The Best Cat DNA Tests: Our Top Picks

The Best Cat DNA Tests

Have you ever wondered what a cat DNA test could show you? Science has come farther than ever! And today genetic testing your cat has never been easier. So, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets of your feline friend’s genome then read on to learn more about the best cat DNA test kits. Pet […]

Cat DNA Test Reviews: Our Picks on Top Affordable DNA Tests

Cat DNA Test Reviews

Dog DNA tests are quite popular, and now there is fantastic news for feline owners: cat DNA tests. This process shares a similar principle with the canines. A DNA test can help determine whether your kitty is predisposed to certain genetic diseases or is likely to exhibit certain physical traits. This test also reveals your […]

Cat Breed DNA Test: Find Out More About Your Feline

Cat Breed DNA Test

Just like you perform a DNA test for your dog to find out the various dog breeds that make up your little furry friend, you might be wondering if it is also possible for you to perform a cat DNA test. As it turns out, it is possible! But how exactly do cat DNA tests […]

Cat DNA Test Cost: Our Top Picks on Affordable DNA Tests

Cat DNA Test Cost

Getting a pet DNA test for our domestic companions is quite popular these days. Feline DNA testing can be pretty similar to a human DNA test because it helps identify your feline friend’s genetic markers and genetic makeup. However, cat lovers sometimes feel that feline genetic testing might be pretty expensive, and hence they do […]

Cat Ancestry DNA Test: Learn More About Your Feline’s Lineage

Cat Ancestry DNA Test

The modern-day felines are descendants of random-bred cats and are mostly less than 100 years old. There are many random-bred cats worldwide. We can trace their ancestral lineage to 8 geographic regions: South Asia, East Asia, Arabian Sea, India, Mediterranean, Iran/Iraq, Egypt, and Western Europe. A cat ancestry test traces your cats descend from the […]

Best Cat DNA Test Reviews: Pros, Cons, and More

Best Cat DNA Test Reviews

As a cat owner, you probably consider your house cat as part of the family. But have you ever wondered what your cat’s actual family is? Well, you can use a cat test to find out your cat’s ancestry and cat parents – as well as genetic markers and traits to boot! With so many […]

Basepaws Cat DNA Test: Understanding Your Cats Genetics

Basepaws Cat DNA Test

BasePaws Cat DNA Test happens to provide cat owners with a way to understand and explain the breeds and characteristics that make up mixed-breed cats, including those rescued from shelters and have unknown parentage. This will allow them to assist cats in living longer, happier lives. Via genetics, you could learn why your pet cats […]

Everything You Need to Know About The Orivet Cat DNA Test Kit

Everything You Need to Know About The Orivet Cat DNA Test Kit

Are you satisfied with the wellness decisions that you are making for your cat at home? Well, if you are not and wish to improve the kind of health care that you provide to your best friend, then perhaps perform a cat DNA test to understand various health risks and genetic diseases that your cat […]

A Review of The Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test

A Review of The Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test

In recent years, DNA testing has become increasingly widespread. People are interested in learning more about their ancestors and how genomes can affect their health. Similarly, pet cat owners have recently started to test their pets’ DNA. Products like the Wisdom Panel cat DNA test and other DNA have made it possible for people to […]