You love your golden retriever – he’s fun, loving, playful, and who could forget that he has such a gorgeous coat?

But if you’re owning a golden retriever for the first time, you might wonder if he’s going to shed a lot of his fur. It seems like his fur is all over the furniture all the time, no matter how much you clean the house.  

Do golden retrievers shed a lot?

Golden retrievers are a dog breed that shed a lot of their fur, especially during the fall and spring seasons. 

That doesn’t mean you have to get used to your sofa and bed being covered in golden retriever fur!

There are things you can do to minimize the shedding (and no, we’re not going to mention that you should start wearing gold-toned clothing to mask the fur stuck to it). Here’s everything you need to know about golden retriever shedding.  

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

The reason why you’re finding fur all over the house is because golden retrievers have a double coat. Underneath their smooth outer coat, they have a fluffy undercoat.

The undercoat is important because it protects your golden retriever from being affected by both cold and hot temperatures. Golden retrievers will shed fur all year round but spring and fall are when they shed the most. That’s why some people say they find furry “tumbleweeds” in the house from their golden retrievers!

When the weather starts to become cold, your golden retriever will shed more fur because his or her undercoat is becoming thicker to protect them from the upcoming winter. Then, when the weather becomes warmer, your golden retriever will shed again – this time it’s to shed its undercoat so that it won’t feel too hot during the summer months.

It’s like their shedding is a clever way for them to regulate their temperature, like removing your jacket when you enter a hot room and then putting it on when you go back outside. 

Although the science behind shedding is interesting, it’s worth noting that golden retrievers will always shed, even at other times of the year, and this can prove a tad frustrating for pet owners.  

What You Can Do To Minimize Shedding?

What You Can Do To Minimize Shedding

There are many things you can do to reduce how much your golden retriever sheds. However, bear in mind you never want to do anything that will compromise the health of your golden retriever’s coat or health.

This is simply about encouraging healthy shedding and removing excess fur so that it’s more comfortable for you and your pet. 

Brush Your Golden Retriever Daily 

Brush your golden retriever daily with a pet-approved brush to collect all the excess fur. A slicker brush is particularly useful as it removes debris from the fur as well as any knots or tangles.

A brush with retractable bristles can help you to easily collect the fur after you’ve brushed it so it doesn’t fall to the floor. The bonus about brushing your golden retriever is that it’s a bonding experience with your pet and it will feel like a pampering massage for him or her! 

Bathe Your Golden Retriever Every Few Weeks 

You should give your golden retriever a bath every few weeks as this can help to wash off some hair that was preparing to shed as well as hair that was already released by the hair follicles but was stuck to your golden retriever’s coat.

However, resist the temptation to bathe your golden retriever too often as that can lead to skin conditions. It also removes the natural oils in your pet’s fur, leading to a dry, damaged coat that doesn’t have its beautiful shine.  

Feed Your Golden Retriever A Healthy Diet 

You need to feed your golden retriever a healthy diet with all the right nutrients in it as this will keep its coat and skin healthy. Make sure your golden retriever’s diet is filled with digestible proteins and fatty acids. This will prevent health conditions that can lead to your golden retriever shedding more fur than normal. 

It also ensures that your retriever is getting all the nutrients he needs in order to encourage a healthy coat. In addition, allergies can cause hair shedding, so make sure there’s nothing in the food that’s causing a reaction in your dog. 

Here’s how to ensure your pet’s diet is balanced: 

Your adult dog should get at least 18 percent of protein in his or her diet, but puppy food needs to have a minimum protein content of 22 percent. This is because protein builds muscle.

Fat is also important because it gives your pet the energy he or she needs to be active (and golden retrievers are full of energy!), so it should make up about 8 percent of your puppy’s diet and 5 percent of your adult dog’s diet (via Rover). 

The bottom line is that your golden retriever needs a high-protein and low-to-moderate fat diet that is healthy for them but also keeps excess calories at bay! 

Keep Chemicals Away From Your Pet 

Another good tip to ensure that you reduce your pet’s shedding is to stick to using natural cleaning products in the home. Chemical detergents contain harmful and toxic ingredients that can result in irritation and allergies in your dog, such as excessive itching that could exacerbate its shedding.

Although you might not think your golden retriever is coming into contact with such chemicals, consider what laundry detergent you use for your dog’s bedding as well as your floor cleaner. 

Health Conditions That Cause Your Golden Retriever To Shed Too Much

Health Conditions That Cause Your Golden Retriever To Shed Too Much

It’s important to realize that there’s a difference between shedding and losing fur. If you notice that your golden retriever is losing clumps of hair and/or the hair is leaving bald spots, then that requires a visit to the vet.

Pay attention to how evenly or unevenly your golden retriever is shedding. If there’s even shedding, this is considered normal. On the other hand, if the shedding is uneven, such as because your dog’s only shedding one area of his or her fur, some other issue could be at play.

There could be a medical reason for this to be happening. The same goes for if your golden retriever has suddenly started to shed a lot more fur than usual. 

Examples of health conditions that lead to excessive shedding include adrenal diseases such as Cushing’s disease or infections that result in patchy hair loss. Other health conditions such as allergies and thyroid problems can also cause excessive shedding.

If the shedding comes on suddenly, the culprits could be fleas, lice, mites, ringworm, fungal infections, or even cancer. In addition to physical conditions, it’s worth considering that stress can also cause your dog to shed a lot out of the blue.

There are many reasons why your golden retriever could be shedding as a result of stress, such as if you’ve moved to a new home or there have been major changes in your home life, such as the loss of a loved one.

It’s important to get your golden retriever checked out by the vet if you suspect that their shedding is a sign of something more serious.

You know what’s normal shedding for your golden retriever and what’s not. So don’t delay in consulting with your vet if you’re worried as this will help you to nip any potential health conditions in the bud before they become serious. 

Related Questions 

How can you remove dog fur from your furniture? 

You will need to vacuum your dog’s fur from surfaces in the home to eliminate it, and be sure to vacuum higher areas in the home first.

You can also use a damp paper towel over areas that are particularly filled with dog hair. 

How can you tell if your golden retriever has allergies? 

Allergies will make your dog’s skin itchy. It usually affects the folds of the skin, ears, feet, and belly the most.

You might also find that allergies in your dog cause him or her to lick their paws a lot, rub their face, or get ear infections regularly. 


One of the many truths about golden retrievers is that they shed – a lot. In this article, we’ve looked at why golden retrievers shed their fur, when you can expect the amount of fur that they shed to increase, and what you can do to reduce it while keeping your pet’s coat healthy. 

By taking steps to minimize your golden retriever’s shedding, you’ll ensure that his or her coat remains glossy and healthy.