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dog dna test reviews

There is no end to the fascination that pet owners feel when it comes to their canine friends. A lot of dog owners wish to find out more about the fur baby, which is why they opt for a dog DNA test. Analyzing a dog’s DNA can be especially useful for breed identification and determining your dog’s genetic makeup at home. Genetic testing will also help you determine any genetic predisposition that your dog might have and health risks that might be associated with your dog’s dominant breeds.

But what are some of the best dog DNA tests available, and how does dog DNA testing work? These are some of the questions we are going to explore today!

Our Top Picks

If you are wondering what are the best dog DNA testing kits out there for your puppy at home, then you have come to the right place! In this review, we are going to break down everything you need to know about genetic testing and help you pick the best dog test for your fur baby at home!

Best Overall (Embark)

The Embark DNA test is truly the best dog genetic test kit out there. We will go into more detail about this test kit later, so keep an eye out!

Best for Mixed Breeds (Wisdom)

If you’ve got a mixed breed dog at home, then the Wisdom Again, we are going to go into more detail regarding the Wisdom Panel DNA test as well as the Wisdom Panel breed health kit, so stay hooked!

Lowest Price (DNA My Dog)

Embark and Wisdom Panel DNA kits might prove to be a little expensive for some dog owners. If this is the case, then DNA My Dog is definitely one of those testing companies that you can consider to test your dog’s makeup of breeds. Not only is DNA My Dog super affordable, but the test results are highly accurate as well!

Best for Healthcare Recommendations (Orivet)

A lot of dog owners perform a genetic test on their pooch simply out of curiosity. However, several dog parents out there wish to perform a dog DNA test to take care of the dog’s health. If this is the case, then the Orivet health screening DNA test is truly one of the best genetic tests for determining your dog’s health risks and genetic health conditions.

What are Dog DNA Tests?

dna dog test reviews

Dog DNA tests are basically canine DNA tests that are performed to understand your dog’s genetic makeup and breed. Whether you have an American Staffordshire terrier, a German shepherd, or an American Pitbull terrier home, you will be able to perform a canine DNA test to find out your dog’s breed composition.

You might be wondering, “How exactly does DNA testing work for a dog?” Well, dog DNA testing works pretty much the same manner as it would for humans. The test kit contains a cheek swab that you place inside your dog’s mouth for at least 30 seconds to get your dog’s sample of DNA. The DNA sample can then be sent to the DNA testing company for analysis.

The dog DNA testing company will then send you back the breed results along with the results from the health screening. The test results are extremely important to determine the dog breeds that make up your pooch and keep your dog healthy and thriving throughout his life.

Benefits of DNA Testing Your Dog

There are several benefits that DNA testing can bring for your dog.

Breed Identification

Getting their dog into the American Kennel Club registry of purebred dogs is one of the biggest dreams of several pet parents. Unfortunately, while DNA testing does not help determine whether your dog is purebred or not, you will still be able to find testing companies who will perform a breed identification test to identify your dog’s breed mix (such as the DNA My Dog Test).

And if you have a mixed breed dog at home, such as a pug mix or a lab mix, then you can find out your dog’s breed composition and understand the dominant breed that makes up the majority of your dog’s genetic composition. Most DNA tests come with a breed health kit (such as the Wisdom Panel health kit), where you are provided with detailed information regarding your dog’s health and the various health risks prone towards in his life.

Determine Your Dog’s Genetic Age

If you are unsure of how old your dog is, you can perform a genetic test to determine your dog’s genetic age. This will help you understand what kind of health conditions your dog might be prone to for his age. You will then be able to take special care of your dog by catering to all of his needs, especially if you have an older dog at home.

Discover Your Dog’s Relatives

Some of the best dog genetic tests provide you with a multi-generational family tree that helps you discover your dog’s relatives. For instance, not only will you be able to trace the littermates of your four-legged companion, but you will also be able to determine your dog’s ancestry right up to his great grandparents. You can also find out other dogs that your dog may be closely related to as well!

Enhance Your Dog’s Health

Most dog genetic tests provide you with a breed health kit that elaborates on the various health conditions and genetic diseases that your dog may face according to his genetic makeup. This allows you to take preventive measures well in advance to ensure your dog’s well-being.

What To Look For In A Dog DNA Test

dna test reviews for dog

There are several things you need to look for in a DNA test for dogs. Some of the best dog DNA testing kits include:

Breed Identification Database

Embark tests and Wisdom Panel tests contain a brilliant breed database of over 350 breeds to run your dog’s results against. They will provide your pet’s breed breakdown to help you understand the mix of breeds present in your dog.

Dog DNA Testing Kits

Dog DNA kits contain a cheek swab to collect the DNA samples of your dog. The DNA My Dog test kit is notable here.

Duration Of Test Results

You need to check whether your dog’s results will be available to you quickly or not. Wisdom Panel tests and Embark tests do pretty well in this department.

Health Kit

The DNA kits also provide you with a health kit to understand the various diseases that are related to your dog’s breed.  Once your dog’s DNA has been analyzed for various genetic markers, your testing company will provide you with a health kit to understand your dog’s genetic disposition and diseases.

Best Dog DNA Testing Reviews

Embark Dog DNA Test

Embark Dog DNA Test Breed Identification Kit

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Customer rating: 4.5 stars

Embark dog DNA test is one of the best dog DNA kits you will find! With a breed identification database of over 350 breeds and 200,000 genetic markers, this dog DNA kit provides you with highly accurate results in just a matter of three weeks!

Not only does this test determine your dog’s breed with the help of a breed identification test, but it also performs a health screening to reveal all the health risks that might be associated with your dog’s breeds.

The Embark Dog DNA results are highly accurate, which means that you will be able to take care of your dog’s well-being in the long run! Customer reviews are highly favorable towards Embark tests. However, you need to keep in mind that the Embark dog DNA test is a lot more expensive than other dog DNA kits on our list!

Wisdom Panel Test

Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test

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Customer rating: 4.5 stars

The Wisdom Panel test kit is one of the most popular testing kits that you can opt for mixed breed dogs. Wisdom Panel is one of those DNA testing companies that provide your pet’s breed breakdown in a highly accurate manner. It helps you determine your dog’s breed composition (which is provided along with breed descriptions.)

The Wisdom health kit provided by the Wisdom Panel Premium test kit is brilliant for determining any health conditions your dog might be prone to in the future. Please note that customer reviews are highly favorable towards the Wisdom Panel testing kit.

DNA My Dog Breed ID Test Kit

DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

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Customer rating: 4 stars

DNA My Dog breed ID test kit is one of the most affordable options for those operating on a tight budget. DNA My Dog produces accurate test results of your dog’s family tree. DNA My Dog also allows you to understand whether your dog is related to other dogs and other breeds out there. DNA My Dog is definitely one of the most recommended options for cheap DNA testing for dogs!

Orivet Dog DNA Test


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Customer rating: 4 stars

The kind of health screening that Orivet performs is truly remarkable. This testing kit helps you understand the various diseases your dog may develop in the future. Orivet also allows you to add in your dog’s age, size, weight, and lifestyle factors to understand your pup’s health more holistically.

The Bottom Line: Is it Worth DNA Testing Your Dog?

This is one of the biggest questions that dog owners usually have. Is it really worth it to invest in a genetic test kit for your dog? Well, we would say it’s totally worth it! Yes, some of them can be slightly expensive (like the Wisdom Panel premium DNA kit), but you can substitute them for a cheaper alternative (such as the DNA My Dog or Wisdom Panel Essential DNA kit) and get all of the benefits of DNA testing!

The breed results are extremely beneficial in understanding the personality traits and the physical traits of your dog. The health screening provided by some of the tests can also prove especially useful for dogs who are suffering from genetic diseases and other health conditions. Once you understand all of the genetic predispositions of your dog through these DNA tests, you will be able to take preventive measures to ensure your dog’s well being in the future.

Our Final Thoughts

So, which of these dog DNA tests have caught your eye today? Is it the remarkably accurate Embark dog DNA test kit or the Wisdom Panel identification test, or the super affordable DNA My Dog test? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?

Yes, dog DNA tests are accurate. However, the accuracy of the DNA testing depends upon which company’s DNA kits you are using. Ideally, you should look for a DNA testing company that has received positive reviews by pet owners who have tried out the dog DNA test kits themselves.

Which Dog DNA Test Is Most Accurate?

The Embark DNA test is one of the best dog DNA tests out there, which produces the most accurate results. The Embark dog DNA test kit is capable of providing you with excellent breed identification as well as a breed health kit for your four-legged companion.

Can A DNA Test Prove A Dog Is Purebred?

No, dog DNA testing kits can’t prove whether your dog is a purebred dog or not. The best they can do is provide you with a family tree for your dog containing the history of your dog’s ancestry that goes right up to the great grandparents (something you can find in the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test).

How Much Does A Dog DNA Test Cost At A Vet?

You can determine your dog’s DNA with the help of someone who has studied veterinary medicine at a reputed college (such as Cornell University College for veterinary medicine). However, dog DNA tests at the vet are more expensive than dog DNA test kits that you use at home (with a DNA swab for your dog’s cheek to collect the sample). Genetic tests at the vet can cost anywhere between $100 to $300, depending upon the vet you choose to approach.