Which is the Best Nail Grinder for Dogs?

Are Nail Grinders Safe for Dogs?

Yes, the dog nail grinder is safe for pet grooming.

Pet nail grinders generally have a rotating tip that effectively grinds your dog’s nails down. Most nail grinders come equipped with a nail guard that reduces the contact point of your dog’s nails with that of the grinder.

Below, we will dive further into the detailed advantages and disadvantages of nail grinding as part of regular nail care during dog grooming.

Is Nail Grinding Good for Dogs?

Yes, nail grinders are good for dog nails. Here are some of the benefits of using a nail grinder for dogs:

  • Automatic Operation. Most nail grinders are automatic; hence do not require any manual effort.
  • Safety Quotient. Nail grinders are safe to use. Most of them come equipped with a safety guard to ensure that your pooch doesn’t get hurt in the process.
  • Professional Finish. Nail grinders give your dog’s nails a smooth and rounded finish.
  • Speed Control. A nail grinder can be controlled to prevent any cuts and bruises.
  • Pain-Free Experience. Dog nail clippers do not apply any pressure on your dog’s nails and provide a pain-free grooming experience for your dogs.

What are the Disadvantages of Dog Nail Grinders?

Every tool has its possible risks. In the case of nail grinders grooming tool, it is important to consider these probable downsides:

  • Noise Quotient. Nail grinders have a rotating tip, and this rotation makes a noise that some dogs may be sensitive towards.
  • Heating. The grinding process may heat the tip of your dog’s nails, making them uncomfortable.
  • Electrical Setup. You must set up the nail grinder with proper electrical plugging and voltage.
  • Maintenance and Charging. Nail grinders could be electrically operated, battery-operated, or rechargeable. In any way, this requires some maintenance on your part.

The Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviewed

Nail grinding is a popular way of grooming dog nails. Here we provide an in-depth review of the top nail grinders available on Amazon and Chewy.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Dog Nail Grinder

Summary: A battery-operated nail grinder that comes in different sizes: small, medium, and large. This is a cordless device and requires you to only change the battery from time to time. This grinder has two-speed levels- 6,500 rotations per minute and 13,000 rotations per minute. The body is designed with a strong sanding band that can grind through thick nails.

Features: Rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: Grinding tool, 3 accessories, 1 charger, 1 battery, manual

  • Has different speed levels
  • Strong grinding head for thick nails
  • Ergonomic built for easy use
  • Cordless design for convenience
  • Works well for small and large dogs alike
  • The battery needs to be changed/recharged from time to time

Review: Based on 34,109 global ratings on Amazon, this grinder has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers claim that this is an easy-to-use tool with long battery life.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded Professional 2-Speed Electric

Summary: A rechargeable electric nail grinder for precise nail trimming. This grinder uses a diamond drum bit to provide a seamless well-trimmed shape. This grinder has a sound of >50 decibels, which dogs tolerate. This dog nail trimmer comes with three different ports based on the different nail sizes of dogs. This also has two different speed levels that can be easily switched between and controlled.

Features: Quiet, rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: Nail grinding device, USB charger, three different nail ports

  • Makes pet-friendly low noise
  • Safe, effective & precise trimming
  • With different port sizes and speed levels
  • Advanced 2-speed switch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • For dog safety, it must be used in short intervals

Review: Based on 69,544 global ratings, this nail grinder has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers state that it is quiet and effective and highly recommend this product.

Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder

Summary: A nail trimmer designed to be operated by even novice pet groomers. This grinder is designed for enhanced safety with a 450-angle tilt at the tip. This tip reduces the contact surface between your dog’s skin and the grinder. Four different speed levels can be switched between with an easy slide button. This is a cordless and rechargeable nail trimmer that is easy to use.

Features: Tilted, rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: 7760 4V Li-on cordless pet nail groomer, USB charging cable and power adaptor, 9-piece accessories, 5V power adaptor, two-year card, user manual, quick start guide.

  • Four different speed levels
  • Tilted tip for safety and easy use
  • Different accessories for nail grooming
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design for convenience
  • Might not be suitable for small dogs or pups

Review: Based on 11,037 global ratings, this nail grinder has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. With consistent use, customers claim that it has a good battery life and is easy to use.

JBONEST Dog Nail Grinder with Low Noise

Summary: A nail grinder specially designed for the needs of small dogs. The grinder is made with a diamond bit for a smooth finish. The nail ports are built to fit in pup dark nails. The speed levels of this nail grinder kit can be adjusted on this grinder based on the hardness of your puppy’s nails. This grinder is a low-noise tool with performance noise below 40 decibels and can be charged with a USB charger.

Features: Quiet, rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: Nail grinder, nail grooming accessories, user manual, USB adapter, USB charger

  • With a strong diamond bit grinder
  • Adjustable speed levels
  • Large battery (for 20 working hours)
  • Suitable for puppies as it makes low noise
  • Several accessories (including a nail file)
  • It might not work on very hard nails

Review: Based on 4,330 global ratings, this product has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers love its low noise feature that puts their dogs at ease.

GHG Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded 3-Speed

Summary: A nail grinder designed especially by pet-grooming experts. This grinder has three speed levels: low, normal, and high for all types of nail hardness. This is built with a tilted design for maximized safety. This grinder promises a low noise quotient (>40 decibels). Comes equipped with an electric nail trimmer and clipper to help you tackle long nails.

Features: Quiet, rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: Pet nail grinder, pet nail clipper, USB charging cable, user manual

  • With a diamond grinding band
  • A tilted design that acts as a safety guard
  • Comes with nail accessories
  • Low noise quotient for stress-free use
  • Long-lasting battery life for convenience
  • Might not be suitable for large breed dogs

Review: Based on 4,733 global ratings, this nail grinder has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers love its ease of use and salon-like performance.

Bonve Pet Dog Nail Grinder

Summary: A rechargeable and portable nail grinder for dogs of all breed sizes. This grinder has an in-built “whisper-quiet” technology that makes your dog comfortable during the process. This tool promises an 8-hour run time on a 4-hour charge. This is equipped with three different port sizes and two adjustable speed levels (7,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm) to cut your pup’s nails.

Features: Quiet, rechargeable

What Comes in the Box: Nail grinder, USB charger, two different ports, USB adapter

  • “Whisper-quiet” technology
  • Long battery life for convenience
  • 2-speed switch & 3 grinding ports
  • Effective, safe & precise trimming
  • With a diamond bit grinder wheel
  • Might show heating issues if used for long

Review: Based on 1,254 global ratings, this grinder has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers claim that it is easy to use and gets the job done.

How do I Choose a Nail Grinder for My Dog?

Looking for a dog nail grinder in the pet supplies section can be tricky. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for a nail grinder for your dog:

  • Noise Levels. Dogs are sensitive to noises beyond 50 decibels. Make sure that the grinder of your choice has a decibel of 50 or lower.
  • Grinder Material. It is important to have the grinding tip built of high-quality materials like a diamond bit. In the case of other materials, it may hurt your dog, leave the nails uneven or encourage bacterial growth.
  • Nail Port Size. Make sure that the grinder comes with a nail port size suitable for your dog’s nails. It is ideal for getting a grinder with multiple nail ports.
  • Operating Mode. Using a wired nail grinder can be a hassle. A cordless/rechargeable nail grinder is the most convenient.
  • Speed Levels. Dog nails are naturally hard, which require high-speed levels to be ground. However, high-speed settings might dissipate heat and make your dog uncomfortable. Make sure it is between 8,000-15,000 rpm and not more.
Best Seller
Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Dog Nail Grinder
9.4/10Our Score
  • This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to using clippers on your dog’s nails. 
  • Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind the nails of your dog or pet in stages.
  • The lightweight, cordless rotary tool works with two speed settings 6,500 and 13,000 RPM and an array of Dremel sanding drums and bands to give you full control even at the fastest speed.

Is it Better to Cut or Grind Dog Nails?

Based on our in-depth review and considerations, we conclude that grinding dog nails is a better method than clipping them.

Dog nails are much harder than human nails, and trying to clip them may cause your dog a lot of pain and put them under stress. Grinding your dog’s nails with an appropriate grinder is pain-free, gives a smooth finish, and keeps your dog happy.

How Do You Use a Dog Nail Grinder?

As a dog owner, before you start grinding the nails with a professional groomer, you should make sure that your dog is relaxed and comfortable.

If your dog is not scared, giving dog treats or dog food pieces for distraction is enough. However, if your dog is anxious, we suggest using the Honest Paws Calm CBD to help your dog relax before grinding their nails.

After application of this oil, here is how you should use a dog nail grinder:

  • Hold out your dog’s paws with your hand
  • Work one nail at a time
  • Start applying the grinder at the bottom of the nail
  • Slowly bring the grinder to the top of the nail in a rounded motion
  • Keep repeating this step in a consistent rhythm until the length has reduced to your liking
  • For a smoother polish, apply the grinder at the tip of each nail at the end.

Bonus tip: ensure your dog’s paw hairs are not long and out of the paw before you start grinding the nails. If you are scared to grind your dog’s nails, ask the veterinarian to give you tips on how to do it at home and on your own.

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