Best Cat Bed Covers Summary

The Best Covers for Cat Beds

The Best Cat Covers for Furniture

What are Cat Bed Covers?


A cat bed cover is a large piece of fabric used to cover the bed. This can be either the cat’s bed or the cat owner’s bed. 

While being a cat lover comes with benefits, it also comes with so many responsibilities, one of which is additional cleaning. A cat, especially if untrained, can make a huge mess in your home. Cat hair, cat dandruff, cat vomit, and cat urine are notorious dirt culprits. 

You can choose to clean your furniture every time your cat dirties it, but this will quickly get exhausting no matter how much you love cats. The next best thing is protecting the furniture from your cat’s mishaps. This is where the cat bed cover comes in. 

What are the Benefits of Cat Bed Covers?

Using a high-quality cat bed cover comes with several benefits. Here is a more detailed overview of each: 

  • Protects your furniture from dirt and damage. Cat bed covers provide a barrier between your cat and your bed or couch. This helps to keep any dirt, hair, and urine from getting to your bed.  
  • Protects your cat’s bed as well. Your cat’s bed can also benefit from a cover to prevent it from getting dirty. Bed covers, particularly those with waterproof linings, keep your cat’s bed clean of hair, urine, spills, and dirt.
  • Makes cleanup easier. An uncovered bed requires regular and more thorough cleaning. Having a removable cover cuts down cleaning time and frequency since it eliminates the need to clean the whole bed. 
  • Makes the bed more comfortable for your cat. Cat bed covers are made with your cat’s comfort in mind. Many have soft, comfortable fabrics like cotton that keep your cat feeling cozy during resting time. 

The Best Covers for Cat Beds Reviewed

Below is our list of the best cat bed covers on the market. 


Summary: This lightweight and cute cat bed cover from Comsmart is the ideal solution for pet parents who finds themselves having to wash their pets’ beddings frequently. The lightweight machine washable material allows for easy washing and drying. Despite the affordable price tag, the covers don’t disintegrate with frequent washing. They come in a pack of six so your furry friend can have her own little cat duvet cover set. 


  • Comes in seven colors and three sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in a pack of 6 pcs 
  • Very affordable price 
  • Multifunctional (mat, blanket, car seat cover) 


  • Easily slips on the floor if your cat moves

Review: Pet owners love these covers. They describe them as super soft, warm, breathable, and comfortable. They love how low-maintenance the blankets are. Many cat parents change and wash them almost daily, but they are still as good as new. 


Summary: For pet cats that tend to wet their beds, this waterproof cover from Milliard will serve them well. The top of the cover is entirely waterproof, so you only have to wash the cover and not the whole mattress in case of an ‘accident.’ Washing is easy since the cover is machine washable. The non-slip bottom keeps the bed in place even if your cat moves in her sleep. 


  • Available in four different sizes
  • Machine washable materials 
  • Non-slip bottom for extra safety 
  • Waterproof top to protect the mattress from fluids


  • Comes in one color (beige) which shows dirty spots 

Review: Amazon customers of the Milliard bed cover are especially pleased with its waterproof top. Despite having a waterproof lining, cat parents say that the cover is still very soft and comfortable. Maintenance is also very easy with machine-washing and drying.


Summary: Pet parents who own beds from Furhaven will especially be pleased to learn of this protective cover from the company. With 37 color options, every design preference is sure to be covered. The cover comes in five sizes, including a jumbo plus size that is perfect for very large beds meant for multiple cats. If you don’t already own the Furhaven bed, the cover can still work for you as long as the dimensions match your current bed. 


  • Comes in 37 colors and five sizes
  • Machine washable 
  • Matching mattresses from Furhaven available 
  • The top has a smooth suede-like finish for extra comfort 


  • The covers have to fit your existing mattress 

Review: With over 18,000 reviews on Amazon, this bed is definitely a good investment for a pet parent. Pet owners say the cover is very comfortable, and most cats enjoy it without a problem. Maintenance is very easy since it only requires you to toss the cover in the washer. 

The Best Cat Covers for Furniture Reviewed


Summary: Available in eight colors and six sizes, this cover from Ameritex is perfect for any pet parent. The reversible cover is completely waterproof and doesn’t let any fluid sip through to your bed or couch. 


  • Comes in eight colors and six sizes
  • Reversible so you can get two looks from one
  • Made of waterproof textile 
  • Machine-washable cat bedding set 


  • The cover is easily displaceable on movement 

Review: Cat owners say this cover does exactly what it says it does and more. The cover completely protects furniture from fluids and looks good doing it. Many of them recommend the cover to others looking for a solution to their cats’ dirt. 


Summary: This very affordable cover is available in an impressive eleven colors and seven sizes to suit every cat owner. The five-layer fabric contains three waterproof premium microfiber layers to keep all those nasty fluids off your furniture. The cover is reversible, so you get two looks from each purchase. 


  • Comes in eleven colors and seven sizes
  • Reversible and waterproof design 
  • Machine-washable for easy cleaning 


  • The cover makes a noise when the cat moves

Review: Cat owners are pleased with how easy this cover is to maintain, wash, and dry. Some, however, mention a disturbing sound to the cover, possibly due to its waterproof lining. In general, most that have tried it are happy with their purchase, considering how affordable the cover is. 


Summary: Not only is this couch cover waterproof, but it also has a stay-dry lining that keeps it dry even when fluid is spilled on it. Even though the cover has a stay-dry and absorbent layer, it is still very soft and comfy for you and your cat. Cleaning can easily be done in the machine. 


  • Comes in seven colors and five sizes
  • Has an absorbent ‘stay-dry’ lining
  • Reversible and waterproof design 
  • Machine-washable and easy maintenance.


  • More pricey compared to the other options

Review: Customers say that this cover is excellent at keeping fluids from penetrating your bed. They say that the cover is not only functional but also very pleasing to look at. The cover also holds up well with constant machine washing and drying.

What is the Best Cat Bed Cover?


The best cat bed cover is Comsmart Pawprint Bed Cover. The cover has many great features, including being lightweight, machine-washable, affordable, and multifunctional. 

When searching for the best cat bed cover before clicking checkout, consider the following factors and requirements:  

  • Odor resistant. A pet bed comes in contact with so many substances that produce odors. This includes cat food, feces, urine, and dirt from outside. An odor-resistant fabric prevents the build-up of odor between washes keeping your home smelling fresh at all times. 
  • Waterproof. Opt for a waterproof cover since spills and urine are common around pets. This way, the bed remains dry even in case of a wet mishap. Otherwise, you will need a proper stain remover
  • Material. Pay attention to the material of the cat bed cover. Some fabrics are comfier and more cat-friendly and others are more claw-resistant.  
  • Easy care. Given the nature of the job of a cat bed cover, it must be easy to wash. Ideally, it should be machine washable and drier-friendly. 
  • Price. It’s not hard to see why you might need to replace your cat bed covers regularly. They can easily get damaged from constant washing or even by your cats. Finding an option that is affordable to you is a must but remember never to sacrifice quality when buying pet products.   
  • Design. It is best to go with a cover that matches well with your home decor. If unsure, opt for neutral colors like browns and greys as they go with most design themes. 

How can I Make My Cat’s Bed More Comfortable?

A high-quality cat bed cover is one of the best ways to make your cat’s bed comfier. Covers are not only cozy, but they also keep the bed clean and conducive for your cat. 

In addition to a cat bed cover, you can also make your cat’s bed more comfortable by placing it in a conducive location and adding enough cushioning. 

How can I Protect My Bed From Cat Hair?


The best way to protect your bed from cat hair is by getting a cat bed cover. The cover helps to keep all the dirt and grime your cat carries from reaching your bedspread and bedsheets. 

If a cover doesn’t seem to be enough, you can prevent your cat’s fur from getting on your bed in the first place by getting an air purifier. 

Grooming your cat regularly and getting your cat her own bed are also effective measures in reducing the amount of cat hair that gets on your bed. 

Finally, you can provide separate spaces in your room for your cat like a cat cave, scratching mat, or scratching post away from your bed.