Probiotics for Cats: Everything You Need to Know

Types of cat probiotics

Healthy nutrition is essential for the health and longevity in cats.. A healthy diet for cats will support the digestive tract’s functioning and vice versa.   Using a probiotic supplement is an excellent way of boosting the cat’s digestion and ensuring a healthy and smoothly running GI tract.  The science behind probiotics is not new, but […]

Probiotics For Cats With IBD: Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

How to Choose the Best Probiotic for IBD in Cats

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a common diagnosis in cats and is responsible for triggering chronic and debilitating digestive symptoms. In this article, we will review the use of cat probiotics for IBD therapy.  Studies show that the microbiota plays a major role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease in cats. Since probiotics support […]

Human Probiotics for Cats

Human Probiotics for Cats

Every pet owner wants to ensure that their cat maintains a healthy digestive system, and one of the best ways to ensure that is by adding probiotics for cats into their diet. There has been a lot of research indicating the benefits of using probiotics for cats. According to ongoing research, your kitty shares the […]

Your Guide to Probiotics for Cats Side Effects 

Probiotics for Cats Side Effects 

Probiotics are a huge trend in the cat universe. A daily dose of beneficial bacteria is the boost your cat’s gut microbiome needs, and studies show that they promote optimum health.  But are probiotics universally good for cats? Or are there specific considerations and individual risk factors? And can probiotics cause side effects in cats?  […]

Probiotics For Cats With Pancreatitis: A Guide

Probiotics For Cats With Pancreatitis

The pancreas is a very important organ located below the stomach. The pancreas plays many roles in the process of digestion producing and releasing over 5 enzymes. It also produces hormones that play a key role in the metabolism of nutrients particularly glucose after it is absorbed in the bloodstream. It would therefore be very […]

Your Complete Guide to Probiotics for Cats with Diarrhea 

do probiotics help with diarrhea in cats

Diarrhea in cats is a common issue, and depending on the underlying cause, it can be treated with an array of anti-diarrheal agents. In this article, we will talk about a particular agent – probiotics for cats.  Studies show that probiotics help manage diarrhea, as they can decrease both the length and severity of the […]

What You Need to Know About Prebiotics for Cats 

prebiotics for cats

You are probably familiar with the benefits of probiotics for cats, but what about prebiotics? If your cat is on probiotics, do they need prebiotics too? Are probiotic and prebiotic supplements symbiotic? And what is the difference?  In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about prebiotics for cats – their definition, […]

Why is my Cat Lethargic? A Helpful Guide for Your Feline Friend

Why is my Cat Lethargic

As you might know, a wide variety of things can cause lethargy in cats. Lethargy, in simple words, is a lack of energy and motivation to perform normal tasks.  The best strategy for cat lethargy is to monitor for other signs and symptoms to determine the root cause of the weakness. The causes of lethargy […]

Everything You Need to Know about Digestive Enzymes For Cats

Digestive Enzymes For Cats

Gut-related health problems are not a rare occasion among pets. You have probably found yourself with a vomiting cat out of the blue. Sometimes it is just a normal reaction to a heavy meal and other times it is a sign of a very serious complication. After you witness your poor cat throw up a […]

A Complete Guide on How to Calm Your Anxious Cat

Pet parents view their feline friends as very independent creatures. That’s true enough. If you’re a cat owner, you know they’ll pick and chose their time to be social. While there are definitely different personalities among felines, most behave like they’re the most important family member. Such confidence! Therefore, cat anxiety can be a real […]

Cat Limping: How to Help Your Furry Feline

Cat Limping

Cat limping is one of the most excruciating things to see your little kitty go through which may have been caused by an injury or a severe medical condition present in the nerves, muscles, skin, or bone. With dozens of reasons why, it is difficult to identify the cause of your cat limping. To avoid […]

Why Your Cat May Be Crying And What To Do About It

Cat crying

People with cats know their incredible range of vocalizations. From meowing to yowling to growling, they have a way of making their presence known. Each of these little creatures has their own unique and delightful voice. If you own a cat, you’ll understand the meow they make to remind you it’s time for food, or how they say […]

Cat Seizure: A Step-By-Step Guide

cat seizure 1

One of the scariest experiences for a pet owner is witnessing your beloved, four-legged companion experience a seizure. It can be incredibly upsetting and leave many doting parents not knowing how to proceed. What is the best way to comfort your cat during a seizure? What medications will be necessary, and do they have potential […]

Cat Depression: Nine Signs Of Depression In Cats

cat depression

In case you didn’t already know this, pet ownership is one way to deal with depression and mental illness. Many studies have shown time and time again that there are health benefits to having furry family members around. A companion animal increases zest for life, motivation, and generally lessens the symptoms associated with mental health disorders in their […]

Cat Dandruff: Know The Signs and Symptoms

cat dandruff 1 1

You may be familiar with the itchy, flaky annoyance better known as dandruff. No matter what you do, it can seem like relief is out of reach. Unfortunately, for our four-legged friends, dandruff can also be a real issue. Cat dandruff affects more felines than you may imagine. In fact, pet dandruff is so common that there are countless companies that produce […]

Obese Cat: How To Keep Your Furry Feline Healthy

Obese Cat

Do you love to feed your cat treats or tidbits off your plate? A 2020 study looked at the attitude that pet owners have towards cat overweight and obesity. Despite a high percentage (30-35% of the general feline population) of cat’s tipping the scale, the study showed that 39% of pet owners disapprove of feline obesity. So […]

Coconut Oil for Cats: Can Coconut Oil Help My Cat?

coconut oil for cats

Is coconut oil safe for cats? And are there any health benefits of coconut oil for pets?   Yes, coconut oil is both safe and beneficial. While the research for coconut oil use in pets is still in its early stages, many cat owners report improvements after adding coconut oil to their cats’ food bowls or […]

Cat Health Issues: The Ones You Need To Know About

Cat Health Issues

Do you love your cat? There is no doubt about it. But studies have shown that veterinary visits differ for dog and cat parents. When it comes to anytime visits, 90% of dog owners have no problem popping in at their favorite vet. But only 40% of kitty lovers will take the turn to the animal hospital. […]

Four Ways To Soothe Your Grieving Cat

pet parent soothing a grieving cat

Would you call yourself a cat person or do you prefer dogs? If you’re one of the millions of people across the country that share their home with a feline friend, you can attest to the benefits of having them as a family pet. Who is ready to snuggle up with you for an afternoon […]

Caring for a Senior Cat: Signs of Old Age

Senior Cats

You know that moment when you realize it’s been a decade since an event that feels like it was yesterday? If you’re looking at your feline and remembering their playful kitten years but seeing a lazier, older, chubbier, and dismissive cat, it may dawn on you that they’ve entered their golden years. It could feel […]

Why is My Cat Shedding So Much? Causes and Treatment Options

Why is My Cat Shedding So Much

Keep finding cat hair everywhere? Hair clumps under the sofa, loose hairs in the air, and a hairy layer on your clothes are all signs that shedding season is here. Shedding is a frustrating phase for you but a normal one for your cat. In fact, normal shedding is a sign of health, indicating your […]

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? Here’s What You Need to Know

can cats eat peanut butter 1 can cats eat peanut butter 1

Yes, cats can eat peanut butter but it’s more complicated than that.  Peanut butter makes an excellent snack for human beings. It is convenient, healthy, and most importantly, delicious. It is rich in many nutrients including proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.  This begs the question, do these benefits also extend to pets?  We know […]

Cat Eye Discharge: A Comprehensive Guide

cat eye discharge 1 cat eye discharge 1

As a doting cat owner, you’ve likely cleaned some “gunk” out from your beloved feline’s eyes at one point or another. Like people, cats can experience eye discharge that may affect them in varying ways. Typically, a small amount of eye discharge from time to time isn’t something to be terribly concerned about. However, if the discharge is long-lasting […]

Cat Diarrhea: A Definitive Guide To Treatment

cat diarrhea 1 cat diarrhea

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely dealing with quite a mess. Diarrhea is no fun for anyone. Unfortunately, it can also affect your feline companion. Although cat diarrhea can be a nightmare for a pet parent to have to constantly clean up, it can also be a telltale sign that your kitty may be a little unwell or have a […]

Cat Vomiting: How To Tell If It’s Serious

cat vomiting 1 cat vomiting

Your four-legged friend means the world to you. Trust us, we get it. We also understand that you would do just about anything to ensure your cat’s health and happiness. That’s why it can be worrying when your beloved fur baby starts vomiting out of nowhere. You feed them the best food available, monitor their health, and […]

A Guide on How to Bathe a Cat Who Hates Water

A Guide on How to Bathe a Cat Who Hates Water

Cats are fastidious and very self-conscious about personal hygiene. Studies show that the average cat spends one-quarter of its life on grooming.  And it is well equipped to do so – the 300 hundred small spines on the tongue act like a brush, and the saliva has strong antiseptic properties.   Therefore, it is normal to […]

A Complete Guide on Flea Baths for Cats

A Complete Guide on Flea Baths for Cats

Is your cat suddenly restless? Spending every second on scratching and biting its fur? Does her skin look red and irritated? If you answered yes, your cat is infested with the most widespread external parasite – the common flea. According to a review published by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, fleas are a […]

Cat Separation Anxiety: What it is and How to Help

Cat Separation Anxiety

Cats are natural loners and quite antisocial, right? Well, not really. In this article, we will explain that cats are not as withdrawn as you might think. The truth is, according to a recent study, pet cats form strong bonds with their human parents much like dogs and children do and feel more secure when […]

Fiber for Cats with Diarrhea: How to Help Your Feline

Fiber for Cats with Diarrhea

When it comes to personal hygiene, cats are real hypochondriacs. Therefore, the early tell-tale signs of diarrhea in cats are easily overlooked. However, once the symptoms become apparent, things can get messy quickly. In this article, we will talk about dietary fiber as a way of preventing diarrhea-related messes. Experts suggest that cats “presented for […]

Signs of Cat Anxiety and its Solutions

Is your cat chattier than usual? Spending most of the time hidden and acting lethargic? Or perhaps more tenacious when it comes to self-grooming? If you answered yes to these questions, your feline friend is probably anxious. Anxiety is a common issue among modern cats. Based on a survey conducted among veterinarians, around 20-25% of […]