Best Walmart Dog Beds


If you’re looking for a plush new bed to spoil your pup with, don’t overlook Walmart. This supermarket has nearly every type of home product available, and their pet selections may pleasantly surprise you.

We’ve reviewed the best dog beds you can find at Walmart to help you select the best one for your particular pup. Keep reading to learn how to find the bed of your furry friend’s dreams.

How To Shop For Walmart Dog Beds

The collection of different dog beds available at Walmart may overwhelm you. But understanding how to choose a dog bed based on your pup’s needs can help you make the right purchase.


Dogs and beds come in all different sizes. The best size bed for your dog is generally 8″ to 12″ longer than the measured length of his body while laying down. This diameter will give him ample room without taking up too much space.


The best material for your dog bed will depend on your pup’s individual preferences and behavior. Destructive dogs can easily damage softer materials like fleece. But canvas-like polyester blends may be too hard for dogs with sensitive skin.

how to shop for walmart dog beds


Filling has the most significant impact on your pup’s overall comfort when he uses his new dog bed. Fiber filling like polyfill is soft and cozy, but dogs who suffer from arthritis and other joint conditions may need additional support from orthopedic beds that reduce pressure points.


Your pup’s favorite bed will quickly accumulate hair and dirt with extended use. So washability and ease of care are critical. Look for dog beds that have removable covers made of machine-washable materials. Stain-resistant fabrics can also help keep the bed looking presentable.


Spending tons of money on a fancy dog bed is useless if your pup is only going to use it as an expensive chew toy. Avoid giving destructive dogs fragile beds made of canvas and foam filling. Elevated beds with strong canvas fabric may be a better choice for maximum durability.

Price Point

Walmart is famous for its affordable products. But not all affordable dog beds use quality materials. However, you can still find products with good value that will last for years.

what to look for in a walmart dog bed

Consider Your Dog’s Age

As dogs age, they suffer from the same kinds of aches and pains as some senior humans. Giving your elderly pup an orthopedic bed that alleviates pressure from his painful joints can help drastically improve his quality of life. Meanwhile, younger dogs can comfortably sleep on several different types of mattresses.

Best Walmart Dog Beds

Here are our recommendations for the best dog beds from Walmart.

1. Holiday Time Tufted Plush Pet Bed

Holiday Time Tufted Plush Pet Bed

This large bed is perfect for giant breeds to stretch out. A tufted design keeps the fiber filling in place to maintain plushness overtime. The classic tan and red stripes give your pet’s personal space a timeless look that is appealing in your home.

2. FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Dog Bed

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

If your pup loves to burrow in cozy spots and appreciates a safe space that feels like a den, this unique dog bed might be perfect for him. The bed features a top part that can function as a shapeable blanket for dogs to burrow. Fleece lining adds additional comfiness to the thick foam mattress.

3. FurHaven Orthopedic Couch Dog Bed

FurHaven Orthopedic Couch Dog Bed

Plenty of pups love napping on the couch, and this dog bed can finally give your four-legged friend a sofa of his own. Soft but supportive bolsters act as headrests and allow them to snuggle into their favorite sleeping positions. The orthopedic foam filling is also ideal for managing discomfort in arthritic pets.

4. Vibrant Life Pillow Pet Bed

Vibrant Life Pillow Pet Bed

For pets who prefer softer filling than foam, this pillow pet bed offers a thick and cozy sleeping area. A tufted design ensures that fibers don’t become disheveled, and the entire bed is machine washable for easy care. This bed is also available in multiple colors to match your puppy’s personality.

5. Vibrant Life Soft Crate Mat

Vibrant Life Soft Crate Mat

Most dogs think of their crates as their safe space where they can relax, and the right bed can help make it even comfier. The thin but soft mat cushions the bottom of the crate, while a thick perimeter lets your pet snuggle against the sides. This bed is also easily machine washable.

6. Vibrant Life Plush Donut Pet Bed

Vibrant Life Plush Donut Pet Bed

Some pets enjoy snuggling into faux fur. This plush donut bed features a nest-like design that can help calm anxiety and is the perfect size for small dogs. The round shape is also ideal for pups who like to curl up into a ball during nap time and is cat-approved.

7. Serta Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed

Serta Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed

This dog bed features superior cradling support from a memory foam filling that is perfect for therapeutic joint pressure relief in older and active dogs. Eco-poly-filled bolsters on three sides are great for snuggling, and the ultra-soft upholstery grade fabric removes easily for washing.

8. Vibrant Life Luxe Cuddler Pet Bed

Vibrant Life Luxe Cuddler Pet Bed

A cuddler bed uses bolsters on all four sides of the bed to create a supportive sleeping area where dogs and cats can feel safe and secure. The sleep surface material is soft and cozy. But the filling may not be adequate for dogs who need extra support when lying down.

9. Vibrant Life Lounger Pet Bed

Vibrant Life Lounger Pet Bed

This large bed provides a warm and cozy place where your gentle giant can lounge. The bolstered walls are supportive without being too rigid, allowing pets to stretch out fully. The outer material comes in several colors and features attractive accent piping.

10. Holiday Time Nap Mat
Holiday Time Nap Mat

This modest mat is the perfect bed for dogs who don’t need any extra fluff. The warm material provides a comfortable place to lay down on a soft pillow top. A checkered print design also brings a pop of color to this simplistic bed.

Final Thoughts

The wide selection of dog beds offered at Walmart is impressive. The company features quality dog beds for pet owners on a budget to ensure that every pup can enjoy a cozy place to nap. If you are on the market for a new dog bed, consider shopping for Walmart’s pet products.

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