It’s time to forget about the stigma that surrounds the Pitbulls and their ‘viscous ways.’ The Blue Nose Pitbull is trumping all those perspectives and is a loving, fun, friendly, and affectionate goofball that is known as ‘the people’s dog.’

Throughout this article, we’ll be talking about their appearance and personality, and why the Blue Nose Pitbull is a beautiful dog to have in the family.

Appearance and Personality of the Sweet Blue Nose Pitbull

The Blue Nose Pitbull ranges from 1.5 to 2 feet tall and weighs around 30-85 pounds. They have a short and silk coat that comes in a variety of colors, though is mainly bluish grey.

Upon first glance of the pitbull, many people shy away due to the stigma that surrounds them. However, the truth is that they are actually very sweet natured dogs.

As a whole, the Blue Nose Pitbull is extremely friendly, loving, highly intelligent, affectionate, docile, and protective of their owner.

Yes, they are prone to become aggressive if someone threatens their family, and are also known to not play as well with other animals.

Pitbull Dog Breed: A People’s Pup

This breed of dog has a heart as big as it’s bark, and really is the people’s pup. They are obedient, social, and protective, and once they imprint on a family they will love them unconditionally.

If you train your dog well and early on, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your dog as they will become trusting of you and therefore, you will never find a more loving and loyal friend.

Nose and Toes, the Pitbull Colors

The breed of Pitbulls can come in a range of colors from grey to brown, even black.

Unlike their cousins the American Staffordshire Terrier or the American Pitbull Terrier, the Blue Nose Pitbull tends to have a bluish/grey coat with a greyish nose and a white mane and toes which is just as unique as their cousin, the Red Nose Pitbull.

The reason that the Blue Nose Pitbull throws off the color blue is due to a recessive trait that causes pigmentation to clump around the middle of the dog’s hair shaft, causing the shaft to be colorless.

Pitbull Breeds: How Many Are There?

Many people believe that there is only one type of Pitbull, but that is wrong!

There are, in fact, several. The most commonly known Pitbull breeds include:

  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Blue Nose Pitbull
  • Red Nose Pitbull

Each range in different colors, height, weight, and temperament.

Nature and Nurture: The 411 on Pitbull Temperament

Many people assume, due to the stigma that surrounds Pitbull dogs, that they are dangerous and are always prone to attack.

That, however, is wrong.

Blue Pits actually have a beautiful temperament and are loving, loyal, and even goofy dogs that make for excellent companions. They are a peoples dog, meaning they love to socialize with other humans and be included in family activities.

It is true that if placed in the wrong hands a Pitbull can turn vicious, but if loved and nurtured, they are great dogs to have by your side.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Blue Nose Pits

  1. They don’t make the best guard dogs as they are typically quite friendly.
  2. They may display animal aggression.
  3. They are stubborn, so good luck training them!
  4. They can jump super high it’s recommended you have a high fence.
  5. They are bundle full of energy.

Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies!

Pitbull puppies, or commonly known as the ‘bully puppy,’ are loving, trusting, and a bundle full of energy.

If you want to have an obedient dog when they are older, then this is a great time to start training them.

The Blue Nose Pitbull puppy loves to be challenged by their owner, but they also love to snuggle up next to them and feel the love. Whilst they are known to be destructive (put everything you don’t want to be destroyed up high) they can be disciplined.

Size of the Sturdy Pitbull Breeds from Puppy to Full Grown

The Blue Nose Pitbull ranges from 1.5 to 2 feet tall and weighs around 30-85 pounds.

As pups, they need plenty of protein and lots of activity to help them grow into the sturdy and strong blue pit dogs they are.

Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies for Sale

If you are thinking of purchasing this dog breed, then here is some information that might be useful for finding a blue nose puppy including price, breeders, and adoption services.

Blue Nose Pitbull Prices

A Blue Nose Pitbull puppy ranges in price from $1000-$3000 USD.

Blue Nose Pitbulls Breeders

Finest Pitbulls Made
Blue Fire Pits
Empire Bully

Adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull

Adopt a Pet
Recuse Me
Rocket Dog Rescue

What’s It Like Living with a Blue Nose Pitbull?

Convinced that the Blue Nose Pitbull is the right dog for you?

First, you should know who is going to be living in your house.

This is not a breed for couch potatoes. The Blue Nose Pitbull is an athletic and active breed of dog.

As they can be destructive in terms of destroying and chewing everything up in the house, it’s important that they are exercised regularly each day to exhaust all that build up energy. You’ll have a better dog for it!

You’ll need a high fence.

Yeah, did I mention these guys are jumpers? Make sure that you have a really high fence because the bets are that these guys will jump over it!

Training and socializing are essential for these smart and strong doggos!

A look at the Lifespan of a Blue Nose Pitbull

The lifespan of a Blue Nose Pitbull is between 8-15 years.

5 Tips to Owning a Blue Nosed Pitbull

  • House train them early as they are stubborn!
  • Socialize then as soon as possible to get them familiar with other humans and animals.
  • Always be positive towards them.
  • Be consistent in their training.
  • Love them and show them affection, that you trust them and they will trust you.

Bluenose Pitbull = Possibly the Sweetest of the Pitbull Breeds

The Blue Nose Pitbull’s are the sweetest little guys and are one of the best breeds of Pitbulls to own.

Friendly and loving, they are a great addition to the family and a goofball to laugh at and create memories with.

Forget the stigma surrounding the Pitbulls. These guys are adorable and they make a great companion!