DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test


DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test: Learn About Your Dog’s Genetic Makeup

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DNAffirm dog breed DNA test

You may have heard of having your dog’s DNA checked recently. There has been a significant increase in its popularity and the motivations people might have for doing so.

The purpose of researching dog DNA differs from that of human DNA testing, which is typically used to learn about one’s origins and family history. The central objective of dog DNA kits is to determine which types of dogs are present in your mutt.

The majority of owners get dog DNA testing to see what type of personality characteristics and dietary habits they might expect. Perhaps the dog might be a rescue dog as well. Owing to the lack of inbreeding, a mixed breed mutt will have fewer genetic issues.

However, there is another aim that is less debated but is potentially more significant. DNA scans can also be used to screen for a host of gene-specific illnesses or defects, or genetic abnormalities, in your pet. Your dog could be a vector of these diseases or be at risk of contracting them. DNA testing can rule out this possibility—or reveal the presence of a disease before it becomes a concern.

About DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test

dog breed DNA test by DNAffirm


DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test kit helps you determine the dog’s breed composition by swabbing its mouth and shipping the sample to a lab. You’ll find not only what breeds are in your dog’s heritage but also what personality characteristics to expect and the health issues to be aware of.

How DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Tests Work

Each test arrives in a cardboard box with directions about correctly extracting your dog’s DNA and has cheek swabbing tools. Swabbing the dog’s cheek for 20 seconds to a minute is advised for most tests before mailing the sample to the clinic. To avoid cross-contamination, make sure your dog doesn’t feed or drink for two hours prior to the test.

When the samples arrive at the clinic, technicians collect and filter the DNA, and compare it to the DNA in their database. The percentage of each breed your dog’s DNA is matched with is then calculated using a computer algorithm. Instead of viewing it on a webpage, the results are sent to you as a PDF via email.

Unlike other studies, the DNAffirm Test result does not include a percentage breakdown of the dog’s breed. Instead, your pet’s heritage is divided into five levels. A breed that contributes 75% or more of its DNA to your dog’s genetic makeup is classified as level one, whereas a breed that contributes 5% or less of its DNA to your dog’s genetic makeup is classified as level five. This means that the dog’s findings may not have a level one or level two breed for a heavily mixed breed dog.

A frameable certificate, a family tree, a list of characteristics likely to be exhibited by your dog, and a summary of MDR1 and EIC screening outcomes are also included in the PDF. A positive result for MDRI means that your dog is sensitive to some common medications, and a positive result for EIC indicates that your dog is more likely to fail following times of intense exercise.

You can purchase the DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test Kit here.

DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test Kit

DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test Kit

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  • This DNA test is straightforward to use for pet parents who wish to learn more about their dogs
  • The cost-effective kit on the market
  • Costs over $20 less than any most inexpensive kits and about $100 less than high-end kits


  • The test findings do not provide details about your pet’s paternal or maternal background, physical traits, the likelihood of shedding, size, or family.
  • The cotton swabs provided for collecting the DNA sample of your pet break quite easily and hence, should be handled carefully.

What’s in the Box?

The DNA test kit contains 2 swabs, a mailing container for you to ship the collected DNA back, and enlists the steps on how to go about the process.

The Bottom Line

The DNAffirm test kit costs less than $50 and provides specific breed details in the form of a PDF. The details are a little more in-depth, and it also includes two basic health checks. The simple test kit allows you to learn more about your pets’ genetic profile at home with ease.

DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test Key Considerations

DNAffirm dog DNA breed test


It is the most inexpensive choice in the market. It has a suggested retail price of about $70, although it can be bought for less from Amazon. Apart from that, you’ll also have to pay for the cost of mailing the package, which should be minimal.

Number of Breeds Detected

You may have spent your whole life believing that your dog belongs to a particular breed. As a result, you could be shocked if your research results revealed that your canine companion comprises many distinct breeds. Most DNA testing yields the result “mixed breed unknown,” which provides details about your dog’s ancestry from centuries ago that is difficult to obtain.

Our 72 validated breeds are estimated to cover 96% of the mixed breed population in the United States. If a breed discovered is not in our database, the system attributes it to the most closely related breed or to species farther back in the dog’s lineage.

Health Screening

Your DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test kit includes health details about your dog’s genetic makeup, as well as information about his weight, sex, age, and MDR1 and EIC screening findings. A positive result for MDRI means that your canine is sensitive to some common medications. A positive result for EIC indicates that your dog is more likely to collapse following times of intense exercise.

Turnaround Time

The DNA test kit provides results in a short amount of time, delivering the DNA results within the span of two weeks.


Some reviewers were skeptical of the results that they received. Since this test gives ranges rather than exact percentages for each breed, the findings will often be less precise than other studies, even though the overall breeds are right.

Our Final Thoughts

The DNAffirm Dog Breed DNA Test kit is a good option if you want to go for something cheaper that would deliver you the information pertaining to your dog’s health as well as his/her ancestry. If you want to get a better understanding of your dog and keep him disease-free and pain-free for the remainder of his life, we would recommend purchasing this test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog DNA tests accurate?

The accuracy of DNA testing is highly dependent on the company you choose. The extensiveness of their database also plays a major role. All big dog DNA tests –Embark, Wisdom Panel, and DNAMyDog – stated that their findings are 95% correct, with some space for human error.

If your dog’s DNA includes an uncommon dog breed that isn’t included in a company’s database, your findings won’t represent it.

Another factor that may affect the test’s accuracy is the state of your dog’s mouth as you swab it for a sample. The interior of a dog’s mouth typically contains a high concentration of bacteria, which may cause the sample to deteriorate until the lab you send it to has a chance to run their experiments on it.

What dog DNA test is most accurate?

The market considers Embark to be the top DNA Test kit due to its precision and detailed information. The medical tests alone make the package worthwhile, even though it contains more details than even the most committed dog owners can need.

Can a DNA test prove a dog is purebred?

DNA Tests are used to determine the dog’s parentage, how exactly they follow the genetic signature of a breed, and whether the dog has any health problems. DNA is highly complex and incorporates a great deal of genetic material. Companies look at specific markers within the genetic makeup that have been shown to be more dominant for dogs within that breed rather than mapping out every single piece of DNA, which would be incredibly time-consuming and costly. Therefore, DNA tests cannot tell you whether your dog is purebred or not.

Are there any reasons not to test my dog’s DNA?

Knowing your dog’s breed will lead to you worrying about illness predispositions, which may cause you distress. You know your capabilities better than we do, so this is something you should think about.

You may get inaccurate information. If the DNA sample wasn’t the finest or the lab made a mistake, it’s impossible but conceivable to have erroneous information that leads you to make unnecessary changes to your dog’s lifestyle.

Will DNA tests for dogs aid in obedience training?

DNA testing can be beneficial in determining what makes the dog tick. It’s not only about appearance; it’s also their actions. Most of a dog’s appearance, including its hair and body type, is determined by genetics. Knowing that your dog has a terrier heritage, for example, will help you figure out where their prey drive and energy come from and how to channel it through training.

Different breeds may react differently to certain pet training approaches than others, and DNA test findings may help you understand why your dog behaves the way he does. For eg, despite its appearance, your dog might have the herding instincts of a Border Collie.