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The Ultimate Safety Guide To Using A Dog Nail Grinder Team


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A dog nail grinder can be intimidating to the uninitiated. While doggy pedicures are necessary, you may be a dog owner who lacks the confidence needed for cutting your dog’s nails at home. Pet nail grinders offer a less stressful and easier option than alternative dog nail trimmers. We’ll give you the tips you need to avoid pooch ‘yips’ and cut visits to the grooming parlor for nail clipping.

Are Your Dog’s Nails Too Long? How Long is Too Long? 

A good rule of thumb would be to pay your doggy nails due attention when the nails touch the ground while your pup is on the trot. Four to six weeks between trims should suffice.

What is a Dog Nail Grinder and How Does it Work? 

An electric pet nail grinder is simply a high speed, rounded grinding tool which operates similarly to automated sandpaper. They are recommended alternatives to nail clippers for pets who don’t appreciate standard pedicures and manicures. The nail grinder grinds away at the nail little by little rather than clipping it off. Effectively, a dog nail trimmer and a nail file in one.

For Some Dogs Ordinary Pet Nail Clippers Just Don’t Cut It! 

It is unfortunate that some pups may shy away from nail clippers following a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

6 Benefits of Grinding a Dog’s Nail with This Grooming Tool 

  1. Removes any danger of cutting to the nail quick.
  2. A good aim is not a priority.
  3. Results in smoothly edged nails which do not snag and also look neater.
  4. Eliminates potentially uncomfortable pressure on the pup’s cuticle during manicuring.
  5. Nails do not crack as they might with clipping.
  6. No more bloody ‘oopsies’ or the need to apply styptic powder to a wounded pooch who moves or flinches during pedicuring.

Diamond Bit and Stainless Steel: What to Look for in a Safe, Quality Electric Dog Nail Grinder 

Put a finger on your particular requirements by determining your pup’s unique likes and dislikes and personal needs. The size of a pup determines the power needed behind the grind. Age and breed might also be factors in the thickness and hardness of the nail.

An ergonomic grinder with rubber grips is easy to manipulate and hold and is best for both pup and pedicurist. A pup who shies away from noise or vibrations may not be the ideal candidate for a raucous or overly pulsating grinder. Choose a quiet dog nail grinder.

Various grinding tips cater to various sizes and breed of dog. Better quality grinders offer a choice of grinding stones and grit bands and more than one grinding speed option. Diamond and stainless-steel bits are most durable and efficient, with the diamond bits offering more consistency.

Will They Work for Small Pooches and Large Dogs? 

While small dogs will require less power behind the grind and a less coarse grinding bit than larger breeds, both will benefit from a suitable pet nail grinder.

Looking for the Best Dog Nail Grinder? Here are Our Top Picks!  

You might want to consider one of the following options:

The Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Consistently rated the most trusted pet nail grinder, the Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool offers ease of use and efficiency. The two rotation speeds and 60 grit sanding drum ensure a safe and humane nail trim every time. It is cordless, maximizing portability and convenience, and safe to use indoors and outdoors. This cost-effective gem is definitely worth consideration.

INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder

The Invenho boasts three ports, two speeds, and diamond tips! You need never replace the grinder tips, which means reduced maintenance and the promise of efficient pedicures time after time. The grinder is lightweight, portable, and rechargeable, with an easy grip design. The choice of port and speed means professional doggy trims whatever the size and texture of the nail. Low vibration and noise make it a quiet dog nail grinder for the skittish fur baby.

The Furminator Nail Grinder

The Furminator is a light-weight two speed, high performance, ergonomically designed tool which promises safe nail trimming for any size dogs. The rubber grip promotes ease of use. The LED light ensures the quick is protected especially when grinding black or dark colored nails.

Bell + Howell PAWPERFECT Pet Nail Rotating File

The PAWPerfect Pet File is safe for any size pet, from teeny to large. It is a high powered, yet energy efficient grinder with the added safety benefit of an automatic LED light. Rotating files offer options for fur babies from tough-nailed giants down to finer, delicate princess-types. Be careful when using on the exceptionally skittish though.

Last, But Not Least: The I-Pure Dog Nail Trimmer

The I-Pure Dog Nail Trimmer is a gentle grinder with three size ports and exceptionally low noise and vibration levels for use on small, medium and large dogs as well as kitties. With a diamond grindstone bit and dual speeds, it is quick and accurate. This portable, rechargeable nail grinder has an easy grip, lightweight design for ease of use anywhere.

Usage and Safety: How to Safely Use Electric Grinders 

Safety first! If your nail grinder does not have a nail guard, make sure pup’s hair does not get in the way of the grinder. For first-timers, use the slowest speed on the grinder, until you and your pup are at ease with the tool.

Always select the correct grinding band before you start. Hold puppy comfortably with paw extended, and move systematically, one claw at a time. To extend the nail, lightly squeeze the toe pad. Carefully place the grinder onto the nail, using the appropriately sized port when using a nail guard.

Start gently at the bottom on the nail tip, moving grinder around slowly to the top of the nail tip. Apply just enough pressure to grind the nail. Work gently back to the starting point until ground to the desired point, being careful not to work the nail down to the quick.

Once the length and shape are right, polish each nail by moving the grinder in a circular motion around the tip.

Common Questions on a Dog Nail Grinder

Is the nail grinder safe to use on a skittish, small breed pup?

Can the nail trimmer be used outdoors, away from a power point?

Are there benefits to using a nail grinder rather than a nail clipper?