Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Review

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Review at a Glance

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Review at a Glance Veterinarians.org Rating: 4 Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food – Best Overall for Dogs Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog Food – Best for Adult Dogs Purina Pro Plan Puppy Dog Food – Best for Puppies Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food – Best for Senior […]

CBD Oil for Dog Lymphoma


Best CBD Oil For Dog Lymphoma at a Glance Honest Paws – Best CBD Oil for Dog Lymphoma Simple Wag – Best Price Four Leaf Rover – Natural Ingredients CBDistillery – Bundle Options Penelope’s Bloom– Best Subscribe and Save Option How does CBD Work for Dog Lymphoma? In terms of lymphoma specifically, CBD helps in […]

Everything You Need to Know about Vitamins for Dogs + The Best Multivitamins Review


Our Multivitamins for Dogs Review at a Glance PetHonesty 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin PetNC Natural Care Adult Multi Chewables for Dogs Essential Pet Products Senior Chews Complete Daily Multi-Vitamin Zesty Paws Core Elements 8-in-1 Chews Multivitamin for Dogs Pro-Sense Dog Vitamin Solutions All Life St ages Natural Dog Company Multivitamin Chews NaturVet VitaPet Puppy […]

Your Complete Guide to CBD For Dogs

Best CBD Oil For Dogs at a Glance

Best CBD Oil for Dogs at a Glance Honest Paws – Best CBD Oil for Dogs Simple Wag – Most Affordable Four Leaf Rover – Best Natural Ingredients  CBDistillery – Best Potency  Petly CBD – Most Options What is CBD Oil for Dogs? CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Turkey Tail Mushroom for Dogs

Turkey Tail Mushroom for Dogs

The fungi kingdom is quite diverse, from edible and inedible through poisonous and deadly to medicinal and hallucinogenic. Despite the diversity, in this article, we will focus exclusively on medicinal mushrooms or, more precisely – the Turkey Tail Mushrooms (Coriolus Versicolor). Studies show that Turkey Tail Mushrooms for dogs may prevent liver damage and can increase the survival times of dogs with hemangiosarcoma. The benefits of Turkey […]

A Guide to Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits

Feeding Your Dog Turkey Tail

Portabellini, white button, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms may be familiar staples in your kitchen. Exploring unknown mushroom types, especially ones that decompose dead matter of logs, may ignite some hesitation. What if we told you to give it to your beloved furbaby. What? Yes, you heard us right.  We want to tell you more about […]

Probiotics For Dogs With Pancreatitis: Everything You Need to Know

symptoms of pancreatitis

Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas is a common, extremely painful, and potentially life-threatening condition in animals, particularly dogs and cats.  Dog owners need to be familiar with the signs associated with pancreatitis so they can act timely and seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. When it comes canine pancreatitis time is of the […]

Dog Probiotic Side Effects, Risks, and Considerations

What Type of Probiotics are Healthy for Dogs

Probiotics can help with many issues like allergies, diarrhea, or the digestive tract and are essential for healthy gut bacteria in dogs. They are particularly important for dogs exposed to toxins, bacteria, and allergens. However, it’s only natural to want to know the benefits, risks, and side effects before you offer probiotics to your dog’s health […]

Probiotics For Dogs With IBD

What is IBD in Dogs

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the most common GI disease that results in chronic vomiting and diarrhea in pet animals – dogs and cats. In this article, we will talk about dog probiotics for inflammatory bowel disease.  Recently, as many studies prove the probiotic products’ effect on GI health grows, more and more vets include […]

Your Guide to Human Probiotics For Dogs

Human Grade Probiotics Vs. Human Probiotics for Dogs

Today, we know that the benefits of probiotics apply to dogs and can help promote gut health. In fact, buying your dog probiotics is a great way to prevent health issues, improve digestive tract function, boost the immune system, and reduce stress.  Considering the concept of probiotics is universal, it is normal to wonder – […]

Your Guide on Powdered Probiotics For Dogs

Your Guide on Powdered Probiotics For Dogs

As more dog owners are using probiotics for their canines, a question that often comes up is what form is the best way to feed a dog probiotics. With so many different forms of probiotics out there, we talk about powdered probiotics, an easy way to add probiotics to your dog’s food bowl. In this […]

Turkey Tail Mushroom Dosage For Your Dog

How to Give Your Dog Turkey Tail Mushroom 

You know how people say that dogs often look like their owners? More and more research shows that it’s not just external features that may be alike, but similarities are seen in physiological and anatomical workings. From our gut microbiome, the way we age, emotions, and diseases that infect us, there is a lot that […]

How Effective are Probiotics For Dogs Ear Infection?

How Effective are Probiotics For Dogs Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs are a common and painful ordeal, can greatly reduce the dog’s quality of life, and are usually recurring. In this article, we will talk about dog probiotics as an alternative treatment option for ear infections.  Canine probiotics are of particular interest as they can help with various ear infection aspects – […]

Should You Use a Puppy Milk Replacer?

Should you use a Puppy milk replacer

A mother’s love and good nutrition are the most important factors in a newborn’s health. Good nutrition is essential for the development of the newborn puppy and can largely impact her quality of life when she is older. Thanks to mother nature, a mother’s breast milk is made to provide all of the nutrients a […]

When Should I Give My Puppy Formula?

Puppy Formula

In a perfect world, a dog has her puppies, feeds, and nurtures them until they are old enough to live independently. As you may know, this world is far from perfect. A dog is not always able to take care of her puppies. Several reasons such as illness can get in the way of a […]

Your Guide on The 11 Best Dog Food Containers

shutterstock 191647508

Buying dog food in bulk is always great for pet owners, however how to storage all of this dog food can be an issue.  Unless safely stored, dog food easily goes rancid and can be attacked by pests and rodents. This is where dog food containers kick in as a smart and efficient storage solution.  […]

A Guide to Probiotics for Dogs with Diarrhea

probiotics for dogs

Diarrhea is a widespread issue in dogs. A study determining the diarrhea incidence found out that 14.9% of dogs showing up for vet appointments have had one or more diarrhea bouts within the last two weeks. In this article, we will talk about dog probiotics for diarrhea.  Studies show that probiotics can be used to […]

Turkey Tail Mushroom: Risks, Side Effects, & Considerations

Dog owner taking dog to veterinarian

When your dog is ill, you do everything you can to alleviate their symptoms by making them comfortable, offering relief from discomfort, and keeping them calm. For this very reason, many pet parents reach for natural and herbal products that promise good safety profiles and minimal side effects. Since medicinal mushrooms have come on the scene in veterinary […]

How Turkey Tail Mushroom Can Assist With a Dog’s Cancer Treatment

Dog laying down

All dogs are at risk of developing cancer. It’s a cruel disease that attacks both purebreds and mixed breeds, shortening the life expectancy of special companions. However, treatments and natural remedies can help slow down the progression and even prevent the disease. By strengthening cancer-fighting cells, your dog may have the chance to fight for […]

Your Guide on Probiotics For Dogs With Cancer

woman sitting by lake with dog

Sadly research suggests that almost 60% of pets will develop cancer at some point in their lives. This number is devastating and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and therapy. Lately, dog food supplements like CBD oil, fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants are of particular interest due to their ability to mitigate the effects associated […]

How to Shrink a Dog’s Tumor: 11 Different Ways

Types of Tumors in Dogs

Our pets are important to us. So, when dog owners are stroking their dog’s fur and feel a lump that wasn’t there before, of course they’re concerned. Tumors mean cancer, right? Actually, it isn’t automatically the case that tumors in dogs indicate a serious illness. There are certainly benign tumors as well. Many types of fatty tumors […]

Can a Dog Overdose on Probiotics? Your Question Answered

Are probiotics safe for dogs scaled 1

Probiotics are safe and support the dog’s overall health. But what happens if a dog eats too many beneficial bacteria? In this article, we will answer a popular question – can dogs overdose on probiotics?  Simply put, dogs cannot overdose on probiotics as they do not contain directly troublesome ingredients. However, too many good bacteria […]

The Best Probiotics For Dogs According to a Veterinarian

probiotics for dogs

Studies show that canine probiotics can help with an array of issues, including improved food intake, weight management, and a stronger immune system. They are also beneficial for managing food allergies, ear infections, and bad breath. Keep reading as we will explain how to shop for pet probiotics and choose the best probiotic supplement for […]

CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety: Helping Your Stressed Pup

CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

Affecting over 88% of the dog population, canine anxiety is a common mental illness in dogs. So, you might be wondering about the benefits of CBD dog treats for anxious pups. Based on current studies, CBD is viewed as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders in dogs. CBD can help reduce separation anxiety, traveling, calm fears from thunderstorms and fireworks, and support emotional balance in dogs. […]

Your Guide on CBD Oil for Dogs With Arthritis

Your Guide on CBD Oil for Dogs With Arthritis

Best CBD for Dogs With Arthritis at a Glance Honest Paws CBD Oil – Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis Honest Paws CBD Treats – Best CBD Treats Simple Wag – Best Price Value Four Leaf Rover – Best Quality Ingredients CBDfx– Broad Spectrum CBD Joy Organics – Organic Ingredients Penelope’s Bloom– Extra Strength […]

What You Need to Know About Prebiotics for Dogs 

what are prebiotic for dogs

You are probably familiar with the probiotics – the benefits and health claims, but what about prebiotics? Do not be confused – prebiotics and probiotics are not the same.  Defined as soluble and indigestible fiber, studies show that prebiotics act as standalone health benefactors. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know […]

Can You Give a Puppy CBD? A Guide on CBD for Puppies

When is it OK to Give a Puppy CBD

Can You Give a Puppy CBD? Yes, a puppy can have CBD oil, and do not worry, it will not make your puppy “high.” Pet CBD oils are THC-free and do not have psychoactive properties. Plus, CBD oil has no known toxicity level. This is good news and means your new puppy cannot overdose on […]

Your Guide to The Best CBD Oil For Dog Lymphoma


Best CBD Oil For Dog Lymphoma at a Glance Honest Paws – Best CBD Oil for Dog Lymphoma Simple Wag – Best Price Four Leaf Rover – Natural Ingredients CBDistillery – Bundle Options Penelope’s Bloom– Best Subscribe and Save Option How does CBD Work for Dog Lymphoma? In terms of lymphoma specifically, CBD helps in […]

Probiotics for Puppies: Are They Right for Your Pup?

probiotic for puppies

Not all microorganisms are potential pathogens – some bacteria and yeasts are health-boosting and available in the form of probiotic supplements. But are dog probiotics safe for suitable for young puppies?  Yes, when used responsibly and in the right amounts, good bacteria are safe for puppies. Studies show that probiotics support a healthy GI tract, […]

Can a Dog Overdose on CBD Oil: Signs and Solutions


Can a Dog Overdose on CBD Oil? No, dogs can overdose on hemp CBD oil, at least not in the traditional, effective way. However, high doses of dog CBD oil can result in adverse side effects. The good news is that dogs are likely to sleep off these effects. Namely, CBD does not react with […]