What is it, and What Are the Benefits of a Bone Shaped Dog Pool?


While chewing on a good bone would make any dog’s day, a cool bath on a hot summer day in a bone shaped dog pool is sure to brighten your dog’s day too. 

A bone shaped dog pool is essentially a pet-friendly pool that has been modeled in the shape of a big bone. Something like a fun kiddie pool put explicitly designed for dogs. 

Cute, functional, and high-quality, it is sure to spruce up your back/front yard while providing your dog the benefit of a cool dip anytime the summer heat (read: heatstroke) gets too much.

Given below are the benefits of getting a bone shaped dog pool:

  • Makes Summer Bearable. One of the biggest advantages to getting your dog a bone-shaped pool would be allowing them access to water and helping them better cope with the sweltering heat of the summer. Unlike humans, your furry companion cannot shed all that fur no matter how hot or stuffy they feel. So, why not make summer more bearable for them and get them a pool to lounge in during the long summer?
  • Adds Value to Your Yard. A bone-shaped dog pool not only benefits your pooch but can also spruce up the overall setup of your yard! With the installation of a fun bone-shaped dog pool, your yard will likely have more character and charm. Dog pool parties with your friends will be fun with a personal pool for your dogs to have a party of their own.
  • Therapeutic for a Dog’s Body. Allowing your dog to swim in hot water can also be very therapeutic for a dog’s body. This therapeutic exercise can speed up the recovery process by facilitating circulation in the body, strengthening joints, and even fortifying your dog’s muscles. This warm water pool time acts as a pain reliever, promotes blood flow, and warm up one’s muscles quicker, thus reducing the risk of further injury.
  • A Source of Mental Stimulation. Much like humans, even large dogs tend to crave mental stimulation. Spending time in such a bone-shaped pool is good for the body and offers mental benefits. Be it in the form of a fun afternoon activity or a method of relieving one’s stress, playing/swimming in the pool introduces a new stimulus method to your dog and thus adds to their overall mental activity index.
  • Fun Exercising Time. While in the dog swimming pool, they can engage in a range of activities that they may not have been able to do while only on land. For instance: submerging their bodies below water, bobbing for toys, splashing around, and so on. A new world of activity opens up to them. Be sure to check out our blog for more information on the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs. Thus, by doing such activities, their nervous system is stimulated, and the dog benefits a lot. It may even further develop their senses.

How to Choose the Best Bone Shaped Dog Pool


While looking to invest in a bone shaped dog pool, you will surely be on the lookout for the best one in the market – Chewy or Amazon. Given below is a list of things one should and must consider before picking a bone shaped dog pool for their home:

  • Material. You should be very particular about the material being used in the bone shaped dog pool – PVC, stainless steel. Since your dog might try to bite the pool and/or be spending a lot of time in the pool during the hot summers, make sure that the material being used is in no way toxic for your dog. Also, check if the truck bed liner material is durable and coated with heavy-duty high molecular weight polyethylene with 25% UV inhibitor. This material ensures that while being completely non-toxic for your dog, the pool is protected from scratches and wear and tear and is very sturdy in its build and make. In addition to all this, it is also UV resistant. Also, the materials must be chew-resistant and scratch-proof.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy. Make sure the bone shaped dog pool is lightweight and sturdy. This will make it much more convenient to use during the summer as it can be used for a long time, stashed away during the winter and brought out again in the summer, and convenient to take and set up in different locations. Due to the sturdiness and the lightweight nature of the bone-shaped dog pool, it is very portable. By virtue of its easy setup and portability, it can be set up in the backyard, garage, bathroom, or anywhere you see fit.
  • Handy Draining System. Be sure to get a bone shaped dog pool with an easy draining system. Rather than having to manually struggle with getting the water out of the doggy pool, a proper drainage system is a must if you want to be kind on your back and keep the pool clean after each use. The bone-shaped dog pool comes with the following fixtures in the packaging – a brass cap and drain and an instruction manual. This makes for more convenient cleaning of the pool too.
  • Water Holding Capacity. The ideal bone shaped dog pool should be able to hold a decent capacity of water. To get a good swimming experience, one should be looking at the depth of the pool and get a feel of the pool how much water can be filled in the pool. This sort of bone-shaped pool can hold 85 gallons of water, enabling it to stay calm even during the peak of the summer heat.
  • Size. Make sure you are getting a band for your buck with the bone pool that can accommodate any breed of dog. With its dimensions of 11inches x 44inches x 66inches and made in the unique shape of a dog bone, a dog bone dog pool ensures a higher quality of make than any other dog pool in the market. It can hold dogs ranging from the largest dog breed to even the smallest dog breed and ensures unrestricted movement with relaxation. It can easily hold dogs up to 130 to 140 lbs without hesitation.
  • Customer Reviews. If you are looking for pools for dogs in a different color or shape, be sure to check out the reviews for the top 10 best dog pools in the market. The paw shaped and bone shaped dog pool are famous for their utility. Check the reviews out yourself before getting your dog the bone-shaped dog pool. It will surely be a worthy purchase at its fantastic price point for all it is giving.
WANTRYAPET Foldable Dog Pool
  • The non-slip bottom of the pet swimming pool can prevent your pets/kids from slipping when they are splashing around in the pool.
  • The convenient fold-down design makes it simple to open and fold, space-saving for storage at home, easy to store and carry around.
  • Dog pet bath pool can be used both outdoor and indoor.
  • No air pump needed.