Dogs are notorious for stealing human food. However, what they want to try out isn’t always the best for them. Yes, vegetables are very healthy for humans, but giving it to dogs isn’t always a good idea. Have you ever wondered “Can dogs eat cucumbers?” If so, keep reading our article to find out.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

To put it simply — yes!

Cucumbers are a fantastic vegetable. They keep your dog hydrated and they pack in some important nutrients. Veterinarians actually recommend testing whether your pup likes cucumbers or not. Not only are they not toxic to dogs, but they also carry health benefits. It can be a great summery treat!

Are Cucumbers Safe for Dogs?

As long as fed in moderation, cucumbers are totally safe for dogs. You should never feed your dog fruits and vegetables as full meals. They still need a balanced diet, meaning you should stick to dog food and use all others as dog treats. Cutting up the cucumber into small, bite-sized pieces is a good idea. This way, an eager puppy won’t choke on them. Lastly, don’t ever feed your dog pickles. They’re high in sodium and contain chemicals and spices toxic to dogs. Stick to raw cucumbers for a healthy treat.

If it’s not fed in large quantities, cut into small pieces, and raw, cucumbers will make your four-legged friend very happy.

Are Cucumbers Healthy or Toxic? Breaking Down the Nutrients

We know that cucumbers aren’t toxic, but we still have some questions to answer. The question of “can dogs eat cucumbers?” changes into “can dogs benefit from eating cucumbers?” 96% of a cucumber is pure water — making it a perfect refreshing snack. They’re also a low-calorie treat with only 8 calories per half-cup of cucumber slices. Cucumbers are perfect for dogs on a diet.

Dogs Need Their Daily Minerals and Vitamins Too!

Just like us, dogs need their vitamins and minerals every single day! Only in this way can they stay happy and healthy. If you’re asking yourself “can dogs eat cucumbers to get them?” the answer is yes.

Despite what people may think, cucumbers aren’t just water. They also bring health benefits to whoever eats them — owners and dogs alike. They have lots of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which gives your pooch anti-inflammatory benefits. Not only that, but cucumbers have high levels of vitamin c and some dietary fiber.

Another great thing about cucumbers is that they are low in sodium, calories, and fat. You’ll get all of the health perks without putting your furry friend in danger.

What Vegetables/Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

You already know the answer to “can dogs eat cucumbers?” But what about other fruits and veggies? Here are some of the foods that are completely healthy for dogs:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Oranges

Feeding Your Dog Cucumbers: Possible Side Effects!

Like with all things in life, an excess can cause serious problems. There are two main things you should pay attention to when feeding your dog cucumbers.

Firstly, don’t feed them large quantities of this vegetable. Dogs can get an upset stomach and other digestive tract issues if they eat too many cucumbers at once. This can lead to diarrhea — which you most certainly do not want.

Secondly, not cutting up cucumbers in small pieces might cause your puppy to choke. Dogs are very eager when they’re eating, so it’s important to not let them handle big chunks of food at a time.

Eat All the Things: Food Dogs Can Eat

It is safest to stick to dog food. After all, it has been created to give them all the nutrients they need. However, if you still want to treat them to some leftovers, here are some of the things you can let your dog have:

  1. Green beans (with no salt or spices)
  2. Carrots
  3. Broccoli
  4. Chicken (cooked and without any marinade)
  5. Rice

Make Cucumbers for Dogs: The Ultimate Cucumber Recipe Your Pet Will Love

Once again the question of “can dogs eat cucumbers” changes into “how can I feed my dog cucumbers.” Here are recipes that will make pooch love this vegetable.

  1. Cucumber chew toy! Since they’re crunchy, cucumbers make a great chew toy. Simply cut the cucumber in thick slices and give them to your puppy for them to play with (and eat!)
  2. Incorporate into other dishes. You can always add cucumber (raw) to other foods — cooked chicken or rice, for example.

Dog Not Eating Cucumbers or Dog Won’t Eat Your Meal? 4 Tips to Help Them Out

Dogs are a little like children — they can be iffy about trying out new foods. This doesn’t have to be frustrating for owners if you know how to find a solution. Here are some tips that will help you out:

  1. Slowly introduce it into their diet
  2. Mix it into foods you know they already like
  3. Peel the crunchy cucumber skin
  4. Give them small slices of cucumber as positive reinforcement

Comparing Apples and Oranges: What Can Cats Eat as Well as Dogs?

Not all foods that are safe for dogs can be enjoyed by cats — and vice-versa. Cats can get jealous if they’re not getting a treat while their canine friend is. Why not make them share?

Both cats and dogs will love cooked chicken, cooked fish, and eggs. Make sure all these are unseasoned. While kitties and puppies have different diet requirements, they can always share the same snack once in a while.

Just Food for Dogs: 3 Foods Your Dog Can Eat but Not Your Cat

Some foods should be kept away from cats but not from dogs. They are, after all, different animals with different food restrictions. These are some of the food items that are safe for your doggo but not your cat:

  • Cheese — cats are lactose-intolerant
  • Raw bones
  • Citruses (lemons, oranges…)

What Do Dogs Eat? 2 Ways to Feed Your Dog Cucumbers

Cucumbers don’t have to be boring. Far from it! Here are just two of the ways you can feed your dog this vegetable:


Simply cut up the raw cucumber into small bite-sized pieces and place it in a bowl. If you want an extra refreshing snack, add some water and put it in the freezer. Not only will it be a fresh treat, but it will also be a challenge for Bobby!


The saying “cool as a pickle” doesn’t always have to be true. Cucumbers can also be served cooked. Try steaming a few thick slices and feeding it to your puppy. They’re a nice warm treat for a colder day. This will make them chewier and easier to mix it in with dog food.

So, Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs? Can Dogs Have Cucumbers?

The answer to our question, “can dogs eat cucumbers” is now more than proven Yes, they can! Not only are cucumbers a safe food for dogs, but they also pack a nutritious punch Fiddo can always benefit from.