Dog Ear Cleaner


Using a good dog ear cleaner can make all the difference to the health of their ears. By reducing excessive wax and dirt, this robs yeasts and ear mites of their food and reduces ear problems.

Keeping the canal clean with regular ear cleaning also helps the skin’s natural immunity to better fight off dog ear infection. Cleaning is especially important for dogs with floppy ears, ¬†such as Cocker Spaniels, with poor air circulation in the ear canal.

How to Clean Dog Ears with a Dog Ear Cleaner!

The key to ear cleaning is to be generous with the dog ear cleaner solution. Raise the ear flap. Hover the nozzle of the bottle, over the entrance to the external ear canal. Slowly squeeze enough liquid out so that it floods the canal. Use a ball of cotton wool to plug the entrance to the canine ear. Massage below the skin below the cotton wool for a few seconds, then remove the plug.

Ta dah! Clean ears.

5 Tips on How to Clean a Dogs Ears At Home!

Perhaps your fur-friend is super-wriggly or doesn’t like having their ears touched. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can overcome most problems so they enjoy ear cleaning.

  1. Plan Ahead: Don’t be the dog owner that waits until their dog has a sore ear infection before trying to clean their ears. Introduce cleaning the ears early, as part of a regular grooming routine.
  2. Build Positive Links: If your dog hates having their ears touched, teach them there’s nothing to worry about. Start by gently touching an area close to the ear that the dog doesn’t mind. Praise and reward the dog. Then briefly stroke a place a tiny bit closer to the ear. Again, praise and reward. Over time, you’ll win the dog’s confidence.
  3. Enlist Help: It’s a rare dog that will stay still to have their ears cleaned. Enlist the help fo a friend to hold the dog steady, so you have both hands free to clean the ear.
  4. Keep Yourself Safe: If the ear cleaning is urgent, but the dog hates their ears being touched, keep yourself safe. If necessary, pop a soft muzzle on the dog so that you don’t get nipped.
  5. Get Everything Ready: Have all your supplies lined up and ready to go.

The Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solution!  

Not all ear cleaning solutions are created equal. Some products may sting the lining of the ear canal, causing pain and inflammation. Indeed, it might be just such an experience which has left the dog linking ear cleaning to discomfort, and make them resist the process.

Be sure to choose a good ear cleaning product that is both effective and sympathetic to the ears’ ecosystem. A harsh cleaner will strip away the natural protective oils, leading to dry skin that is weak and infection-prone.

Virbac Epi-otic Ear Cleaning Solution

Alchohol-free, Virbac epi-otic is recommended by vets for routine ear cleaning. It is great at dissolving wax and lifting debris, all without irritating the delicate lining of the ear canal. Epi-otic also evaporates quickly, which avoids the scenario of a wet ear canal and doing more harm than good.

Pet MD Otic-Clean Ear Cleanser

Formulated by vets, Pet MD Otic-clean contains aloe vera. This helps make it gentle enough for daily use. This product is recommended to deal with excess wax, dirt, and debris; and leaves the canal clean and sweet smelling. It doesn’t sting or burn when applied into the ear canal and is a great tool for keeping ears healthy.

Cleaning Dog Ears: Why the Right Product Matters!

When you soak in the bath, your fingertips go all prune-like. This is because the skin absorbs water and ‘macerates’. Maceration damages the skin and makes infection more likely. When you use an ear cleaner that stays ‘wet’ inside the dog’s ear, it makes infection more likely rather than less.

Choose an ear cleaner with care. It should dissolve wax, be sympathetic to the skin’s pH, and evaporate so the ear canal doesn’t stay wet.

How Often Should I Clean my Dog’s Ears?

There’s no one answer to how often to clean a dog’s ears. A good starting point is once a week, especially for wax prone ear canals. If the cotton wool comes away very dirty, then clean more frequently. Likewise, if not much wax comes out, then you wait longer between cleanings.

Bye Bye Dirt and Other Ruff Schtuff with a Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner

There are lots of home remedies out there for ear cleaning, but not all are a great idea. For example, rubbing alcohol is too harsh and will sting the ear. At best, some are unlikely to do harm, such as a few drops of olive oil.

pup with one ear up wanting to know how to clean dogs ears

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy Peroxide

Never put neat hydrogen peroxide into the ear. Look for a 3 or 4% solution. However, to work it needs to stay in the ear canal for at least 20 minutes, which is difficult to do with a dog.

However, hydrogen peroxide is only effective for wax. Don’t be tempted to use it for an infection. Oh, and don’t use it more than once a fortnight, or it will damage the lining of the ear canal.

Remember chronic ear infections in dogs is often due to bacteria build up. Dog owners should never attempt to heal a bacterial infection with products like witch hazel, coconut oil, or even tea tree oil!

What Should You Not Put in Dog Ears!

Don’t use water to clean your dog’s ears. It macerates the skin. Likewise avoid harsh acidic products, such as neat vinegar, or astringent ones such as neat peroxide. Also, popular remedies such as tea tree oil need extreme care as in high concentrations they are potentially toxic.

Also, never put a cotton swab into a dog’s ear canal. If the dog moved suddenly it’s all too easy to damage the delicate eardrum.

Ear Infection in Dogs: Should You Clean Fiddos Ear if they’ve Got a Dog Ear Infection!

If your dog has an ear infection, always see the vet. It’s important the vet assess whether the eardrum is intact or not. This is because using a product if the eardrum is ruptured, can cause serious complications.

How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Without Vet

Actually, this is a bad idea. A true ear infection needs medical attention to get on top of things. Ear infections can be surprisingly complex, with trigger factors such as allergies, foreign bodies, or parasites playing a part. It’s crucial to have the problem assessed by a vet and the correct treatment prescribed.

Not to do so could risk serious damage to the inner ear, causing deafness and balance problems.

Ear Drops for Dogs

There are circumstances when cleaning an infected ear is a good idea. For example, if the ear has a heavy discharge, the vet may suggest cleaning ahead of each application of medicated drops. This reduces debris which might stop the drops getting to where they are needed more.

Does Your Dog Have Dirty Ears? It’s Time to Invest in a Dog Ear Cleaner

Dirty ears are one step short of an ear infection. Regular ear cleaning is a great investment in time and effort. It may help your dog dodge problems such as chronic ear infections.

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