Best Cat Desk Beds Summary

Furhaven Pet Product ThermaNAP Cat Bed Pad
  • A safe, electricity-free solution to keeping pets warm and toasty; the bed mat is equipped with a layer of insulating fiber batting and mylar, which reflects body heat to create a warm sleep surface for pets to curl up in cozy comfort.
  • The thermal bed mat is lightweight and portable; it's perfect for crates and kennels, and makes for an ideal bedding accessory for traveling, hiking, camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities.
  • The cat bed mat is completely machine washable for your convenience.

What is a Cat Desk Bed?


A cat desk bed is a cat bed that can be put on top of a desk or a table surface. Cats love being close to their favorite humans, so a small bed on your desk on which they can lounge while you work would most definitely be something they love. 

Cats also love being spending time on elevated surfaces, and the top of the desk is exactly that. Cat desk beds are often space-conserving cozy beds made to fit in desk surfaces. That way, they will not get in the way of your own personal working space. 

What are the Benefits of Cat Desk Beds?


There are several advantages to getting your cat a desk bed. Here is a closer look into the benefits of having a cat desk bed: 

  • Extra comfort. While cats may tend to act coy and withhold their affection, they love nothing more than being close to their human companions. Our cats would find it very comforting to have a space on your desk close to you while you work.
  • Fewer distractions. In an attempt to be close to you, your cat may develop the habit of standing in the space you’re working in or standing/sleeping on top of your keyboard on your desk. Getting a cat desk cuddler would give your cat a designated area on your desk and potentially lessen the likelihood of them messing with your things for attention.
  • Cute desk accessory. Indoor cat desk beds come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you get one with the right aesthetic, it could spruce up and add some character to your desk set up and make it less drab or boring while also adding to your office and home decor.

The Best Cat Desk Beds Reviewed

Given below is a list of our top 5 cat desk beds, all with summaries and reviews. This way, cat lovers do not have to spend hours doing online research on the best cat desk bed. 


Summary: With its pet-safe design and cuddle-worthy sleep area, the Furhaven Pet Pet product thermaNAP Cat Bed Pad comes in more than 5+ colors and six different sizes. It is portable, can be cleaned in the washer, and has a 90-day limited coverage.


  • Washing machine friendly
  • Portable
  • Non-electricity heating tech
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple colors and sizes are available
  • Comfortable and durable make


  • Quite thin
  • Not to be washed with a top-loading washing machine

Review: With 4.5 stars out of 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Furhaven Pet Product ThermaNAP Kitten Bed Pad with a comfy design. A convenient design is just the thing you need to fulfill your cat desk bed needs.


Summary: Available in 3 fun and cute sizes, the Kitty City Cat Rope lounger comes with a removable cushion and a bag of natural catnip. It is made of only the highest-grade braided rope that keeps your cat extra warm. Plus, this cat desk bed is washer and travel-friendly.


  • Washing machine friendly
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Comfortable make and design
  • Portable
  • 3 grams of natural catnip infused


  • Pillow insert is not a perfect fit

Review: With 4.4 stars out of 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Kitty City Modern Cat Rope bed is a portable and comfortable bed that your pet cat is sure to love and lounge on.


Summary: Made with breathable and comfortable material, the JUNSPOW Free-standing Cat Hammock Bed is a stylish yet simple to maintain and clean cat desk bed. This cat condo can be used outdoors and indoors and is available in 2 cute colors.


  • Adaptable use
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Portable
  • Available in 2 colors


  • Slightly expensive
  • The bed assembly is tricky 

Review: With 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon, the JNUSPOW Free-standing cat nest bed is stylish and comfortable at the same time. It is sure to be a stylish and valuable addition to your desk setup.


Summary: With a plushy design and ultra-comfortable make, the Amazon Basics Warming Elevated Cat Bed is equipped with non-electric powered self-warming tech. It comes in several sizes, so pet parents can choose the one that fits their cat the best. It is washing machine friendly and very portable.


  • Comfortable make and design
  • Non-electric self-heating
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Portable
  • Available in 6 sizes


  • Non-removable cover
  • Sides quite flimsy

Review: With 4.6 stars out of a 5-star review on Amazon, this is a self-warming plushie and affordable cat furniture that your feline companion is sure to like and thank you for.


Summary: Made of quality material to ensure your cat’s utmost comfort, the Pet Craft Supply Self Warming Cat Bed is comfortable and plush, with a cute design all made of pet-safe material. It is easy to clean and very portable.


  • Portable
  • Pet safe material guarantee
  • Washing-machine friendly
  • Comfortable design and make
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Self-warming heating pad


  • Available only in 1 size
  • Thin bottom

Review: With 4.4 stars out of 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Pet Craft Supply Self Warming Cat Bed is a purrfect, easy to clean, and ultra-comfortable small cat desk bed to put on your desk or any surface you desire.

What is the Best Cat Desk Bed?


Our top pick for the best cat desk bed is the Furhaven Pet Product ThermaNAP Cat Bed Pad, as it provides the best overall features of cat desk beds without being too demanding on your purse. Given below is a list of things you should look out for when deciding the best cat bed:

  • Comfortable design. The bed you put on the desk for your cat should be comfortable and made of comfortable material, or else your cat simply won’t sit on it! This means your cat is going to be all over your screen and keyboard. For example, faux fur and plush are very comfy. 
  • Ease of maintenance. Since the cat bed will be placed on your desk, it is important that it can be easily cleaned. Easy to clean or washing machine washable cat beds would be more hygienic to keep on the desk and not only be good for you but also your cat. Thus, make sure the cat bed you get for the desk can be cleaned and maintained simply. You might also want it to be water-resistant.
  • Type of bed. Small and large cats like sleeping in enclosed spaces like cat cave beds or dark holes. Some cats prefer cat trees, cat towers, or full cat houses. So, the design of the cat desk bed has to be kept in mind to ensure your cat will thoroughly enjoy lounging or sleeping on this cat desk bed.
  • Size of the bed. Make sure the cat bed you are getting is the perfect size for your cat. Getting anything bigger than needed would probably clutter the desk space and overcrowd it. In addition, cats also prefer small spaces (like window sills) to snuggle in, so they might not enjoy a bed they cannot snuggle into. Make sure to take measurements before you purchase a cat desk bed.