Portable dog beds are commonly used for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, and camping because they are usually more durable and sturdier than an average dog bed. These ready-to-go travel beds can withstand the harsh and unpredictable nature of the outdoor world. 

Many come designed like a traditional sleeping mat, which can roll up small and store in tight spaces. They are functional traveling dog beds and are more convenient if you often travel with your dog than the regular dog bed.

The best travel dog beds are healthier alternatives to having your pet sleep on the cold hard floor. These easy-to-carry dog beds are suitable for use inside a tent, hiking through the mountains, or next to a campfire. Your pet will stay comfortable, clean, and warm, making your outdoor expedition more enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone.

Portable dog beds are useful in many travel situations and suit a variety of lifestyles. With a portable travel dog bed, for all adventures you explore with your doggies, their bed can come too! Check our expert buying guide and product reviews that cater to all your unique dog bed needs.

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Portable Dog Bed

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When it’s time to make a travel dog bed buying decision, portability is key. Many portable dog beds come in a traditional sleeping bag shape that rolls or folds small to be stored in small spaces. 

Go for a dog travel bed that comes with pouches, stuff sack, and straps to maximize portability. Some products even come with an extra stuff sack to store your dog toys and other essentials.


The material built of the travel dog bed is directly proportional to the level of comfort your pet will enjoy. So, choose wisely! 

When considering the materials, identify the type of surface you will be placing the bed on. If it is on a hard cold floor, go for a bed that offers synthetic insulation. If you intend to place the dog bed indoors, you may consider going for a product that comes with a fleece top for optimal comfort.

Some pet beds offer a large sleeping surface that might compromise your need for portability. Here, consider where and how you intend to deploy this dog bed. To enjoy the best of both worlds, check the product descriptions and opt for products that offer a form of insulation or an additional feature for added comfort.  

Do not compromise the quality of materials for any reason. As such, be on the lookout for products built with ripstop nylon, mesh, or polyester materials that are machine washable. They will enhance the durability of the bed and ensure long-term use.

Cleanability & Washable

The fact is your dog is going to get dirty! It will track in dirt and get its bed dirty, maybe smelly, especially during one of your outdoor expeditions.

If you have spent hours washing your couch at home because your pup stains it after taking a friendly stroll outdoors, you won’t want to repeat this mistake. Whether it is dirt, mud, saliva, or dog hair, you will eventually need to wash the portable dog bed.

If your travel dog bed is not machine washable, this can bring a lot of stress to your life. Go for travel beds that are machine washable, maybe even dryable. Nothing is as comforting as tossing the whole bed in a machine and watching it rid the dog bed of hair, mud, saliva – doing the hard work for you.


When choosing a portable dog travel bed, consider the size of your dog and the size of the space available to accommodate the dog bed. 

If you will be sleeping in a middle-sized tent with a large dog, – consider a portable travel bed that fits this characteristic. If you buy a too small or too large dog bed, you will be compromising your dog’s comfort. And the purpose of buying it in the first place will be defeated.

Also, consider the dimensions of the bed when rolled or folded. Manufacturers often include the dog bed dimension when folded small. To maximize space and enjoy the portability you need, check the product specifications and compare the product dimensions to your available space.

Weather resistance

Wherever your expedition takes you, lakes, beaches, wilderness areas, or mountains, your travel dog bed will likely get muddy or wet. Trust me, the last thing you’d want to deal with on a trip is a travel bed that smells like a wet dog.

Thus, go for a portable dog bed with waterproof properties or a sealant that keeps water from soaking the bed. As mentioned above, materials like rip stop liner, mesh, or polyester prevent beds from damaging the interior synthetic materials. Give more relevance to beds that are weather resistant and machine washable for ease of maintenance.

Travel plans

With dogs proving to be one of the best companions one can ever have, dog-friendly staycations are very much in demand. Not every pet loves to travel. As such, if you will be traveling long distances with your pup, make the back of your car or RV feel like home by using a carrier or crate. 

There are many to choose from, from soft-sided carriers, airport regulation crates to solid-sided carriers. Choose the best one for your dog by considering their size and your travel plan. 

Decide if you want a dog mat that is a perfect fit for a crate in your car, or a portable travel dog bed suitable for use in the wilderness. Consider going for travel beds that strike a good balance between the two.

Best Portable Dog Beds: The Top 4 Types

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Crate dog beds provide a protective and calming space where your pet can relax and feel secure. A place where it is truly safe. It is a great tool that is often used to house pets.

A dog crate creates a safe spot for your doggies to relax and recharge, as well as somewhere to retreat during nervousness-inducing times like rampaging kids, thunderstorms, parties, and holidays. Dog crates combined with car dog beds make it easy to safely travel with your dogs in the car.

One of the things to consider when choosing a crate bed is the size of your dog. If you have an XXL dog, you need a big crate simple! When your dog sleeps in an unnatural sleeping position, it will cause damage to its back.

A dog crate can also help prevent poisoning and injuries when dog owners are not home. After all, they can’t and shouldn’t follow you to all places. In combination with a cooling dog bed, crate dog beds will help you avoid heatstroke in warm climates.

Dogs can be distracting during driving; their distractions can be dangerous at times. It is therefore important to secure your dog while driving. Dog beds for cars are designed to work with your car’s seat belt. It reduces force and distributes pressure if you are in an accident. 

Most feature three points of contact that secure your dog’s torso from multiple angles and reduce movement if you suddenly come to a stop while driving.

There are different types of dog beds for cars: crate beds, car seats, and back of car  beds. Crate beds are perfect for keeping your pets in place to avoid distraction. Car seats protect our car seats from dog mess. 

They are perfect for dogs who like to stick their heads out the window to watch as places fly by. A back of car dog bed is better suited to an XXL dog or an oldie who needs a safe place to rest its bones during the journey.

Your pet can be distracted during car rides and start whining, panting, pacing back and forth. A car dog bed brings a sense of security and calm. If you have a dog that suffers from motion sickness, go for a car seat, as it raises them high enough to see outside, which eases car sickness. It also alleviates anxiety and nervousness in dogs.

Camping with dogs is a lot easier because of a portable travel bed. They are comfortable, lightweight waterproof, and rugged enough to withstand use in rough terrain. The beds provide comfortable sleeping and ensure your dog enjoys its stay at the camp.

Dog travel beds do much more than providing a cozy sleeping surface. It can also serve as a source of warmth on cold nights or a platform for your dog to cool during hot days. A soft, plush dog bed with a hood will help your dog conserve heat. 

On the other hand, an elevated dog camping bed will ensure optimum air circulation when your dog lies on it on warm days. No matter what time of the year you choose to camp, there is a product that perfectly suits your canine friend.

If you are planning a road trip with your pup, consider a travel dog to make your dog comfortable and your ride enjoyable. These are portable and lightweight dog beds that you can take anywhere. The best travel dog beds are designed to make them easy to carry along on travels.

Travel dog beds are usually made from materials that are extremely specific in nature. They are durable, compact, and particularly long-lasting. Sometimes, travel dog beds can serve as a cover for your dog crate. It then becomes easy to carry around.

Travel dog beds come in various sizes, colors and shapes. While some are oval, others are rectangular in shape. Some have bolsters; others are flat. Whatever the shape or options available, these beds have one thing in common, they roll up small and can be stored in tight spaces.

Apart from being able to pack down small, these beds are also weatherproof. For all your travels, bring only dog beds that offer some form of weather resistance. In all, travel dog beds are portable, functional. If you frequently travel with your pet, snag one up.

Our Final Thoughts

dog sitting on a portable bed outside

Now that you have decided on a portable travel bed, it is time to take your pooch out to enjoy the sunset at the beach and the beautiful night skies.

The best travel dog bed should offer similar benefits and perks as the bed you buy for yourself. You do not want your furry friend sleeping on the cold hard floor in the wilderness or hotel floor.

Finding a simple, durable and comfortable sleeping solution for your pet is a win-win situation. You will get to enjoy the company of your best friend while your dog enjoys the comfort of home, no matter how far you are from home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash a dog’s bed?

Wash your dog bed once every couple of weeks, even more often if it gets dirtier than usual. Wash your dog and its travel bed regularly; ideally, both cleaning should be done simultaneously.

Are memory foam beds suitable for dogs?

Memory foam beds are perfect for most dogs. Some dogs benefit more from sleeping on a memory foam bed than others. The body-conforming characteristics of memory foam help to cradle your pup’s body and relieve the pressure on painful joints.

Can I spray Febreze on a dog bed?

Febreze is a type of fabric freshener. It is designed for use only on fabrics. Do not spray it directly on your pets. Keep your pets far away from sprayed fabrics until it dries completely.

Is it cruel to put my pet in a crate at night?

Do not use a dog crate as dog punishment. Your pet will come to associate it with pain; he will fear and refuse to enter. Never leave dogs in crates for too long. A crated dog will not get optimal exercises and human interaction and may become anxious or depressed.