Best Dog Pools Summary

What are Dog Pools?

What are Dog Pools

Dog pools are very similar to kiddie pools, except they are made to cater to dogs specifically. The main difference between dog pools and kiddie pools is in their durability. 

Kiddie pools are usually made with thin plastic materials, while dog pools are with stronger materials like thick PVC. This is because dog pools are designed to endure the wear and tear from dogs’ nails and teeth. 

Dogs can also swim in human pools, but there’s always a concern for hygiene. You should expect dog hair and some dirt in your pool every time you let your dog in your pool. Also, human swimming pools may be too deep for dogs, especially if they can’t swim. 

Is it Bad for Dogs to Swim in Pools?

No, it isn’t bad for dogs to swim in pools. In fact, swimming in pools can be an enjoyable activity for dogs. You just need to take the necessary precautions and be mindful of dog pool safety. 

For example, never let your dog in a pool unattended as they might need your help in case of an emergency. Dog pools shouldn’t be too deep for a dog. This is especially important for small dogs. Finally, ensure that the cleaning chemicals you use in the pool are safe for your dog. 

Are Dog Pools Good for Dogs?

Yes, dog pools are good for dogs. Dog pools are pet products that serve three very important purposes: 

Instead of braving the summer heat, let your dog swim in her pool and cool off. On days when it’s too hot for the outdoors, letting your dog play in her pool is a good way around that problem. 

Dog pools can serve other purposes as well. Some pet parents fill them with balls and make a ball pit. Others use them as bathing tubs when washing their dogs. 

Some pet owners even let their kids use dog pools together with the dogs. Since dog pools are more durable than kiddie pools, they can withstand pool time for both kids and dogs. 

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool
  • Simple: No need of inflation, set up in no time. With bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh water.
  • Slip Resistant & Durable: made of extra-tough PVC. Thicker slip resistant material on the bottom.
  • Portable: foldable, easy to store and bring with you and your dog everywhere.

The Best Dog Pools Reviewed

From wading pools to inflatable pools – below is a list of the best dog pools on the market. The brands featured are chosen for their quality, affordability, and low maintenance. 


Summary: This collapsible dog pool has all the features of a good dog pool – durable, safe, and easy to maintain. The pool is made with extra tough PVC material that is designed to withstand your dog’s scratches. The walls of the pool contain thick high-density fiberboard to give maximum support while your dog uses the pool. 


  • Foldable for easy setup and storage
  • Two drains for easy emptying
  • Convenient hose connector 
  • Available in three sizes
  • Durable and slip-resistant bottom material


  • More expensive than similar products 

Review: Pet owners love how big this pool is. They say that even large dogs like Retrievers are able to swim and play freely in the pool. The sturdiness and easy maintenance are also factors that owners of this pool get to enjoy. 


Summary: This dog pool is built using high-grade PVC for durability. The walls are supported by MDF boards to ensure safety as your dog and kids use the pool. The pool also has a non-slip floor to minimize the risk of falling while the pool is in use. 


  • Foldable and storage-friendly 
  • Comes with a bag for easy storage
  • Non-slip floor to minimize the risk of accidents
  • Has a drainage valve for easy emptying 
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large


  • The floor of the pool isn’t very thick

Review: Dog owners describe this dog pool as easy – easy to set up, easy to use, easy to drain, and easy to keep. They also say the pool is very sturdy and durable and can withstand even the most destructive dogs. 


Summary: This is also a collapsible pool, but what makes it outstanding is its budget-friendly price. At a low cost, you get a pool that is made with tough, durable PVC and has sturdy fiberboard walls. 


  • Non-slip bottom to minimize the risk of falling
  • Drainage valve for easy emptying
  • The pool is foldable for easy storage
  • Comes in five different sizes


  • Not suitable for large dogs 

Review: Pet parents say this doggy pool is very sturdy and well-built. They also mention that it is easy to fill, drain, and clean. One Amazon reviewer says that her large Pitbull, who hates bathing, uses the pool regularly, and it shows no signs of damage.


Summary: The V-Hanver is designed to give you optimal usage from easy assembly and convenient maintenance. The pool is easily foldable and comes with a bag for easy storage. The design is also easy set and convenient. The long warranty is an excellent bonus for dog owners. 


  • Sturdy thick walls
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The drainage valve is too high on the wall

Review: This dog pool is recommended by most of the dog parents that have tried it. Some love it for its strong, durable build and spaciousness, but the majority can’t get over how easy it is to maintain. 


Summary: Pet parents that love to travel with their furry friends, this is the perfect dog pool for them. An additional benefit of getting this pool is that it is available in four designs that are equally exciting for dogs and kids.  


  • Foldable and comes with a bag for easy storage
  • Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Large size capacity (602L for the extra-large size)
  • The pool is very easy to set up


  • The drain plug is high and requires tilting when emptying 

Review: Dog owners are generally pleased with this pool, with most of them saying that their dogs can’t get enough of it. They also mention that the pool is very spacious and can perfectly accommodate large breed dogs.


Summary: If your dog isn’t into the pet swimming pool experience, the Flyboo Sprinkler Pad might just win him over. The pad is inflatable with holes that let out water upward, just like traditional sprinklers. The sprinklers are arranged to surround a wide non-slip mat where your dog can enjoy the water from. 


  • Has space for both a dog and a child to play together
  • Easily adjustable by increasing or decreasing the water pressure
  • Can work for a dog that’s not much of a swimmer
  • Suitable for large and small dogs


  • The dogs’ nails may damage the inflatable ring  

Review: Dog owners love that the sprinkler pad allows children to play with their dogs. They say that the pad is great for hot summer days when your dog needs some cooling during outdoor time. 

What Size Pool Should I Get for My Dog?

The best pool size depends on the size of your dog. Usually, dog pool manufacturers provide small, large, and extra-large sizes. 

Small pools are usually 32″ in diameter, while large ones are about 46″ to 48″. Extra-large and extra-extra-large (XXL) pools vary widely depending on the brand. 

They can start anywhere from 55 to over 65 inches. It might be helpful to measure your dog and have its dimensions double-checked before making a purchase. 

The size of the pool to purchase also depends on the intended use for the pool. A pool meant for lying in doesn’t have to be as big as one meant for playtime with the kids. 

Active dogs also usually require much bigger pools to provide more room for play and minimize the risk of damage to the walls. 

What Type of Pool is Best for Dogs?

What Type of Pool is Best for Dogs

The best type of pool to get for your dog depends on a number of factors: 

  • Material. A good dog swimming pool should be made from something durable like PVC material. The walls of the pool should also be made of sturdy materials like hard plastic and fiberboard. The floor should ideally be chew-proof and scratch-resistant. 
  • Size. Your dog’s pool should be a perfect size, not too big and not too small. A very small pool is uncomfortable, and a very big can be overwhelming for both the owner and the dog. If unsure, measure your pooch at home and estimate the size of the pool that would accommodate them before buying one. 
  • Height. Pools with very high walls are difficult for dogs to get in and out of. You should therefore get a pool with reasonable wall height. If you have a senior dog or a dog with mobility problems, you might want to choose a pool with low walls, ideally no higher than 8 inches. 
  • Intended use. A pool for a calm dog will definitely be different from one meant for four active puppies. If you are buying a pool that is to be used extensively and regularly, it is very important to look out for a very durable one that can take constant wear and tear. Also, if your dog loves to chew, you need a sturdier design. 
  • Maintenance. Try to look out for a pool that will not be a burden to you. A good pool should be easy to set up for use, easy to fill, drain, clean, and store.
  • Price. Finding the right balance between a good deal and good quality is essential. You don’t want to break the bank unnecessarily, but a durable pool more expensive pool will save you money in the long run.