Diggs is an excellent dog training pet supplies provider. Their Revol Dog Crate and other related dog products are packed with quality-of-life features. These extra features are made from premium materials, as made evident in their dog kennels and other superior pet products.

We liked the amount of size and color selection that Diggs offers. Another advantage of this brand is the safety considerations that go into its product designs.

  • Diggs supplies a host of pet gear for dogs that provide crate training aid, potty training, and harnesses.
  • They use the design of their best dog crates to improve the safety and happiness of your pets.
  • Their products are available on Diggs pet.
  • Diggs’ bestsellers are often part of coupons and other promotions. Be sure to look for these deals at checkout.
Diggs Revol Complete Crate Set
10/10Our Score

The Complete Crate Bundle Includes:

  • Revol Dog Crate
  • Snooz Crate Pad
  • Diggs Bowl
  • Groov and Treat Spread

Diggs: What is It?

Diggs is a dog crate retailer. The company was started in response to the high demand for dog training and collapsible dog crates in the market. Diggs offers crates that are designed to optimize your dog’s crate training and make that experience more seamless and manageable.

Who Owns Diggs?

Diggs is owned by Zel Crampton. She is the founder as well as the current CEO and President of Diggs. This company was founded in 2016.

Where are Diggs Products Made?

Diggs products are made from materials that are sourced globally. They have a headquarter in Long Island City, New York.

Diggs: What do they Sell? 

Diggs sells crates and other accessories for pets. These products include:

Diggs: Dog Products

Diggs Revol Dog Crate for Medium Dogs

Diggs primarily sells dog products. These include the following items:

  • Dog Treats and Training: These products include different traits that help with dog training. They can help you get your dog used to using a crate through an incentive of some kind.
  • Dog Crates and Accessories: The main suite of products that Diggs provides is dog crates and other related accessories. These include things like the crate, bowls, and optional crate add-ons.
  • Dog Carriers: Carriers are a way to transport your dog and take them with you on the go. The carriers are often bundled with travel accessories that make traveling with your dog easier.

Diggs: Dog Treats and Training

Dog crates and dog training often go hand-in-hand. These products include:

  • Groov Training Aid: This training aid is compatible with the Diggs Revol collapsible dog crate as well as their wire crates. It is a training aid that you slot into the crate and is combined with various treat flavors. Through this, you can offer a licking station in your crate for different treat flavors. It also includes a freezer shell so you can create a lickable popsicle for your pup.
  • That’s My Jam: A treat that tastes just like peanut butter and jelly. It contains ingredients full of antioxidants that are healthy for your dog. These ingredients include fruits like blueberries and cranberries.
  • Gold N’ Delicious: This treat, like the others, can be spread on the Groov Training aid. It contains a high level of potassium which is beneficial to dogs. It tastes and smells like an apple orchard or a delicious apple pie.
  • Health Nut: A spreadable treat that goes great on the Groov training aid. You can also add it to fresh fruits to add an extra level of deliciousness for your dog. You can also just feed them to your dog in spoonfuls. It contains folic acid, as well as B vitamins that can improve your dog’s wellness.
  • Harnesses: Diggs offers several different harnesses, leashes, and collars that help you control your dog easily during walks.
  • Poop Bags: A no-rip solution to picking up your dog’s poop on walks. It uses a tissue-style dispenser to make it easier to open and use with one hand. This way, you can still hold your dog’s leash while using the poop bags.

Diggs: Dog Crates and Accessories

Diggs best selling products fall into the dog crates and accessories category. These products are listed below:

  • Revol Dog Crate: This is the signature Diggs item. It comes in four different colors to help make it better match home decor. The Revol also comes in four different sizes and is made from a steel mesh wire. The dog crate is collapsible for easy storage and transport. It uses a diamond-shaped mesh pattern that prevents injury to your dog’s jaw or paws and is easy to clean up. 

The high quality of materials it is made up from ensures that it won’t rust easily. It has double-door functionality, giving your furry friends more options of where their crate can be located in your home.

  • Snooz Crate Pad: A perfect companion to your Revol dog that is not too pricey. It gives your dog a perfect place to lounge that is supplemented by CertiPur-US memory foam. You can use it as a crate pad or as a stand-alone sleep pad. They come in four different sizes that correspond to the different Revel dog crate sizes.
  • Bowls: The bowls that Diggs sells can be used in and out of a crate. They sell both food and water bowls that are dishwasher-safe. These bowls are made from stainless steel and offer an additional clip crate feature that lets them easily attach to the Revel dog crate.
  • Pee Pads: An accessory that can be used in conjunction with a Revol dog crate or by itself. These pee pads are leak resistant and designed to be worry-free. You can use them to aid you in potty training your dog or pee-proofing your crate or travel bag.

Diggs: Carriers

Sometimes, you want to bring your dog with you, but you can’t let them walk. A good solution for this is a dog carrier. The dog carriers that Diggs sells are listed below:

  • Passenger Travel Carrier: A cute travel bag that comes in four different colors. It has many different pockets that will help you carry your travel-sized furry friend around. The bag is easy to clean and is compatible with the Diggs pee pads. This carrier also includes a small dog bed to give your furry friend a place to relax.

Does Diggs Sell Cat Products? 

No, Diggs does not sell cat products. The kennels that Diggs sells were designed with dogs in mind. Cat kennels typically require a different design to be comfortable for most cats.

Is Diggs a Good Brand?

Yes, Diggs is a good brand to buy dog crates from. They use high-quality ingredients and clever designs that make them safe to use. Pet crates and related accessories can be beneficial to your dog’s health and make many aspects of pet parents’ lives easier. Another reason Diggs is a good brand is because of the amount of size and color selection available. This makes them a great one-stop shop for any dog breeds you might have.

Where can I Buy Products from Diggs?

room in dog crate

You can buy Diggs products on the official website at Diggs.pet. Diggs also hosts an Amazon store page, where some of their Snooz products and puppy dividers are available. Some Diggs products are also sold at local pet suppliers like Petco.

Do Vets Recommend Diggs Products?

Yes, vets recommend products like the ones that Diggs sells. Dog crates have a long history of being endorsed by veterinarians because of the way they can help relieve your dog’s stress. Dog crates also can be essential in training your dog to ensure they are well-behaved and not exhibiting undesirable behaviors. Puppies do well with crates for training purposes and senior dogs like the safety that a crate can provide. Crates help with potty training your dog and helps them hone their den instincts. When using crates, you mustn’t force your dog to spend too long in isolation.

Diggs: Why Not Give Them a Try? 

Whether you have a puppy in need of training or a senior dog who suffers from stress and anxiety, why not give Diggs a try? The quality of the design and materials of their products ensure that you will be guaranteed to get a useful and versatile product. Whether you need a dog crate pad, a puppy divider, or a crate training aid, Diggs has you covered.