Best Yorkie Dog Beds Summary

  • Best Overall Yorkie Dog Bed: Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed
    Soft, cozy, and fluffy dog bed available in an array of fun and stylish colors. 
  • Best Orthopedic Yorkie Dog Bed: K&H Orthopedic Dog Bed
    Orthopedic dog bed with bolsters and low entrance perfect for Yorkies. 
  • Most Easy-Care Yorkie Dog Bed: FurHaven Cuddler Dog Bed
    Oval, cuddler dog bed with removable and machine-washable covers. 
  • Most Calming Yorkie Dog Bed: Furtime Calming Dog Bed
    Round, anti-anxiety bed with orthopedic sleeping area and removable covers. 
  • Safest Yorkie Dog Bed: Bedsure Small Dog Bed
    Super-soft dog bed with high walls and non-slip bottom for comfort and safety. 
  • Best Donut Yorkie Dog Bed: Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed
    Self-warming, faux fur, donut-style dog bed available in several colors. 
  • Best Plush Yorkie Dog Bed: Neekor Plush Dog Bed
    Easy-care and self-warming bed with soft plush materials. 
  • Best Self-Warming Dog Bed: Hollypet Self Warming Dog Bed
    Ultra-cozy, super-soft, and self-warming bed in a cute pink color. 
  • Most Fluffy Yorkie Dog Bed: Marunda Fluffy Dog Bed
    Fluffy and thoughtfully designed dog bed with high-quality materials and build. 
  • Most Comfortable Yorkie Dog Bed: Focuspet Donut Shaped Dog Bed
    Soft and cozy, donut-shape dog bed that supports good sleep and relaxing time. 

Our Top Pick

best yorkie dog beds

Our top pick amongst all dog Yorkie beds would be the Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed. This pet bed is excellent in offering both comfort (through the donut shape) and joint support (through the raised rims around the side). Not only this, but the Best Friends Dog Bed is also highly durable and easy to clean.

Why Do Yorkies Need Special Considerations?

yorkie dog beds


Yorkies that sleep on hard floors most of the time are at risk of developing joint pain and cartilage problems. Senior Yorkshire Terriers are also prone to osteoarthritis, which means that they will require special dog beds that provide extra comfort and support.

Yorkies are also easily excitable and can sometimes break their bones while jumping down from our beds, which is why it is best to get a dog bed specifically for your Yorkshire Terrier as early as possible.


The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog breed that rarely ever weighs beyond 6 – 7 pounds. As such, you would want to pick out a dog bed that is the best for this size instead of getting a gigantic dog bed which your Yorkie might end up drowning in.

Best Bed Dimensions

Because of the small size of a Yorkshire Terrier, pet parents would do well to think of beds that come in smaller dimensions. For instance, if you are picking a rectangular bed or an oval bed, your best choice would be 19 by 24 inches. If you are getting an oval bed, you would want to consider a dog bed that is around 30 inches.

What You Need in a Dog Bed for a Yorkie

best dog beds for yorkie


As we have already seen, getting a dog bed that is the right fit for your pooch is of utmost importance. A small dog like Yorkie will require a small-sized bed.


Pet beds need to be durable because you would ideally like your dog beds to last for your dog’s entire life. A Yorkie dog is not really the ruff ‘n tuff type, but it is still better to go for a durable dog bed.


Dogs are generally creatures that love to roll around in the mud, and Yorkies are no exception. Despite their size, Yorkies can still pick up quite a good amount of dust and dirt during the day. This is why it is important for the dog beds you pick to come with a removable cover that can be washed easily in the washing machine.


Your dog bed needs to provide a means of comfort for your beloved pooch. Therefore, it is best to get a dog bed that has been proven in terms of providing comfort and support.


The best bed for your Yorkie would be high on quality and made from premium materials. Such dog beds might be slightly on the expensive side, but you are bound to find some cheaper alternatives on

Types of Dog Beds for Yorkies


Orthopedic dog beds come with the best health benefits for senior dogs that have joint pain and osteoarthritis. This dog bed style comes with a memory foam base created with a program designed to provide excellent support and comfort to your pooch.


Fiber-filled dog beds are perfect for small dogs that require a little bit of support. The body of these pet beds is filled with a soft fiber material that is the perfect addition to a dog house if you have one at your home.


One of the best features of elevated dog beds is that they provide a cooling effect for dogs in the summer. This bed is designed in a style that elevates it off the ground a few inches to allow for air circulation.

Basic Cushion

Basic Cushion pet beds are perfect for your pooch that does not suffer from any medical condition. This dog bed is a good and cheap alternative to the above dog beds, and some of them also come with faux fur to provide extra comfort.


Nesting dog beds usually come in a donut shape with bolsters all around. These dog beds are great for Yorkies with separation anxiety, as the enclosed features of the pet bed allow them to feel safe.

Best Dog Beds for Yorkies

Pet parents of Yorkshire Terriers are always on the lookout to make their dogs happy. Getting a comfy and cozy dog bed is, of course, one of the best ways to treat your Yorkie. However, there are so many Yorkie dog beds that most pet parents have trouble picking out the right one. Here are the best Yorkie dog beds. 

Best Friends by Sheri Donut Bed in Shag

This dog bed by Best Friends is our top pick amongst all the other dog beds for Yorkies. This is because this pet bed is ideal for small dogs that love to cuddle up. The donut shape allows Yorkies to burrow in the bed, and the faux fur adds some extra comfort as well.

The faux shag fur is great for the winter months in keeping your puppy warm and comfy. The raised rim of the bed provides extra head and neck support.

This pet bed comes with a removable and machine washable cover and a bottom that is both water-resistant and dirt-resistant. It is available in four different colors as well. All of these features definitely make the Best Friends dog bed one of the best beds for Yorkshire Terriers that you could ever pick!

K&H Manufacturing Orthopedic Bolster Sleeper Dog bed

The K&H Orthopedic Dog Bed is a high-quality memory foam dog bed that is perfect for your Yorkie. The small size of this dog bed is ideal for toy dogs. This dog bed comes with a removable velvet cover and machine washable and overfilled bolsters around the side to provide an extra sense of security and comfort.

Pet parents will find that the medium size of this pet bed is the perfect fit for their Yorkshire Terriers. The K&H dog bed offers customers a 1-year limited warranty.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Round Oval Cuddler Dog Bed

This dog bed by FurHaven is a plush pet bed that comes in an oval style. Ideal for a small dog like the Yorkie, this dog bed has a covering made of faux fur that is removable and machine washable. This bed is easy on the joints as it has memory foam walls that provide extra comfort.

The FurHaven cuddler bed is ideal for providing your Yorkie with an extra sense of security and comfort. It comes in five different colors and several different sizes as well. FurHaven offers customer assurance for this particular dog bed in the form of a 90-day limited coverage for defects.

FURTIME Calming Dog Bed Donut Cuddler

This dog bed from Furtime is ideal for those pups that are high on anxiety. It comes in a donut shape that provides a safe and enclosed place for your Yorkie to sleep in.

This is a highly portable dog bed that is lightweight and can also be used in the backseat of a car if you ever wish to go traveling with your Yorkie. This is a calming puppy bed made with premium plush materials and a machine washable cover made of faux fur. The bottom of the bed is non-slip and dirt-resistant that can be used even on hardwood floors.

Bedsure Small Dog Bed

This small dog bed by Bedsure is a round-shaped bed that is perfect for your Yorkie who wishes for some year-round comfort. This dog bed comes with a reversible design and made of super-soft microfiber fleece on one side that is self-warming during the winter months, while the other side is made of smooth and water-resistant oxford material that is cooler during the winter months. The Bedsure Small Dog Bed comes with a non-slip bottom with a removable pillow cushion that is machine washable.

Friends Forever Donut Faux Fur Dog Bed

The Friends Forever dog bed is a donut-shaped bed that is ideal for Yorkshire Terriers that love to cuddle. It has a self-warming indoor round pillow with faux fur that acts as a removable cover that can be washed easily in the washing machine. The material used for this dog bed is synthetic and non-toxic, and the filling is extremely supportive for your Yorkie’s head and neck.

Neekor Plush Dog Bed

This is yet another faux fur dog bed with several features designed to keep your pooch warm and happy. It is made with soft and plush materials that are not only non-toxic but also environment-friendly.

The best part about this dog bed is that it is also made of high-quality mold-proof materials. This dog bed has an oxford non-slip bottom that prevents accidents as well. Most of these are features that most other dog beds do not have, which makes this a wonderful choice for your Yorkie.

Hollypet Self-Warming Donut Dog Bed

The Hollypet self-warming pet bed is ideal for Yorkies residing in cold locations. The material is made of comfortable synthetic plush fur that is both comfortable and breathable. This donut-shaped dog bed is a nesting type of bed that helps calm anxious puppies and senior dogs. This pet bed also comes with extra bolster support for Yorkies that require head and neck support.

The Hollypet Dog Bed is easy to care for because of its removable cover that can be thrown into the washing machine every two weeks. This dog bed comes with a highly durable bottom that is slid-resistant and water-resistant.

MARUNDA Fluffy Calming Dog Bed

The Marunda Fluffy Dog Bed is perfect for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers. This is a self-warming donut cuddler bed that is the best choice for Yorkies that love to burrow. This pet bed comes with a removable faux fur cover that can be washed and dried in the washing machine.

The Marunda bed is made from nylon, a highly durable material, and the raised rim style of this dog bed offers extra head and neck support to your pooch. This dog bed comes with a 1-year warranty for customers as well.

FOCUSPET Faux Fur Cuddler Donut Dog Bed

Finally, this calming dog bed by Focuspet makes it onto our list for providing great features such as raised rims for extra head and neck support for small breeds like Yorkies. This pet bed has an ultra-soft faux fur covering that can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. The Focuspet Dog Bed is ideal for indoor use, as it is a self-warming bed that can keep your Yorkie warm and comfortable during the harsh winter months.

Our Final Thoughts

And there you go! Those were our top picks for the best dog beds for Yorkies that come with a satisfaction guarantee stamp. You can save up on the cost of these dog beds by using the free shipping option available on The bottom line is that whichever dog bed you choose, you will be providing comfort and support to your pooch like nothing else.