs may benefit significantly from the supporting materials used in this bed.

6. Enchanted Home Pet Wentworth Sofa for Dogs

Enchanted Home Pet Wentworth Sofa for Dogs

If your pet prefers to sleep on your furniture, this sofa bed may encourage him to use his own cozy space. This luxurious bed features faux leather fabric that can easily match existing home décor. But this material is more difficult to clean and may not be suitable for messy pups.

7. EveryYay Snooze Fest Cuddler Box Dog Bed

EveryYay Snooze Fest Cuddler Box Dog Bed

High-walled cuddler boxes give the same feeling of security that a den can. Pets can quickly enter their sanctuary through a low-profile entry to enjoy sleeping on a tufted pillow. This bed may help more anxious dogs calm down and sleep.

8. Pendleton Crater Lake National Park Dog Bed

Pendleton Crater Lake National Park Dog Bed

This dog bed is comfortable but straightforward. The absence of any walls makes it ideal for large dogs who like to sleep stretched entirely out. It is also effortless to care for, with removable covers that are machine washable.

9. Reddy Double-Pillowtop Lounger Orthopedic Dog Bed

Reddy Double-Pillowtop Lounger Orthopedic Dog Bed

More substantial support from this dog bed’s multiple layers helps pets feel their best after a nap. The orthopedic foam base evenly distributes weight to prevent pressure points that cause joint pain in arthritic dogs. Pups who need maximum support will also appreciate the pillow top.

10. Reddy Canvas Cozy & Cool-Touch Dog Bed

Reddy Canvas Cozy & Cool-Touch Dog Bed

Although many dogs love curling up in soft, cozy materials, some dogs who overheat easily struggle to get comfortable. This canvas dog bed features a reversible pillow with cool-touch fabric ideal for warmer climates. The orthopedic foam base is also suitable for seniors.

Final Thoughts

Petco Animal Supplies Inc carries products in all dog bed categories. No matter what size or type of bedding your pup needs, you can find a quality Petco bed for him. Every dog deserves a special place of their own to rest. Consider investing in a quality dog bed if you need to reclaim your furniture from a sleepy pup.

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