Best Travel Dog Beds Summary

  • Best Overall Travel Dog Bed: Furhaven Plush Sofa Dog Bed
    Washable pillow mat in bright colors perfect for outdoor adventures. 
  • Most Storage-Friendly Travel Dog Bed: Chuckit! Travel Bed
    One-size blue travel bed with an included stuff sack for convenient storage. 
  • Best Elevated Travel Dog Bed: Outrav Raised Dog Cot
    Foldable and elevated, cot-like travel dog bed with sturdy steel frame. 
  • Best Waterproof Dog Bed: Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed
    Waterproof and easily portable dog bed with handles and chili red color. 
  • Best Travel Bed for Large Dogs: CHEERHUNTING Travel Dog Bed
    Durable, washable, and waterproof dog bed suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Softest Travel Dog Bed: BomGaroto Portable Pet Mat
    Green polyester dog bed filled with a soft yet thick layer of cotton. 
  • Most Warming Travel Dog Bed: KUDES waterproof Travel Dog Bed
    Warm, waterproof, and packable travel dog bed with a safe and multifunctional design. 
  • Most Breathable Travel Dog Bed: CHEERHUNTING Dog Sleeping Bag
    Dog sleeping bag made with high-quality waterproof and breathable materials. 
  • Most Durable Travel Dog Bed: Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag
    Extra sturdy and packable dog bed designed for outdoor activities. 
  • Multifunction Travel Dog Bed: Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag
    Outdoor sleeping bag and mat cushion made of polyester and fleece materials.  

Your dog probably has a nice sleeping spot when you are at home. A place he calls his own, where he curls and relaxes. What about a travel dog bed? How do you ensure your pup has a comfortable place to lay its head when you are on the go?

If you travel with your dogs, it is essential to buy the right type of dog bed to keep your pet safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

Choosing the right type of dog bed can sometimes be a tedious activity. Questions like; What is the best travel dog bed? What are the factors to consider in choosing the best travel dog bed for your pups? May pop up every now and then.

In this article, we answer your questions and go a little further. Relax, sit back and enjoy!

Our Top Pick 

best travel dog beds

Before we discuss the factors you need to consider before settling for a travel dog bed, let’s briefly introduce our top pick; the Furhaven Plush Sofa Dog Bed. It is an exceptional ball of foam that features a two-color reversible design. The dog bed is lightweight with high-loft polyester batting.

Also, it comes with a cushioned padding for comfortable sleep and a stuff bag for easy packing. You can’t go wrong with this travel dog bed.

Why use a Travel Bed for Dogs?

best travel beds for dog

Do you need to invest in a travel dog bed? Why not take a blanket along or use the existing dog bed in your home? The following are good reasons why you should have a designated travel bed for your dogs.

Cleanliness and Comfort

Whether your dog is a companion or service dog, in as much as it travels with you, it needs a comfortable dog bed to lie down. You will agree it is not fair for you to curl up in a comfortable bed while you leave your dog to negotiate its rest on the hard cold floor.

In addition, you might be in an environment with a dirty floor; by providing a cozy travel dog bed, you create a barrier between the floor and your dog.


Traveling is a stressful activity. A familiar thing can help reduce anxiety. Having a designated travel dog bed for your travels will provide comfort and security that will reduce your dog’s anxiety during travels.

Travel Training

When your dog has a designated travel dog bed, it will quickly associate the necessary behavior for that bed. Travel training is easy when your dog has a comfortable bed during travels.

Factors to Consider When Picking Out a Travel Bed

Quality of Material

Go for a travel dog bed made with durable materials that will withstand the rigors and rough use of dogs, such as chewing, digging, and scratching. Note, a high-quality material built equals an expensive product. On the other hand, it is a better investment that will last long.

Cleanable Fabrics

A travel dog bed will get dirtier than the normal sleeping bed your pup uses at home, especially if you go on outdoor trips. The best travel dog bed should come in polyester-type materials or any fabric that is easy to clean. You should also consider if it has removable and machine washable cover to ease the cleaning process. A removable and easy to clean cover means better sleeping hygiene for your dog.


A travel dog bed should be portable. It should be a bed that can easily be folded into a compact and manageable size for transport.

Carry Bags

Many travel dog beds do not come with a carry bag. Check the product descriptions to see if it comes with the package. This is important if you will be going camping or hiking with your dog. You will need to fold the product into a compact size for ease of movement. The best travel dog bed should make your luggage manageable.

Water Resistance

You do not want to travel with a smelly dog bed. As a result, your choice bed should have water-resistant and cleanable coatings. If your preferred travel dog bed does not have this feature, consider investing in a pet-safe water resistance spray to protect the bed.

What to Look for in a Travel Dog Bed

travel dog beds


Before settling for a travel dog bed, check the dimensions. If it comes in multiple sizes, carefully select the appropriate sizing for your dog before adding it to the cart. You do not want your pet sleeping with half its body on the dog bed and the other half on the floor during travel.


It is also important you select a travel dog bed with a quality cushion. Some travel dog beds come with thin stuffing that pancake after the first few uses. As a result, ensure the dog bed you choose has the right thickness, insulation and compact design to support your dog’s weight.

Internal Filling

If you own an elderly dog, you need to consider the internal filling of your preferred dog bed. Go for a travel dog bed with orthopedic support that will support their joints and muscle. It should be thicker, around an inch or more.

Also, consider the quality of its internal filling. Avoid beds with cheap interior filling; they will pancake in no time. It won’t provide the needed orthopedic support and can trigger allergies.

Best Travel Dog Beds

Furhaven Pet Plush Sofa Orthopedic Travel Bed for Dogs

This is a multi-purpose travel dog bed. One of the best dog beds on the market and our top pick. It is a low-profile dog bed made of lightweight fabric. The bed is lightly padded and looks a lot like a human sleeping bag in look and feel.

This product comes with a durable stuff sack bag that is easy to wash and maintain. The dog bed as a whole is machine washable and dries quickly. It comes in various sizes.

The Furhaven Plush Sofa Dog Bed features an open design that leaves plenty of sleeping space for your dog. Thus, your pet can sleep in whatever position he finds convenient. It is perfect during road trips, camping and other outdoor activities, just check the customer reviews!

Chuckit! Travel Bed

The Chuckit! Travel Bed is a compact and high-quality travel bed for a small and medium-sized dog. It comes in only one size and has a carrying capacity for dogs up to 25 pounds. You should seriously consider this product if you are going on a very long camping trip. It packs down small and has a storage stuff bag.

It is an orthopedic bed that has a self-warming property, perfect for senior dogs in cold weather. In addition, the bed is made of breathable, soft, and water-resistant material, perfect for use in the outdoor world. The insulation feature means it is perfect for cold conditions. 100% machine washable and dries quickly. One caveat, do not wash with bleach.

Outrav Raised Dog Cot

The Outrav Dog Cot is different from the above-reviewed travel beds. It is an elevated bed; this is what makes it unique. One major difference is the presence of a surface net rather than a piece of fabric.

In normal climes, regular dog beds can cause your dog to heat up. As a result, invest in a bed that allows free circulation of air. The rubber-plastic net feature is tough but flexible enough to allow the flow of air during summer. This will maintain your dog’s body temperature.

This product comes with a coated metal frame to prevent rust. The frame is fitted with rubber to protect your surfaces from scratches. It is perfect for camping, lightweight, and pack small. When your vacation is over, it is easy to pack up and hit the road. This dog bed cannot be used with dog crates. It does not come with any insulation features.

Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed, Outdoor Bed for Dogs

This is a waterproof travel dog bed. It is built to withstand rough use – built to last. This product is far more durable than most regular camping dog beds. It is non-slip, with a surface made up of microtomic ripstop waterproof material. This bed doesn’t get wet quickly and can be used on mildly wet surfaces. It also comes with one zipper on the side for storing small dog gear.

The Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed is portable and perfect for travel purposes. It can be rolled and stored in a luggage bag or car. You will also find a handle on it for easy transport. The dog bed comes in two colors.


The CHEERHUNTING travel dog bed is a washable bed designed for medium and large-sized dogs. It is a fully waterproof dog bed. The top surface is made of Oxford material that is easy to clean. Stains can be wiped off using a damp cloth. The back is crafted from a sturdy and anti-slip material.

It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Whether it is for travel, sleeping, or camping mat, this dog sleeping mat will perform excellently. It is also claw-resistant and scratch-resistant; this is definitely going to be around for a long time.

The travel dog bed can be cleaned in a washing machine, portable, and comes with a carry bag. Your dog will love it!

BomGaroto Portable Pet Mat

This is another exceptional travel dog bed. Users love it for its affordability, durability, and lightweight properties. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for camping or hiking. Or as a cover for your car seat.

This dog bed is machine washable and dries quickly. At 46.5 x 33 inches, it is one of the largest dog beds on the market today. If you have medium to large-sized dogs, you should put serious consideration into this dog bed.

It is super-comfortable, as it comes embedded with a 1.2-inch-thick layer of PP Cotton. This makes the bed soft and fluffy to paws and noses; your pet will definitely love lounging on this. Plus, it comes with a sturdy stuff sack for storage and easy transport.

KUDES Dog Sleeping Bag Waterproof Warm Packable Dog Bed

The KUDES waterproof Travel Dog Bed is a compact sleeping bed that has a soft inside. The interior is crafted using high-quality polyester, and the outsides are made from fleece. This dog bed is comfortable and water-resistant. Your dogs will love this bed! 

However, it does not confer 100% protection from the rain. As a result, using it alone will not protect your dog from rain. Also, do not lay it on wet grounds.

It is a smaller size travel bed with a zipper on one side. It comes with a durable stuff sack.


With the CHEERHUNTING Dog Sleeping Bag, you say goodbye to worrying about your dog comfort during travel. It is a soft pet bed with premium cushioning. One standout feature about this pet bed is the odor repellent, water-resistant surface. It is perfect for all weather.

Crafted from durable polyester and Oxford material, cleaning this bed is a piece of cake. Just wipe down with a damp cloth. It features a drawstring design at the top that helps to keep your dog warm on cold nights. Portable, solid and beautiful, this is a great dog bed for all your travel needs.

Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag

If you haven’t decided on the best dog bed for your pet, this is another excellent dog bed. It is perfect for travel during the cold winter months. It is made from a waterproof polyester shell that is soft and cozy. For sure, this dog bed will keep your pet dry when sleeping on the ground.

The Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag is easy to clean. The material construct is quick-drying and sturdy. It is lightweight and easy to store when it’s not in use.

Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag

Here is a portable and foldable dog sleeping bag for a great price. If you need something that can fit into a bag and be transported everywhere you go, this is for you. This travel bed is made from a durable polyester exterior that is water-resistant, quick-drying, and easy to clean.

The interiors are made from fleece. It is soft, comfortable, and will keep your dog warm. It comes with a drawstring design on the top, which will keep nervousness-prone dogs calm during your travels. This travel foam bed can be used as a soft mat on the floor, sofa, and your home backyard.

Our Final Thoughts

Traveling is stressful on dogs, and a good night’s rest can make or mar a vacation for you and your dog. Since it is not advisable to sleep on the same bed as your dog, it’s best to invest in a travel dog bed for your dog. It will help your dog quickly adjust to the new place. When you have a high-quality dog bed, you and your dog can have a memorable and fun-filled vacation.

Remember, a high quality bed equals higher price, plus most comfortable and durable most times. If you will be traveling with your dogs often, invest in a high-quality dog bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, a soft or a hard dog bed?

Do dogs enjoy sleeping on soft beds? Your pet needs a firm bed surface; a travel bed with a very soft surface will not offer the support necessary for healthy joints and comfortable rest. Oldies might find it difficult to sink and rise from a very soft bed. This does not translate to having your dog sleep on the floor. That is too firm!

Which is better, memory foam or orthopedic foam for dogs?

Orthopedic foam beds exist to serve one purpose – to eliminate painful pressure points. In comparison, memory foam conforms to the shape of your dog’s body, relieving painful pressure points. A high-quality orthopedic travel dog bed will have at least one therapeutic memory foam layer and a super support foam beneath.

Are Elevated Travel Dog Beds worth the hype?

Elevated dog beds are fantastic. They come with some benefits, such as better air circulation and prevent dirt from getting on your dog. They are especially great in cold conditions. In winter, they will prevent your dog from coming in contact with a cold, damp surface.

In summer, the air circulation an elevated bed provides will help keep your pet’s temperature down. This is perfect for dogs with thick coating. But, they cannot be used during a road trip.

Yes, they are worth the hype!