What is a DNA My Dog Test?

what is a DNA my dog test

DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit is a helpful test that can determine the breed background of a dog. DNA testing can be super beneficial for owners of mixed-breed dogs, rescue pets, and animal shelters.

A dog breed identification test helps discover the dog’s generic health concerns and provides a percentage breakdown of the breeds found within the dog’s DNA.

All of this can be done with the DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit. 

DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test Kit
  • Simple, at-home canine breed DNA test, east to administer
  • Highest Accuracy, up to 99.997% accuracy
  • Results in 2 weeks or less upon receipt of your dog's sample

Does the DNA My Dog Test Work?

Yes, DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit works.

DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit is trending and works really well to determine the canine genetic characteristics of your dog. The first order of business involves purchasing the kit test of your choice.

These tests are available on the DNA My Dog Website and major online retail sites like Amazon and Chewy.

Also, the DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit is suitable for all dogs, including Boxers, German Shepherds, Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, and other purebred and mixed-breed dogs. These tests can also point out any predisposition to diseases your mutt might be prone to.

After the purchase is complete and you’ve received your dog DNA test, you should register the test by visiting www.dnamydog.com and clicking on the blue register button on the top right corner of the screen. This is an important step you shouldn’t overlook because any sample you send will not be processed until your test sample is registered.

Once the registration process is taken care of, open the package and remove the sterile swab by carefully grabbing the handle. Don’t touch the swab because this can affect the efficacy of the DNA sample. Next, grab your dog and place the swab between its cheek and gums. If you’ve got a wiggly pup, get someone else to help you with this step. Rub the swab on your dog’s cheek for at least 20 seconds. Repeat the process with swab no.2.

Next, allow both swabs to air dry for 20 minutes and place them in the specimen envelope. Put the specimen envelope in the mailing jacket, and voila – you’re done! Just mail the package to the provided address, and your job is done. The test results will be provided two weeks after DNA My Dog receives the samples.

How Accurate is the DNA My Dog Test?

DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit comes with an accuracy level ranging from 95 to 99%.

While that’s a pretty impressive statistic, it’s still important to remember these DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit tests are not 100 percent accurate – meaning the occasional DNA kit may get the results wrong.

Dog owners must consult a veterinarian for a better understanding of their dog, irrespective of its breed mix.

How Long do DNA My Dog Results Take?

The one area where DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit reigns supreme is turnaround time.

The service offers results two weeks after receiving the samples. Conversely, results for the Wisdom Panel and Embark Kit may take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

How Many Breeds Does DNA My Dog Test for?

DNA My Dog has a database that includes 95 canine breeds, compared to Wisdom Panel and Embarks, which have a database consisting of 350 breeds and 250 dog breeds, respectively.

This basically means that if you’re interested in an extensive breakdown of your canine’s genetic makeup – you may want to go for the Wisdom Panel Premium Kit, which offers more than anyone else about canine ancestry.

dna my dog

How Does DNA My Dog Test Kit Work?

The Genetic Age Test by DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit is the only test on the market that utilizes canine DNA for Telomere testing or chronological age. That alone makes this test pretty unique, especially for pet parents who’re concerned about their rescue furball’s health.

As said, this genetic health test measures telomere shortening (aging) to accurately gauge your dog’s biological age – but you should note that this test isn’t meant for diagnostic or medical purposes. It serves more of an informational purpose and can help vets and owners plan a care routine for their pets that’s suitable according to the dog’s genetic background, cellular aging, and breed composition.

Once again, the findings of this DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit test aren’t 100 percent accurate and shouldn’t be treated as gospel. However, it’s definitely a painless and convenient way of discovering helpful insight about what makes your pet tick – physiologically speaking. Not to mention, the results take only around two weeks to come around, which is much faster compared to other commercially available tests.

What’s in a DNA My Dog Test Kit?

The DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit box contains a sterile package consisting of two cotton swabs, a return envelope, and a printed set of instructions that walk you through how to register your test on the DNA My Dog website and how you can go about performing the swab test on your pet.

If you’re wondering about how you’re going to air dry the buccal swabs once you’ve collected your pet’s cheek cell samples – the box contains little holes cut out for you to stick the swab handles in.

DNA My Dog Test Pros:

  • More reasonably priced compared to similar canine DNA tests on the market
  • The cost of shipping the samples is included in the price
  • The testing process is simple and pain-free for your dog
  • Includes a canine DNA analysis certificate you can frame
  • Access to DNA My Dog Wellness Life Plan
  • The report provides results based on four different levels of performance and includes details about your canine’s personality traits, genetic health concerns, disease dispositions, etc.
  • Readily available on most major online retail sites
  • Provides rescue parents with the opportunity to learn their canine’s age and aging speed
  • Postage included

DNA My Dog Test Cons:

  • DNA My Dog’s breed database consists of only 95 canine breeds
  • Doesn’t include a family-tree view for breed results
  • Report and analysis are only available via email – there are actual paper copies involved
  • Doesn’t provide any in-depth analysis of the health issues your pet’s breed(s) may be prone to.

DNA My Dog Test Reviews:

According to the customer reviews, the brand provides various helpful tests that shine a light on a lot more than just breed specifics. With a simple and painless cheek swab, you can learn about your dog’s genetic age, dog health, personality traits, exercise levels, etc. In short, these DNA test results can reveal a treasure trove of helpful information for doggy parents.

How Much Does the DNA My Dog Test Kit Cost?

DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit costs $66.44/kit, which is considered the cheapest among their competitors.

Are DNA My Dog Test Kits Worth it?

Yes, DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit is worth it.

The Best dog DNA test should offer customers a balance between efficacy, price, and convenience. At their price range, the DNA My Dog test kits do an admirable job of informing pet parents about their dog’s unique DNA, health risks, pedigree, pet health care, health conditions, and biological age.

If you are looking for a fast and convenient way to learn a little bit more about your dog and do not care too much about in-depth breed health analysis, then DNA My Dog’s is possibly your best option.