Best Dog Pool Floats at a Glance

Do They Make Floaties for Dogs?


Yes, they make floaties for dogs! There are more than a few options to choose from in the market today. 

A dog pool float does pretty much what human floats do. The only difference is that it is made especially for dogs keeping in mind their shape, size, and anatomy. With so many different types to choose from, you want to ensure that your dog gets a float that best suits its needs.  

In general, dog floats fall under two main categories – flats and floats. Some floats you see on the internet might not be made exclusively for dogs but serve the purpose well. Here are the different dog floaties: 

  • Flat Floats. It is evident from the name what these might look like. They float flat on the water’s surface and provide a lot of space for movement. If you guys are big on games like catch and frisbee, you should definitely give this a look. There are many options for these in both online and offline shops.
  • Chair Floats. These are shaped like a chair or a tub and have raised edges. These are good for puppies or dogs that aren’t the biggest fans of the water but want to be a part of the party. If your pooch isn’t a natural swimmer, these floats are a good option.

Floats can also be a great way to spruce up exercising for your dogs. Lots of exercises and a balanced diet are ideal for your pooch’s health.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Pool Float?

There are several benefits of using a comfy dog pool float. One of the best summer activities a dog owner can do with their pets is some poolside fun. Your dog might not be the biggest fan of water, but they love to spend time with you. 

A great way to get your dog comfortable in a swimming pool is to get them a pool float. An inflatable float made just for your little one is a great way to introduce them to water on summer days and safely cool off by your side. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones: 

  • Pet Doesn’t Have to get Completely Drenched at a Pool Party. It can be a ton of work to dry off your dog after a swim, and a doggy float can be a big plus in this regard. While the humans take a dip in the pool, your furry friend can watch from within the pool and not get FOMO! A dedicated pool float for your dog is an excellent way for them to hang out in the pool without getting thoroughly drenched.
  • More Fun with Frisbees and Other Toys. Pool parties with your dog can be a lot more fun when you include balls or frisbees and to the mix. Playtime with a floatie can be a lot of fun if your dog isn’t the best swimmer but wants in on the party. Your dog might also have anxiety around water. A float is a fun way to warm them up.
  • Great Selection of Safety Features. Nowadays, there are many options for people looking for floats for their pets but are afraid that they might not be safe. The floats available in online and offline stores come equipped with several safety features that are claw proof, bite-proof, and made with high-quality materials.
  • Playing in the Water is Good for Dogs. According to PetMD, warm water is suitable for dogs as it loosens tight muscles. Dogs love playing in the water or just being in it. It is also a well-known dog therapy method. Water keeps the joints of your dogs healthy.

The Best Dog Pool Floats Reviewed

Considering the different pool floats (hammocks, life jackets, rafts) available in the market today, you might get a bit overwhelmed. You want the best for your little mutt and don’t want them to sit on anything that might harm them. Here are some of our top picks for the best dog pool float products. 


Summary: This flat dog pool float is an excellent option for medium to large dogs that weigh 65 lbs or more. It comes in a fresh, bright blue color and is super easy to set up. All you need to do is remove the valve cap, inflate the air chamber and cover the hole immediately. Put the cap back on to ensure it is extra secure, and you’re done!


  • Made of a resistant material that is paw and claw-friendly. The h
  • Heavy-duty fabric does not allow unkept nails to damage the float
  • Foldable design with sturdy floating 
  • Easily inflatable using an air pump
  • Comes with a reusable carry bag


  • Customers have reported problems in shipping

Review: Dogs love this pool lounger, and owners can’t stop gushing over how much fun their pets have with it. Many have said that after several trials, they have finally found a float that lasts long. 


Summary: This is an excellent pool lounge for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is made with two layers of premium nylon cloth. This means that the float is sturdy and durable. Your excited lil puppy won’t be able to puncture a hole in this one.


  • An inflatable PVC tube in the inner spring
  • Stable even if the dog moves a lot 
  • Convenient storage
  • Has two holes in the button for water flow to go in and out
  • Keeps dogs cool and comfy 


  • May not last for very long

Review: Most pet parents loved this inflatable dog pool float, and many shared pictures of their pets having a ball in the pool. Some reported that it is too huge for a pug-sized dog, while others said poor build quality.


Summary: A great paw-shaped float for your fur best friend! This also comes in a bright blue color and is great for smaller breeds like pugs and poodles. Plus, the float features a large cup holder at the bottom of the float, ideal for placing beers or juice by the pool. 


  • Convenient cup holder 
  • Can accommodate two small dogs and a few pool toys
  • Certified by all relevant US guidelines
  • Simple setup and space-friendly storage 


  • Too small for larger dogs

Review: Almost all pet parents loved this pool floatie. Here’s a review from Amazon that pretty much speaks for itself – “My dog absolutely loves his float! He is so proud to be “such a good swimmer,” as he says. 


Summary: This Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft paw-shaped flat float gives your water-bending pup a lot of space to sit back and have a good time in the pool. Made of durable vinyl, the raft is made to last and withstand destructive dog behaviors. 


  • Does not stain, fade or catch mildew
  • Made with puncture-resistant UV-resistant durable vinyl 
  • Portable design that is ideal for travel
  • Easy to store
  • Stable even for active dogs 


  • The bottom is not puncture-proof 
  • Might be too small for large size dogs 

Review: This inflatable pool float was loved by almost all parents. Many loved it for their medium to large-sized dogs and have raved about how stable it is. However, many share the experience that the dog’s nails have punctured the bottom of the float.

What is the Best Dog Pool Float?

The best pool float is the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float. Pool time is supposed to be fun for you and your doggie both. 

The SwimWays is a crowd favorite and is super simple to set up and put away. It is a perfect fit for a German Shepherd and can be a great lounge/nap chair for a smaller dog.

If you have young dogs, you want to buy something that will handle all the energy they have. A biter, a scratcher, or a gnawer won’t cause harm to the float.

An essential thing in all this is the safety of your pets. It is a great sturdy float that does not wobble when your dog sits on it and has a raised border all over the sides. This prevents smaller dogs from possibly falling off. 

A good day at the pool is what your dog needs to beat the heat of the scorching summer. Follow proven tips to keep yourself abreast about helping your dog beat the heat.

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float for Large Dogs
  • The spacious paw-shaped surface gives your water-loving pup plenty of room to kick back and relax.
  • Quick and easy to inflate. Easy to store. Ideal for travel.
  • Crafted with a puncture-resistant UV-resistant durable vinyl top that won’t stain, fade, or mildew. It will provide your dog with years of laziness and safety while lounging around your favorite water hole.

How do You Make a Dog Pool Float?


If you don’t have the budget for a brand-new float for your dog or simply want to DIY it, one of the best ways to make a DIY pool float is to fasten pool noodles together.

We know there is no ‘right way’ to use a pool noodle. Another one of its several uses is that you can make a very comfortable float for your furry friend.

For this, you will need:

  • Five pool noodles. (Large, about 4-1/2-inch in diameter)
  • Two medium-sized pool noodles (about 2-1/4-inch in diameter)
  • A ½ inch PVC pipe, about 6 feet
  • Nylon cord (36 feet)

Use the nylon cord and go around the end of the pool noodles, attaching them as you fasten them together on both ends. Tie both sides firmly so that it doesn’t come apart.

Thread the cord through one of the smaller noodles and tie both ends to the five-noodle raft you made earlier. Do the same for the second one but on the other side of the raft.

Voila! Now you have a cute pool-noodle float for your puppy!

Pros of DIY pool raft:

  • Easy to build
  • Adjustable size 

Cons of DIY pool dog raft: 

  • Time and effort-consuming 
  • Tedious to assemble and disassemble
  • Storage might be an issue.