What Is the Best Dog House?

BestPet Pet Kennel with Air Vents and Elevated Floor Ventilate
  • Suitable for small dogs: The overall size of this plastic dog house is 25in (L) 27in (W) 28in (H), which can be suitable for small dogs such as Pomeranian, Fa fight, Teddy, etc.
  • Strong & Durable: Our dog house is fastened with snaps and screws to ensure the stability of the overall structure. A 160-pound adult can easily sit on the roof without crushing the house. The box contains two nails; you can also use it to fix the dog house on the ground.
  • Outdoor Dog House: Our plastic dog house is ideal for use in backyard, patio, deck, etc. Double air vents ensures the circulation of fresh air, keeps your dog cool in summer. Besides, our dog house is made of heat-insulating materials; your pet will feel warmer if you put a blanket on the house in winter.

What Is the House of Dog Called?

The dog house is called a dog kennel.

There are many types of dog kennels or houses – some are designed for indoor and others for outdoor use. Based on the material, the two most common types of houses are plastic houses & wooden houses.

Also, there are kennels for different dog sizes, from small to medium to large.

Are Dog Houses Warm?

Yes, houses for dogs are warm.

Generally speaking, small dog houses tend to be warmer, while spacious dog houses are cooler. However, if insulated, they are all warm and cozy.

Proper insulation is particularly important in outdoor dog kennels.

Do Inside Dogs Need a Dog House?

No, inside dogs do not need a dog house.

However, it is a great way to give your pet dog its own weatherproof outdoor space. They can also be used as an indoor dog house in place of dog crates.

What Are the Benefits of a Dog House?

Having a dog house comes with several benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Protection from Weather. Pet shelters like dog houses protect pets from wind, rain, heat, and cold throughout the year.
  • Comfort. Dog houses offer dogs and cats a space for them to be comfortable. Unlike dog kennels and other enclosures, dog houses are typically open to dogs all day and can hold one or more dog beds for extra comfort.
  • Safety. Dog fences keep pets in a specific area, but dog houses can help encourage dogs to stay nearby. They are also helpful as recall points in case your dog is drawn to a dangerous animal or vehicle.
  • Extra Space. Dog houses are excellent for clearing your home and yard of toys and other pet products. Keeping them in or near your pet shelter is easy and cuts down on clutter.

The Best Dog Houses Reviewed

There are many different kennels or houses for dogs. To help you find the right one for your pet, we have reviewed several best-selling dog houses.

BestPet Pet Kennel with Air Vents and Elevated Floor Ventilate

Summary: This durable A-frame dog house is perfect for small breeds. The strong weatherproof roof protects your pet and can be removed for effortless cleaning. Ventilation at the top ensures that your furry friend stays cool in the summer.

Ideal for use in the yard, on a deck, or other floorings, this plastic dog house comes with snaps and screws for extra stability year-round.

Features: Double air vents, mounting snaps and screws, removable roof, waterproof base

Dimensions: 25″L x 27″W x 28″H

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern style

  • Robust and weatherproof roof
  • Dual air vents ensure a fresh and cool interior
  • Waterproof base keeps everything dry
  • Includes grounding hardware
  • Features a simple, stylish design
  • Must use a blanket on top during winter to retain heat
  • Only suitable for small breed dogs

Review: This dog house has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most customers love the compact size, which is perfect for small dogs and cats or for use in a small outdoor space. The durable plastic keeps the rain out and stays cool even on hot days. While it isn’t an excellent option for cold areas, the ease of assembly and cleaning makes this pet house a superb option for owners that aren’t worried about winter weather.

Petmate Indigo All-Weather Protection Dog House

Summary: This igloo dog house is perfect for a range of weather. The dog house has an air vent at the top to keep pets cool during summer, while the heavy-duty plastic insulates pets during fall and winter.

A raised base and covered entrance keep the rain out. The removable top makes it easy to clean at any time so your pet can be happy in their new space.

Features: Removable top, air vent, covered entrance, raised base, side moats for drainage, durable plastic construction

Dimensions: 43.8″L x 34″W x 25.8″H

Material: Plastic

Style: Igloo style

  • Ventilation hole keeps pets cool
  • Large size is ideal for big dogs
  • Raised flooring to keep water out
  • Removable top makes cleaning a cinch
  • Heavy-duty plastic is weatherproof
  • Doggy door flap is only available separately

Review: This igloo-style dog house has 4.3 out of 5 stars, thanks to the high-quality plastic used. The dog house is very durable, which is perfect for pet owners with large dogs. The covered entrance really prevents water from getting in, and the removable roof lets owners clean the inside whenever they want. Most pet owners noted that their dogs prefer spending time in this plastic dog house rather than in their dog kennel.

Precision Pet Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Summary: This wooden dog house offers a cute cabin design using durable, high-quality materials. The dog house is weatherproof and easy to put together.

Steel reinforcements add extra support to the natural wood, while adjustable legs make it easy to place this pet house on uneven ground like grass or soil. With plenty of sizes to choose from, this outdoor wood dog house is perfect for dogs large and small.

Features: Raised base, adjustable legs, durable natural cedar wood, stainless steel reinforcement, slanted roof

Dimensions: 44.7″L x 32″W x 32.5″H

Material: Natural Wood

Style: Cabin style

  • Made with durable, weatherproof wood
  • Reinforced with sturdy stainless steel
  • Adjustable feet ensure stability on any surface
  • Available as a small or large dog house
  • Stylish natural wood looks great with any décor
  • No covered entrance
  • Cedar naturally expands and shrinks with weather

Review: Customers have given this dog house an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars, because of the beautiful natural wood construction. This stylish dog house is great for primarily dry areas, as the cedar wood will crack and shift with moisture changes due to a natural process called “checking.” While the wood is very durable against weather, it doesn’t hold up against heavy chewers or otherwise destructive pets. However, if you need a stylish dog house with good insulation that can be used anywhere in your outdoor space, this is an excellent choice.

ZENYWater Resistant Dog Kennel for Small to Medium Sized Dogs

Summary: This small dog house is perfect for puppies and tiny dogs that need an outdoor space. This durable plastic dog house is weatherproof and resistant to corrosion from the elements. Two built-in vents keep pets cool during the summer, and the thick plastic helps to insulate warmth during winter.

It’s easy to assemble the dog house, and the roof comes off for easy, regular cleaning. Small dogs and cats will love this cute outdoor pet house.

Features: Two air vents, removable roof, raised base, durable plastic construction, textured entrance ramp

Dimensions: 27″L x 25.6″W x 27″H

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern

  • Dual ventilation supports good airflow
  • Raised base keeps water out
  • Textured ramp helps pets get in and out of the dog house
  • Removable roof makes cleaning easy
  • Can be used as a dog or cat house
  • Not ideal for large pets
  • No doggy door

Review: This plastic dog house has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is enjoyed by both cat and dog owners. The small dog house is perfect for tiny pets and can hold multiple dog beds for cats or toy-sized dogs. Assembly is straightforward and removing the roof for cleaning is just as simple. Pet owners love how cute and simple the design is, and they say that their pets enjoy using this dog house.

Ferplast DogVilla Dog House

Summary: This small dog house is an excellent alternative to a dog kennel or enclosure. This dog house doesn’t need tools to be assembled, allowing pet owners to remove the top or sides for cleaning.

One side of the dog house can be pulled down to create a doggy porch that your pet can lounge on while they are enjoying good weather. The stylish roof and textured entrance ramp make this dog house a great choice for pet parents and their small dogs or cats.

Features: Fold-out porch, durable plastic construction, ventilated and raised base, textured entrance ramp, plastic tiled roof

Dimensions: 28.74”L x 23.23”W x 20.87”H

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern

  • Made with anti-shock plastic
  • Waterproof design keeps pets dry
  • Ventilation in the base supports airflow
  • The side panel folds out into a doggy porch
  • Easy assembly that requires no tools
  • Not ideal for large pets
  • Not completely weatherproof

Review: This dog house is rated as 4.4 out of 5 stars and is enjoyed by owners of small and medium-sized pets. The durable plastic is perfect for withstanding inclement weather and doesn’t fade in the sun. The stylish design makes pet parents happy, while good ventilation in the raised base keeps pets comfortable. Many pet parents love the value of this quality item and say that their dogs love to relax in the dog house.

What Kind of Dog House Should I Get?

The kind of dog house you should get depends on where you live and your dog’s needs. Your dog house should at least have:

  • Appropriate Size. Make sure to get a dog house that your dog can stand up and turn around in, just like with dog kennels. Some x-large dogs may require an enclosure rather than a dog house.
  • Ventilation. Keeping pets cool during summer is important. If you live in an area with mostly hot weather, consider a dog house with mesh sides or adjustable air vents.
  • Thick Insulation. Staying warm during winter is essential for dogs. Every dog house should be able to keep your pet warm during cold weather. If you live in an area with mostly cold weather, you may need additional insulation to keep your pet safe.
  • An Elevated Floor. Elevated floors prevent rain and mud from getting into your dog’s house. If you have uneven ground, consider a dog house with adjustable legs.
  • Optional Doggy Door. Dogs love to come and go, so using a doggy door may not always be useful. Having the option is ideal, in case the weather gets cold or if you need to keep out leaves and other debris.

What Size Should My Dog House be?

The size of your dog house should be about 25% larger than the dog (basically, it is the same rule that applies to dog crates).

Measure the length of your dog from nose to tail and from paw to ear to get an accurate length and width.