Cat DNA Test Reviews
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Cat DNA Test Reviews: Our Picks on Top Affordable DNA Tests Team


Medically reviewed by

Ivana Crnec, DVM

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The products featured on this page are from our partners. We may be compensated for purchases made through these links. However, this does not influence our reviews and ratings. We independently research and test the products we recommend and our opinions are our own.

cat dna test reviews

Dog DNA tests are quite popular, and now there is fantastic news for feline owners: cat DNA tests. This process shares a similar principle with the canines. A DNA test can help determine whether your kitty is predisposed to certain genetic diseases or is likely to exhibit certain physical traits. This test also reveals your breed mix and other cat genetics, which is valuable information if you adopted your kitty friend from a shelter.

Sample collection is similar to the human DNA tests. You only need to take a swab sample of your pet’s saliva using the provided swab and mail it back to the DNA testing company. The test results often include a breakdown that reveals wildcat index, breed makeup, and the presence of genetic markers that might indicate susceptibility to certain genetic diseases such as myotonia, cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease, and many more.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall (Basepaws)

Basepaws occupy our top spot because it is a well-established feline DNA testing company. They are the market leader in feline genomic testing and provides comprehensive information about your furry friend.

Best for Breeds (Wisdom)

From a swab sample, it is possible to learn a ton of information about your pet. The Wisdom Cat DNA Kit uncovers plenty of valuable information in the cat health report, including its susceptibility to 40 genetic diseases.

This genetic testing kit also reveals your cat’s breed using genetic markers to screen for over 20 traits. It tests for blood type, morphology, coat type, all from a single swab sample.

Best for Healthcare Recommendations (Orivet)

Orivet Cat DNA Test Kit offers various tests aimed at cat breeders and veterinarians than the average cat owner. The test reveals everything from diseases, cat breeds, genetic traits to full breed profiles.

What are Cat DNA Tests?

dna cat test reviews

A cat DNA test is an attempt to identify genetic markers that can help identify your cat’s health risk, breed history, wild cats’ relationship, country of origin, coloring, and coat type.

Benefits of DNA Testing Your Cat

A cat DNA test will help you determine what breeds have contributed to your kitty’s genetic background. A cat’s breed will determine your purring friend’s physical attributes (coat pattern, color, and length) temperament. It will also reveal what potential health risks it might be susceptible to.

Cat DNA tests also help breeders identify inherited conditions and hereditary diseases that may arise from in-breeding to develop a sustainable, proactive breeding program. cat DNA test kit.

Vets also draw on the information provided by a cat’s breed report to recommend the best diet, make an early diagnosis of a medical condition and provide the best treatment possible that can help your domestic cat live a longer and healthier life.

Also, the more pet owners invest in DNA tests to determine their cat’s genetic profile and ancestry, the more extensive the cat DNA database of the genetic testing companies. This will lead to comprehensive understanding, detailed results, and future advancement in the study of cat genealogy.

Most feline DNA tests will tell you:

  • Any risk of inherited disease
  • The closest wild cat relatives
  • The origin of your feline friend
  • The cat breed it is related to

What to Look for in a Cat DNA Test

While cat DNA tests are growing, there are only a few reputable firms on the market. The type of DNA test you choose will depend on the mystery you are trying to unlock. Some tests will reveal possible genetic diseases and traits, while others will reveal genes present in your pet’s makeup. If you are unsure what DNA test will best suit your needs, read our reviews below on the most popular pet DNA tests on the market today.

Before settling for a DNA test, ensure it is one that; satisfy your curiosity in terms of breed and genealogy, ease of DNA sample collection and return, the accuracy of results, pricing, and finally, how long before the results come back.

Best Cat DNA Test Reviews

Basepaws cat DNA test

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

Get it on Amazon

Basepaws DNA testing company comprises professionals that are dedicated to study and catalog feline DNA exclusively. It is more expensive than the other options on this list, but it is well worth it – at $129, you will get the most comprehensive report than the alternatives. Plus, it provides more updates and information as the cat database expands.

Basepaws have the following features:

Breed – this test shows how genetically similar your feline friend is to a database of 17 registered cat breeds and polycat (a Basepaws’ equivalent of a mixed-breed) — divided into four major categories.

Health — Basepaws cat DNA test carries out 17 genetic disease tests using 40 health markers. Besides providing risk indicators and other component breakdowns, the report briefly describes the disease conditions and offers practical advice on how to take care of your cat.

Wildcat index — Basepaws cat DNA test is the only genetic testing service that tests your cat’s relation with its wild ancestors. It provides a report showing how closely related your furry friend is to the four big cats than other breeds in the feline database.

Basepaws cat DNA test offers the following tests:

  • Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test

To have your feline DNA samples processed, take a swab sample of your cat’s cheek and send it back to the company. Taking a saliva swab sample is easy and non-invasive. Here is a video by the company on how to get it done.

Basepaws DNA test results are super easy to read and interpret. Should you have any issues making sense of the feline DNA tests report, the company has a free consultation service that allows pet owners to speak to a vet.

Finally, Basepaws continues to make updates on your feline’s report. It recently announced the addition of a feature that will provide valuable information about your cat’s siblings and close matches. These are some of the reasons why the Basepaws is the best cat DNA test.

Basepaws DNA Test Kit


  • Whole Genome DNA Test: $499
  • Dental Health Test: $79
  • Breed groups+ breed Health DNA Test: $129


  • Comprehensive test
  • Biggest database
  • Free shipping and return shipping
  • Easy sample collection
  • In-depth, user-friendly report
  • Affordable price
  • Best cat DNA test
  • Wild cat index search (Tiger, Cougar, cheetah, and Leopard)


  • International shipping costs $15

Wisdom Panel Cat Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Optimal Selection Feline

Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test Kits provide valuable information about 20+ genetic traits (including coat types, coat colors, and morphology) and 40+ genetic diseases. Results take about a month after submitting your cat’s DNA sample.

It is more suitable for breeders, as it is instrumental in developing breeding programs. However, cat owners choose this test because it provides a solid and comprehensive report. Pet owners send in a swab sample, and the results after about a month include information about:

  • Coat pattern
  • Morphology
  • Coat color
  • Coat type
  • Blood type
  • And more.


  • Optimal Selection™ Feline $99.99


  • Results out in approximately four weeks.
  • Tests 20+ traits and 40+ genetic diseases.
  • Email and phone customer service are available.


  • It is intended for pedigree cats only.

Orivet Cat DNA Test Kit


Get it on Amazon

Orivet has a wide selection of testing packages designed for pet owners, vets, and breeders. Presently, the company only offers Cat DNA Health Screen – a more than enough feature that provides valuable information about feline’s overall health.

Orivet offers the following types of screening:

  • Medical health screening for a number of cat traits and genetic diseases, such as polycystic kidney disease.
  • Identify blood group
  • Create a personal cat life plan to better manage your pet’s health throughout its life.
  • And full access to an interactive report that can be updated throughout your pet’s life.

At the moment, Orivet does not offer breed identification features to know the different breeds that form your cat’s genetic background.

Orivet integrative online report provides details on common hereditary feline diseases, including Health Reminders and Alerts (routine cat health reminders and pet owner-initiated reminders).

Although taking a swab sample for the DNA test is relatively easy, the company still recommends using professionals to prevent possible contamination. Orivet also recommends registering an account before buying a testing kit to ensure maximum security and privacy protection.

Orivet cat DNA test also includes a Life Plan that tracks your cat from kittenhood to maturity and old age. This is to ensure your cat gets the best possible care. You should give this feline genetic test a try!


  • ORIVET Cat DNA Test Kit with Life Plan $84.45


  • It is a superb breeder tool for professionals.
  • It is specifically designed for vets, breeders, and pet owners.
  • The DNA test result is easy to read and informative. Sample report available


  • It is most suitable for a purebred cat.

The Bottom Line: Is it Worth DNA Testing Your Cat?

Yes, it is!

There are not too many cat breeds in comparison to dog breeds. As such, cat breeds are harder to decipher. Unless you get your feline friend from a cat breeder, what you have is – a cat!

Well, it is possible to demystify your cat breed.

Cats are found everywhere in the world. If you care for your little furry friend, it is important to know the places where certain cat breeds and their genetic mutations are more common.

Research has shown over 10 hereditary mutations in cats. These mutations influence coat color, diseases, and physical abnormalities. When you know your cat’s health and breed mix, it becomes easy to identify these abnormalities and effectively manage them. You can only determine through cat DNA testing.

DNA testing is growing massively. When you DNA test your cat, information about the genetic makeup will help determine its breed and specific phenotypic traits like nails, hairs, and body structure. With the huge amount of valuable details unraveled with feline DNA testing, it is worth trying!

Our Final Thoughts

If you are not a veterinarian or a cat breeder, BasePAws is the best bet in terms of useful, actionable, and actionable information. The test requires a prior history of your cat and reveals the complete genome picture of your cat.

Finally, it is safe to give your house cat the level of attention you would, a family member. This will help you to avoid medical surprises that may develop later in your pet’s life. With a DNA test, you will be treated to a wealth of information that will help you appreciate the genetic heritage of your feline friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a DNA cat test cost?

The prices vary from one testing company to another. A cheap test like the Orivet cat DNA test cost costs $84.45; the more expensive test will cost you over $100.

Are cat DNA tests accurate?

If you stick to the reviewed companies in this article, the test results will be pretty accurate. The science behind cat DNA testing is still evolving, and the accuracy is improving.

How does the cat breed DNA test work?

This depends on the type of testing kit you purchase. The kits listed above have a somewhat similar method of operation. In all, you need to take a swab sample from your cat’s cheek and mail the pre-paid package back to the testing company. Some testing kits require hair or blood to run DNA analysis.

The DNA testing company will extract DNA from the sample. It will check the genomic material for genetic markers associated with health risks and breed groups. The feline genetics report is then sent via mail or made available on an interactive online page.

However, Basepaws Full Genome Sequencing is far more comprehensive than others. While the other cat DNA testing companies can only decipher 0.01% to 0.02%, BasePaws decodes 100% of the cat genome.