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CBD Dosage for Dogs: A Helpful Guideline

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If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.
See our advertising disclosure.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

When pet parents are first exploring the potential health benefits of CBD for dogs, one of the first questions they ask has to do with the appropriate CBD dosage for dogs: “How much CBD should I give my dog?”

The answer to this question varies based on the potency level of the CBD brand you choose, the weight of your dog, and the health condition you’re aiming to treat.

Overall, it’s safe to give your dog 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10lbs of body weight. It’s recommended you start at the lower end of this range and gradually increase the dosage over the course of 1-2 weeks.

However, in order to administer the correct CBD dosage to your dog, you must have an understanding of the potency level of the CBD brand you choose. This will indicate how many milligrams of CBD are actually contained in each dropper or serving of the product.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll take a look at one of the leading CBD for Dog brands today and break down what potency levels mean and exactly how to estimate how much CBD you can safely give your dog to help support their health and happiness.



Honest Paws CBD for Dogs Dosage 

Honest Paws CBD Oils come in potencies of 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

So what exactly is the difference between each potency level?

What’s important to know is that all Honest Paws CBD oils come in the same volume: 30mL bottles. In other words, you’ll always get the same amount of oil.

The only thing that changes as you go from one potency level to another is the amount of CBD per bottle, or more specifically: the amount of milligrams of CBD.

Here is a breakdown of the amount of milligrams of CBD per potency level, which is based on the weight of your pet:

  • Honest Paws CBD Oil for small dogs (under 25lbs) contains 125mg of CBD. Each full dropper from this bottle (1mL) will contain 4 mg of CBD.
  • Honest Paws CBD oil for medium dogs (25-50lbs) contains 250mg of CBD. Each full dropper from this bottle (1mL) will contain 8mg of CBD.
  • Honest Paws CBD oil for large dogs (over 50lbs) contains 500mg of CBD. Each full dropper from this bottle (1mL) will contain 16mg of CBD.
  • Honest CBD oil for extra strength needs contains 1000mg of CBD. Each full dropper from this bottle (1mL) will contain 32mg of CBD.



Honest Paws recommends choosing a potency level based on your dog’s weight and then giving your dog one full dropper (1mL) per day. Following these guidelines, your CBD oil will be enough for a 30-day supply.

There may be special cases, however, when you want to offer your dog a stronger dose based on their health needs. Some pet parents, for instance, will double the daily dose (1mL in the morning, 1 mL in the evening, with each dose being 8-12 hours apart) to help their dog deal with discomfort or other serious conditions like arthritis, cancer, or post-surgery recuperation. In other cases, pet parents may simply want to help boost their dog’s immune system, especially as they get older.

So how do you determine the CBD dosage for dogs in these unique cases? Below is a simple guideline you can use to estimate just how much CBD you can safely give your dog.



CBD Dosage for Dogs: Guidelines

When it comes to the weight of your dog, here’s a simple CBD dosage guideline to follow: give your dog 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10lbs of body weight.

Following the above guidelines, a 40-lb dog could receive anywhere from 4-20mg of CBD per day.

However, it’s advisable to start at the lower end of that range. Then, you can gradually increase the amount of CBD you’re giving your dog over the course of 1-2 weeks.

For more serious health concerns such as cancer, inflammation, and pain, you might find that offering your dog a stronger dose of high quality CBD is what works best. Remember, as long as you stay within the recommended dosage guidelines of 1-5mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight, it’s perfectly safe to increase your dog’s dosage.



How Long Does it Take for CBD to Work?

You can also increase your dog’s dosage if you’re not yet seeing results with the CBD, but keep in mind that it can take time for CBD to interact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system.

While some pet parents may see instant results for certain health conditions like anxiety (30-60 minutes), those who are helping to support their dog through issues such as arthritis may not see significant improvements until 2-4 weeks have passed, as it takes time for your dog’s body to respond to the CBD in these unique cases. If there are still no noticeable improvements during this time frame, however, your dog may need a stronger dose of CBD. Just remember to stay within the recommended dosage guidelines of 1-5mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight.

Once you find a CBD dosage that effectively helps your dog experience more comfort and peace, stick with it and stay consistent. A daily dose of CBD (at minimum) is the best way to manage your dog’s health concerns and keep them happy.



Is A Higher Potency Level Right for My Dog?

honest paws cbd dosage for dogs


Now let’s discuss the benefits of a higher potency level.

There are two main reasons why pet parents tend to opt for a higher potency level when it comes to CBD:

  • It’s significantly more cost-effective
  • It provides their pet with a stronger potency of CBD, which can be great for special cases



For example, the 125mg potency level of Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Dogs is $39.95. Essentially, you’ll pay $39.95 for a 30-day supply of CBD, with your small dog receiving 4mg of CBD per day.

However, the 250mg potency level of the same CBD oil is only $49.95. This means you’ll pay $49.95 for a 60-day supply of CBD, since each full dropper from this bottle (1mL) contains 8mg of CBD—double the amount. Essentially, for just $10 more, you’re getting an extra month of use out of the CBD. (When administrating the CBD, you would simply give your small dog half a dropper, 0.5 mL, instead of the full dropper, in order to meet their 4mg dose).

The savings increase as you go higher up on the potency scale, with savings in some cases being as high as 50%.

For many, adding CBD oil to their dog’s healthcare regimen is meant to be a long-term addition, so opting for higher potency levels no matter your dog’s size gives you the best bang for your buck.

Another reason pet parents opt for higher potency levels, though, is to provide their dog with an ‘extra-strength’ dose of CBD (while still saving significant amounts of money in the long-run).

For instance, a dog dealing with an injury or with post-surgery discomfort may benefit from an extra-strength administration of CBD. Dogs requiring support with their mobility and who might be experiencing joint stiffness associated from normal aging may also benefit from a stronger potency of CBD.

Again, it’s all about slowly introducing CBD into your dog’s routine and observing them closely to see what works best for their unique situation. You always want to strike the perfect balance between what keeps them both happy and healthy while also supporting their needs.



The Best CBD Oil for Pets: Why Honest Paws is Top Dog


Honest Paws CBD Oil

Get it on Honest Paws


CBD is arguably the most popular holistic supplement on the market today.

Sadly, with the growing rise in demand, companies are virtually popping up overnight and cutting corners to get their product out as quickly as possible.

In other words: not all CBD is created equally.

In light of this, we strongly encourage pet parents to do their homework when it comes to purchasing a CBD product.

Here are just a few things to look out for:

  • Make sure that the CBD comes from a respected, reputable company that’s in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The CBD should be organic, non-GMO, soy free, 100% natural, full spectrum, and human grade. It should also be made from the hemp plant (not the marijuana plant).
  • Only select CBD products for your pet that are certified with the NASC. Companies with a certification from the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) undergo rigorous quality audits to ensure they’re meeting the highest current standards in the animal health product industry. Purchasing CBD from an NASC-compliant company ensures you’re doing business with a company that is both ethical and 100% dedicated to providing you with safe and high-standard products. This is significant, considering the alarming number of CBD products on the market today that actually contain ZERO CBD, according to a recent study.
  • Finally, only purchase CBD that has been lab tested to ensure quality and safety. The company you do business with should be able to furnish you with a certificate of analysis (COA) upon request, which is a laboratory report of the product’s chemical make-up. This allows you to make sure that the THC levels in the product are low enough to not affect your canine friend. (THC is the compound responsible for psychoactive effects, and pet CBD should not contain more than 0.3% of this compound in order to be safe for animals).



Honest Paws is completely transparent about what goes into their CBD products.

In fact, they’re proud to show the exact ingredients they use and the quality assurance you can expect from them!

Honest Paws Quality Seals Big Banner

Honest Paws uses 100% pure full spectrum CBD hemp oil from hemp plants cultivated in Colorado. Made in the USA and thoroughly lab tested, they guarantee the quality of their products, which are human grade, organic, 100% natural, and completely vegan. Additionally, they’re non-GMO, soy free, dairy free, corn free, and gluten free as well!

Honest Paws is also certified with the National Animal Supplement Council for all their products. The organization came into existence when it was clear that no one was regulating the animal supplement industry. They know your animal companion is a part of your family, though, and should only receive the best quality when it comes to health and wellness. Their NASC certification is part of their dedication to ensuring they only provide you with the safest and highest standard of products.

Not many companies can say the same about their products!

We invite you to explore Honest Paws’ entire collection of CBD products here, which are available across four unique condition-specific lines: Calm, Mobility, Relief, and Well.

And remember: if you have any questions, you can contact Honest Paws’ world-class customer service. They’re there to answer any questions you have and they are always happy to help you decide on the right CBD for your pup! You can email them at [email protected] or give them a call at 1-844-729-7790.

cbd dosage for dogs