Who wouldn’t want to welcome another puppy into their lives? Before you buy one though, you should always go to a responsible breeder. Unlike puppy mills and pet stores, they are concerned about the animal’s wellbeing. Before you take the next step and become a new dog owner, learn more about finding dog breeders near me!

5 Things Responsible Dog Breeders Near Me Do!

When looking for “dog breeders near me,” some people feel disoriented. They don’t know what traits to look for or what questions to ask the breeders. Don’t panic! The next time you get in touch with a breeder, follow our 5-point checklist. If they meet all these requirements, they’re reputable breeders.

  1. Responsible breeders are happy to show you every area their dogs and puppies spend time in.
  2. Their dogs and puppies spend time in clean, roomy areas appropriate for their breed.
  3. Reputable breeders deal with only a couple of breeds at the same time and are knowledgeable of animal sciences.
  4. They encourage you to spend time with the puppies and to bond with them.
  5. They will ask you questions to determine if you’d be a good dog owner.

Dig Deeper than a “Puppies for Sale Near Me” Search!

Obviously, simply looking for pups for sale online is bound to lead you to puppy meals and pet stores. Don’t fall into temptation and purchase the first dog you see available! It’s not just us saying it. Millions of vets and even the American Kennel Club say it too.

Getting a pup, whether they are a small dog or a large breed, from irresponsible breeders is a costly mistake. There’s a good chance the pup you’re buying has some underlying condition that could affect their wellbeing in the future.

For example, a Golden Retriever or a Shetland Sheepdog puppy may have hip dysplasia. This uncurable hip problem is the source of much pain for adult dogs. It’s the number one problem when buying these breeds from bad breeders.

Is It Too Convenient? “Free Puppies Near Me” Is a Red Flag!

Always be wary of what seems too good to be true. If you see an ad for a free Alaskan Malamute, look deeper into it. These dogs cost upwards of $2,200 from good breeders. Why would someone be giving one away for free? Is it because it’s sick and needs costly medical care? Always ask these questions!

Do Your Homework: 5 Ways to Spot a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are a dime a dozen. You can find them in almost every city. But how can you spot them? These five points are tell-tale signs you’re dealing with a sleazy breeder.

  1. You won’t be allowed to meet the parents of the pup you’re interested in at a puppy mill or farm.
  2. The address for many puppy mills is an industrial area, as opposed to a family home.
  3. The areas where the dogs and puppies spend their time are not well taken care of and are confining.
  4. Puppy mills breed a lot of breeds at once (more than three) and always have pups available.
  5. They do not ask you any questions about why you want to get a dog.

When searching for dog breeders near me, you won’t encounter these dodgy signs. They’re animal lovers who want the best for all their pups and care about finding responsible owners!

Finding Your New Doggo Should Not Start with a Search for “Pet Stores Near Me”

Pet stores aren’t a viable option either. Sure, they have cute French Bulldog pups, energetic Border Collie puppies, and even adorable Yorkshire Terrier dogs at the store. But it’s important to not give in. They’re another source of sick dogs with, oftentimes, behavioral issues that are hard to turn back when the dog is older.

Pet Store Near Me? No! That’s Not the Place to Find a Puppy!

These puppies are often kept in appalling conditions. How would you like to be placed in a glass tank or in a crowded pen for days on end? Doesn’t sound appealing, does it?

Dog breeders near me offer a much better experience to these young doggos. They get lots of free space to roam around in and to play in. But, most importantly, they’re socialized with other dogs, which means they’ll behave great when taken to their forever home!

What About PetFinder Dogs?

We couldn’t be any more pro-adoption. It’s the perfect way to give all dog breeds a forever home where they’ll be taken care of and loved deeply. And with so many homeless pets today, you would be having a real impact on animal welfare.

PetFinder Is Looking to Rehome All Dog Breeds!

PetFinder is an online adoption center. You will find thousands of dogs of all ages looking for a forever home. If you’re on a budget or simply want to better the life of a dog in need, this is a great chance to add a canine companion to your life!

You’ll find all kinds of dog breeds, from Rottweilers to Belgian Malinois and even Chihuahuas. They’re all looking for a family to love—and one that will love them back.

You Can Find All Types of Dogs on Petfinder.com

PetFinder is not just a place where you can adopt purebred dogs. You’ll find plenty of mixed breeds there, too. In that aspect, they’re much like a walk-in animal shelter.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Rescue Shelters Have Pure Breeds of Dogs Too!

Unfortunately, not all pups are given a full life of love and affection. Some are abandoned or abused. Rescue shelters take these poor doggos in and give them a new chance at being happy. By adopting, you could change a dog’s life for the better.

Whether you’re looking for a Poodle, a Boston Terrier, or a mutt, a rescue shelter could be your first stop. That is if you’re not interested in looking for dog breeders near me.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Wanting Pedigree Dog Breeds

Don’t let other people tell you buying purebred dogs is bad. If you’re doing it from responsible dog breeders near me, there’s nothing wrong with it!

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a Bull Terrier, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or with a German Shorthaired Pointer. Many people value the traits each breed has, for example, their cuddliness or their prey drive. What’s important is that you become a responsible owner.

Make Sure You Support Humane, Ethical, and Responsible Dog Breeding

Dog breeders near me are champions of animal rights and wellbeing. They treat every breeding dog and every young pup like royalty. After all, dogs are man’s best friend and should be treated as such! By doing business with them and cutting out puppy mills and pet stores, you’re supporting their efforts to breed responsibly.