Best Cheap Dog Treadmills Summary

Our Top Pick
PETSITE dog treadmill

PETSITE dog treadmill

You can track your pets’ progress with a rotatable LCD display and it comes fixed with 12 preset programs.

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Best for Large Dogs
LifePro dog treadmill

LifePro dog treadmill

Lifepro dog treadmill is one of the best cheap treadmills under $500 and comes with preset programs.

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Best for Small Dogs
SHELANDY dog treadmill

SHELANDY dog treadmill

What makes this stand out from the other dog-training treadmills is that it comes with a built-in safety feature.

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What are the Benefits of Buying a Cheap Dog Treadmill?


Dig treadmills come with several benefits – they offer good exercise regardless of the weather and at all times. Plus, if available at a budget-friendly price, that is an added bonus. 

Here is a review of some of the benefits of getting a cheap dog treadmill:

  •  Exercise Regardless of Weather Conditions. There have probably been plenty of times when you and your dog planned to go out to the dog park, but an unexpected bout of heavy rain caught you off guard. It’s the worst thing when playtime gets canceled! Not only is this very disappointing for your dog, but they also miss out on their workout for the day. You might even have to cancel your walk due to extreme heat or a massive snowstorm. It is great to have a good, cheap dog treadmill in times like these.
  • Get A Good Workout In. A cheap and safe dog treadmill can benefit your dog in so many ways. If your dog uses the treadmill for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day, their muscles are toned, and they get a considerable boost in endorphins. Walking is overall great for dogs anyway, and they are sure to have a good time while walking on a treadmill. The duration for which your dog needs to be on a treadmill can vary depending on its breed, age, and size. Exercise and a good diet are critical for overall health. 
  • Incline And Decline. If you live in a city with limited trail options, a dog treadmill can be the best way to exercise muscles often ignored in regular walks. Incline and decline functionalities are available in all treadmills, including several best dog treadmills. This can help significantly target specific muscles that improve the functionality of a particular part.
  • Controlled Environment For Older Dogs. By getting your senior dog to walk for a few minutes daily, arthritic conditions can be taken care of and be appropriately monitored. You can control the speed at which they walk and make sure they aren’t overexerting themselves while at the same time making sure they are getting enough exercise. 
  • Bye Bye Behavioral Problems. It is no secret that good exercise significantly reduces behavioral problems in dogs, especially young ones. This is precisely what a cheap dog treadmill will offer. Large dogs love to dig around and tear things apart. Regular exercise takes up a lot of energy that they would have spent destroying other places. When they get more physical exercise and mental stimulation, their energy is channeled into more productive activities. Another great way to tackle behavioral problems is to put together a well-balanced meal for them with plenty of fibers. If these options aren’t that hot, you can still take your dogs for hikes and runs. Always ensure all safety precautions are taken. 
Best Seller
PETSITE Dog Treadmill
9/10Our Score
  • You can keep your pet indoors for exercise regardless of rainy days and bad weather.
  • Dual safety features for your dog's protection: console key and remote control "OFF" button for instant treadmill stoppage.
  • Premium ABS and iron pipe construction for a sturdy treadmill that can hold up to 200lbs, perfect for your dog.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a Dog Treadmill?

Price and storage issues are among the main disadvantages of dog treadmills. Also, many dog owners consider the treadmill to be an unnecessary piece of equipment. 

Let’s review the disadvantages of buying a dog treadmill:

  • Expensive price tag. Dog treadmills range from $300 to upwards of $1000 for a motorized dog treadmill. You can go for it if you have disposable income. However, it’ll be heavy on the bank account. But worry not! Read further to find our pick of the best cheap dog treadmills that are safe.
  • Space Crunch. Similar to human treadmills, a dedicated dog treadmill can take up a considerable amount of space. If you have room in your house, you should go for it. But if you live in a smaller apartment, you will have a tough time figuring out where to keep it when it is not in use.
  • Dog Owners Might Get Lazy. Getting a cheap dog treadmill might be a great idea when you can’t make time for your pooch, but don’t mistake it for a whole dog exercise routine. Dogs might miss out on precious sunlight if their owners get too dependent on a treadmill. PETMD says that treadmills are no substitute for outdoor exercise, so be sure that you’re only using treadmills as a supplement, not the sole source of physical activity for your dog. 

The Best Cheap Dog Treadmill Reviews

There are so many options for cheap dog treadmills for small and medium dogs that are safe and affordable. Luckily, we’ve done the job for you. Find below a collection of our top three picks for cheap dog treadmills available on Amazon. 


Summary: PETSITE dog treadmill is the first on the list. It comes with a safety key meant to be affixed to your dog’s collar so that if it loses control, the treadmill will stop working. You can also get the machine to stop with wireless remote control.

You can also track your pets’ progress with a rotatable LCD display. It comes fixed with 12 preset programs set in multiple speed levels and three training modes (flat ground, slope climbing, long-distance racing). The materials used in this running machine are also premium quality (ABS material).  

  • Suits both small dogs or medium-sized dog
  • Not foldable
  • Lacks easy storage
  • Likely to occupy a considerable amount of space when not in use

Review: This professional motorized treadmill is an excellent option for medium to small dogs who need to stay fit and healthy. With just enough running area and adjustable speed, this running platform is ideal for obese dogs who aren’t big outdoors fans.


Summary: According to the Pedigree Foundation, active dogs are more likely to live longer and happier lives. So, if dog fitness is your goal, the Lifepro dog treadmill is one of the best cheap treadmills under $500.

It has a safety key and an emergency stop button. Dogs can make the most of this treadmill in a safe and comfortable environment. This is super easy to install (under 10 minutes), and once it is in place, you can sit back while your little buddy burns some carbs.

This high-quality exercise equipment can also help large breeds dogs with chronic pain, high blood pressure, and high stress. This one also comes with 12 preset indoor exercise programs and a speed range of 1.5mph to 7.5 mph. It has three countdown modes on its LCD that make the machine stop automatically when the goal is reached so that your pet doesn’t go overboard with its training. Just punch in the goal on the LCD screen, and you’re all set.

  • Has multiple training modes
  • Comes with sheets on both sides in case of accidents
  • Customizable speed increments
  • Ideal for small size dogs
  • Medium size dogs might not fit comfortably

Review: The LifePro Paw Runner Electric Treadmill is excellent if you want to improve your pet’s blood circulation and blood pressure. It helps keep your dog’s weight in check. This cheap dog treadmill is excellent for furry friends who are sensitive to loud sounds or vibrations, as this uses an ultra-quiet motor designed primarily for indoor use. Dogs that get anxious around loud buzzes will feel at ease with this treadmill.


Summary: The SHELANDY pet treadmill is our third pick for the best cheap dog treadmills for your pets. What makes it stand out from the other dog training treadmills is that it comes with a built-in safety feature – it automatically switches off after 30 minutes so that your dog stays safe. This is why it is a well-liked option by several pet parents.

The harness is another feature that small breed owners love. The machine comes with a support bar that holds a D-ring. The machine provides everything you need to use this harness. This is the ultra-safe cheap dog treadmill for your dog pet.

This small dog treadmill also has a speed range of 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph, while the incline is adjustable from 5 to 9 degrees.

  • Harness support
  • 30-minute timer
  • Customizable speed settings
  • The maximum dog weight limit is 80 lbs

Review: Shelandy Pet Treadmills is a perfect pick for smaller dogs. Its built-in safety feature and support bar ensure that your pet is safe, no matter what.

How to Shop for a Cheap Dog Treadmill?


When shopping for a cheap dog treadmill, you should consider dogs size, size of the treadmill, your dog’s weight, settings and modes, and incline/decline/noise. 

You can also consider some additional factors like folding treadmill designs, included treat holders, built-in LCDs, etc. The material of the treadmills matters, too – for example, stainless steel is likely to last much longer than plastic. 

A dog walking machine is an investment, even though you get a cheaper one, so you want to ensure that the one you buy has everything that your dog needs. 

Do not compromise on the quality and safety of the product – even a cheap dog treadmill needs to be effective and safe for your dog. We also recommend checking the year warranty to ensure you are in secured hands.

Can I Make my Dog a Cheap Treadmill?

Yes, you can make a cheap dog treadmill for your pet. With the right equipment, your pet can have a DIY treadmill, but you want to explore this with a little bit of caution. 

If you make one of these, make sure that you watch over them while they exercise. You can check out DIY cheap dog treadmill tutorials to make one.

However, keep in mind that making a treadmill at home can be a time-consuming task. Also, commercially available dog treadmills tend to have more safety features and are made by experienced brands.